there's no fauci on our sunday-show couchy

credit where credit is due:

this was a spot on call made 3 days ago if not on CDC overall (remains to be seen) then at least of the career trajectory of one anthony “wild pitch” fauci.

since then, nary a tony sighting on TV and boy does that man love to be on TV.

there is no surer sign that there is more to this “fauci’s NIH/NIAID funded gain of function studies on coronaviruses at a lab in wuhan” story than the instant memory-holing of señor anthony right after he lied to congress about it and then got caught with the reddest of hands.

this weekend was all walensky. she’s smarter than fauci, lacks his baggage, and lies better because she actually understands the issues and therefore how to cook the books.

i would certainly not proclaim that this is anything like proof that the virus was man-made and remain somewhat agnostic on the issue as i have just not seen conclusive proof.

but it is terribly interesting that ideas that a virus escaped from a lab known to be working on just such viruses are framed as “wild conspiracy theories” and “lack foundation” so aggressively in the halls of government and medicine.

i’ve not seen proof, but given the location, that’s not exactly dispositive. it certainly seems a reasonable and rational line of questioning to follow up on. to dismiss it would seem to require strong proof and from what i have seen, such proof is lacking.

they sure do suddenly want to sweep this issue and the fauch-meister-general with it under the rug in a hurry.

government in action:

whether this is knowledge of guilt or just PR spin management is anyone’s guess, but something smells of rat here, i’m just not quite sure what yet.

also: kudos to rand paul, who has been a stand up guy all year and asked the hard questions when no one else would. #respect.