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video flashback: pre-panic experts

the jersey changing is in full swing. unless you want to do this all again, do not let these people pretend they were on your side all along.

6 or 7 months ago, certain internet felines were heard to opine that within a year, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who ever admitted to having been pro lockdown.

this was not a difficult call to make.

because it’s simple: times change, but people do not.

they just change their jerseys, revise their history, and pretend they were playing for the winning team all along.

but more so that any time in history, we have the firsthand record of what people said and all the receipts are there for the looking.

yale master of absurdist epidemiology gregg g is another perfect example.

he claims he did not support lockdowns.

but he did.


and despite attacking the great barrington declaration and thanking the NIH for vilifying it,

gregg had earlier signed a set of directives that sounded just like it.

so he knew full well that jay and martin and sunetra were correct.

everyone did.

but they lined up on the other side to play pure politics.

and now they are switching jerseys again and jumping back for the same reason.

covid was not “ended” by anything these people did. despite outlandish costs and impositions, none of it worked. it did not slow or mitigate spread and the suppression of early, effective treatments while pushing awful ones caused a great deal of damage and reckless pharma practice will likely do so for years and decades to come.

Free Vector | Cartoon puppet show background

these are not serious scientists nor agents of public health, they are a fully captured political puppet show that uses empty credentialism to push fabricated science and policy for personal and partisan gain because, to them, the 2 are one and the same.

they owe their positions, tenure, and grant and research budgets to government agencies and he who pays the piper calls the tune.

this discipline has been shown up for the vapid propogandist farce it has always been. they do not generate evidence based guidelines, they abrogate them to bespoke populist demands and to aid and abet factional infighting.

they are not on your side.

do not forget or let this fact be denied.

our memory of their malfeasance is what prevents it from happening again.

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bad cattitude
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