wanna hear a doctor speak some serious truth about the epidemic of jersey switching?

we’re clearly (as certain internet felines predicted) now entering the meat of the stage where everyone swaps jerseys and pretends they were on “team rationality” all along.

NFL notifies clubs players can swap jerseys via mail

you’re going to see the agencies that mis-defined everything change their definitions and egregious overcounting, the people who closed the schools claim it was they who kept them open, and the doctors that told you that only vaccines can generate lasting immunity switch to “recovered immunity is herd immunity.”

it’s unravelling fast now.

you’re going to see the “lock down and mask up” crowd claim they knew all along that this did not work and disavow their role in generating and perpetuating this crisis.

those who censored and vilified and silenced will take up the flags of those they had just shouted down and wave them as their own.

in 3 months, you will struggle to find ANYONE who admits to having supported this debacle.

but we sure have an awful lot of receipts that say otherwise.

and we’re going to remember.

dear “experts”,

while it’s nice to have you finally join us, we have some questions:

where were you when we needed you?

you could have stood. instead, you cowered and you quailed.

you lied and you knew it.

you not only allowed these outrages and denials of science to occur, but many of you cheer led for them. those who were silent merely added to the problem by allowing it to appear as “settled” when it was nothing of the sort.

how can we ever trust you again?

the moment came and you failed.

you lay down and you fed us to the wolves.

in the end, your cupidity and cowardice enabled this excursion into oppressive pseudoscientific demagoguery and dictatorship.

dr lee ritz says it perfectly here.

this is not just her truth, this is THE truth. real truth.

the period of 2020-2 has been an earthquake. perhaps faster than any time in human history, the idea of “who one can trust” has been reshuffled.

faith in institutions and the credentialed class has been eviscerated.

new trust has been built in a crucible of conflict and confirmation and hard won new credibility found in unexpected places.

true colors were shown by a great many people and as a result, a great deal of information and context has been laid plain for all to see.

it’s going to break old structures and create new ones.


it was high time.

remember what you saw. let the lessons last a lifetime and pass them on.

build your own ecosystems of information and trust.

the society you save may be your own.