this is probably a spurious correlation

but then again, maybe it isn’t…

a return to state sovereignty and a vastly diminished federal government would be a win for every american except for the apparatchiks and the congress-critters.

imagine a nation where the states held most of the power and competed for productive and useful citizens.

each would comprise an experiment on policy and seek to induce migration by facilitating human thriving.

we could all vote with our feet.

citizens become customers, not serfs tied to the land.

this is, today, impeded because so many of the rules and taxes are federal. but it does not have to be.

state choice could become even more potent than school choice and would rapidly punish and consign to failure those who sought to overburden makers and builders to support classes of bureaucrats and takers.

people would throng to the places they are treated best and tyrants could stay home and rule over their empty cities.

wouldn’t that be a thing…

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