the problem with performative virtue signaling

is that the performance so often exceeds the virtue.

“i cannot take my mask off even though i know that it’s safe, because if i do, how will people know that i am one of the good guys!?!”

those ae some pretty iffy priorities for the “side of science,” no?

it’s like watching someone try to deprogram a heaven’s gate cultist.

this is not “my mask protects me” it’s “my mask defines me.”

there is no good evidence that wearing a mask outside was EVER needed. for that matter, there is no good evidence that wearing them inside accomplished anything at all either. this was known before 2020, and it bas been made clear OVER and OVER since. even the CDC has finally ADMITTED IT. this has all been PERFORMATIVE EPIDEMIOLOGY.

public masking of asymptomatic people was never science. it was never data driven. it was theater and in group signaling and in a post vaccine world it has become completely absurd. the risks of covid to the vaccinated are SO LOW that nothing anyone else does can make any level of difference that humans have even been shown to care about.

it’s just the same people so keen to accuse others of clinging to their guns and their god clinging to their talismans and their tribalism because, as we have seen time and time again, there is nothing at which the totalitarian left so excels as projecting its own faults and failings onto others in order to misrepresent their own cupidity as virtue.

but really: