I hope the next time we say Saint Anthony is before a senate hearing to get to the bottom of a number of COVID issues as part of a comprehensive inquiry to the decisions made and the “science” that drove them. I do note that the ever knowing hack stuck around long enough to “suggest” that unvaccinated children should still wear a mask when they are welcomed back to in person learning in September because you know, the science dictates this even though COVID is less dangerous for children than influenza and pneumonia, as per the CDC statistics, and they are not vectors of transmission to adults.

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I enjoyed this piece. But I do have one question. Do you think this was all Fauci or is Fauci just the fall guy? Given how much it allowed to be swept under the rug and how quickly it swept aside populist movements not only here in the US but also overseas, I'm more inclined to think Fauci is just the scapegoat.

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I hope the next time we see FRaUdci he's on trial in the Nuremburg 2.0 setting. Did you notice how defensive he gets when questioned!!

I think it's interesting (the masks) I have never worn one and was in Costco this weekend and got lots of smiles from others unmasked so either 1) they never wore a mask either OR (my guess) 2) they thought I had the jab (which I would never do).

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The earlier supposition was: mishandled samples brought from a remote villages, funded byCDC. The chance of a natural mutant being so virulant is as remote as Biden pulling a late night count in 7 states.

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While the CDC/FDA/NIH have inordinate global influence...for good or ill...this has been worldwide phenomenon. Fauci is a player in someone else's game. And he's expendable, apparently. So is Gates.

It's interesting that two of the central figures in this worldwide farce are both going down at the same time...for now, at least. We should never underestimate their vampire potential.

It's clear the NIAID funded gain-of-function on bat coronaviruses in Baric's lab at UNC and at the WIV. It's clear that many experts in the field of virology believe the SARS-CoV-2 genome is hard to explain through natural processes, even if it took them a year to find their backbones and their voices.

We'll likely never have definitive proof of the lab leak, unless someone associated with that lab becomes a whistleblower. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

There are four big questions surrounding this pandemic...

Was the virus created in a lab? Which one and by whom? Who/what funded it? And for what purpose?

Was the virus released by accident or was this an intentional release? If so, for what purpose?

How do we explain the world's reaction...'cause none of it makes sense? Why are so many in the sciences, medicine, public health, government, academia, the media, social media, etc., coordinating a global misinformation campaign?

Why were so many in the west compliant with ridiculous, anti-scientific virus theater? Why are they still? It's as though half the population has joined a cult.

I don't think greed, lust for power, avarice, hubris, or stupidity are sufficient to make sense of the past sixteen months. Something else is afoot.

They...whoever they are...have failed this time round...but they'll be back.

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There may not be absolute proof that the virus originated in the Wuhan Lab, but, as in a civil law suit, the preponderance of evidence is enough to return a verdict of "guilty".

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