I count myself proud as being one--of the many, just like you, Bad Cat--who were shocked at the level of bovine feces passing off as "science" and truth 18 months ago. I now count myself as completely effing baffled that this crap can still continue. I also continue to be truly saddened...

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“'Emergencies' have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded.”-Friedrich Hayek

I wish more people would read Hayek. He’s exactly right, as is El Gato. The game here is to exploit or manufacture crises in perpetuity in order to persuade or compel us to surrender our liberties. This is the ploy of every aspiring tyrant.

Covid, Climate Change, (BLM/CRT) Racial Division… These are the pretexts of the moment.

It’s the Reichstag Fire strategem.

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OMG! Was this actually recorded in the spring of 2020? I knew then that everything they were doing was wrong. But he predicted all the BS about vaccines!!

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Ignore the fear mongering about the Delta variant...


SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England/Technical briefing 17/June 25, 2021

This report from Public Health England shows an increase in the spread of the so-called Delta variant (formerly known as the Indian variant). This variant now accounts ~95% of the cases in the UK. It has a Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of ~0.1% - 0.3%. By comparison, the Alpha variant (formerly known as the UK variant) has a CFR of ~1.9%.

You will hear that the C19 "vaccines" are very effective at reducing hospitalizations for the Delta variant.

What you won’t hear…the fully vaxxed have a lower chance of infection with the Delta variant but a much higher chance of dying when they do as compared with unvaxxed.

As of 6/21/2021...

Unvaxxed: 53,822 cases/44 deaths/0.0818%

Partially Vaxxed: 19,957 cases/20 deaths/0.1002%

Fully Vaxxed: 7235 cases/50 deaths/0.6911%

As of June 21…those who are fully vaxxed have a 8.45 times higher death rate with breakthrough infection with the Delta variant when compared to unvaccinated who are infected with the Delta variant.

100% of the fully vaxxed who died were over age 50. 95% of those who were partially vaxxed who died were over age 50. 86% of those who were unvaxxed who died were over age 50.

There were 12 more deaths in the fully vaxxed than in the unvaxxed, even though there were 7.43 times more infections in the fully vaxxed than the unvaxxed.

We don’t have the prior health status of those who died in any of the cohorts.

We don’t know the breakdown of “vaccines” taken by the vaxxed.


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So, where r we heading. Here in one of the epicenters of fear and compliance I do not think a lockdown would work again. But, people have no idea how they r got played.

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May Chris Sky rule Canda. Then the healing starts…

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This, I want to put this on billboards all across America (thank you):

but do not dare tell yourself there was no way to see this coming.

there was.

and do not dare to tell yourself they will not try this again.

they will.

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Not only dismissed; they put him on the no-fly list for it.

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Nailed it.

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the fabric of the usa's social contract wasn't long b4 covid. the panic could not get away in a free society

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