Also interesting is how Western peoples seem to really, desperately need to believe blatantly obvious fabricated elite-generated "narratives." This is not limited to Cult Covidians, though they are a perfect example of the phenomenon. It is cliche to reach for Jack Nicholson's famous line: "You can;t handle the truth!" But it is partially accurate. Not only can Western people not handle the truth, they actively reject the truth. And this desperate need to reject reality, which appears to have become the most prominent feature of end-of-Empire US/NATO, is growing rapidly. Frankly, if you gave people a choice between an uncomfortable reality and a comforting falsification, they would demand the falsification.

Somewhat off topic, but Ethical Skeptic has some interesting charts that support his contention that sars-cov-2 was circulating in China since June 2018 and it was only in December 2019 that the CCP was ready to reveal. Be interested in gato's take on that.

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I run my business and my life without the mask. I have lost folks who believe me to be selfish and careless. I have added like minded individuals who greatly improve my life. I do have a mesh mask that I don to shop at the farmer’s market but otherwise I have avoided places where it’s required. Since the beginning of the pandemic I have held my head high as I walked my dog through the devastated streets of Sacramento and around our fenced in Capitol breathing fresh air.

I’ve been on a crew team since 2006. I love the early mornings on the water. Although I’m not a team player I have enjoyed the team aspect of my sport. Last night the club decided that unvaccinated rowers must mask. It’s not required if you’ve taken the shot. Truthfully I doubt the majority of my teammates could exit their car and get in the boat sans mask. Last night rather than dozing peacefully I contemplated my options. In my heart I cannot say or do what I know to be false. The shot doesn’t stop transmission. Masks have never been effective. Covid is not a threat to me. I take a prophylactic pharmaceutical mostly because my governor has made it illegal. HIPAA protects my medical information. There is no logic and no possibility of reasoning with believers in the religion of science.

I am overwhelmingly sad at the thought of not being in an 8. I will not turn away from the truth. I will not let anyone control me. I’ve not found joy associating with the folks who comply. I may continue to row a single or I may change my focus to the continued quest of back squatting 65 lbs. I will live my life with joy. Don’t get in my way.

Change and progress begin with one person. I am committed to the truth and determined to stand up for what I know is right regardless of the consequences.

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Trump Derangement caused the anti science imposition of NPI's. Locking down ruined the economy, and sold fraudulent in the mail voting. While targeted protection of the frail aged (obvious from Wuhan and Lombardi) was neglected.

Worse economic (not even a social science) bloggers are correlating party to vaccine "hesitancy".

Hesitancy when the word skeptical should be used. The EUA vaccines are a risk and anyone declining should be viewed as having a different approach to risk tolerance which is not political, but may be ethnic if your race was abused in Tuskegee for one.......

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It’s absolutely mesmerizing how the media and the mask lemmings have tailored the wearing of the face diaper to be pro-Trump/anti-Trump, devoid of science. That’s why it’s more accurately labeled Science™ Data℗ Healthcare©

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El Gato Malo strikes again at the heart of leftest pap!! Brilliant post!

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The worst part is that they were the ones who made it political in the first place. There's no reason at all that public health should be political, but Orange Man was so Bad that they threw out all the rules.

Now they are afraid because they turned it political and want to ensure they are seen as being "on the right side", even though the actual data from the actual real world has never supported the things that they did in the first place.

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