Rolling Out a mass vaccination campaign of healthy not at risk people as the seasonal spike in January and February was diminishing was a really stupid reckless thing to do. Now we’re going to go into the North American winter with the vaccine efficacy feeding at millions of elderly at risk people at seriously increased risk of severe disease. And then they’re going to force us to lockdown mask up and rule out boosters. And then there could be massive side effects and problems from these boosters like ADE.

It’s a systemic failure. Entire world government/public health organization in the west in particular has revealed itself to be a complete inept failure

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They literally rolled out the jab and took credit for spring.

Now they are going to face the music.

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Dr. Gandhi comes fromMD/MPH world where they are given a single hammer, medical/behavioral interventions targeting individuals, and think that this is all they need to know about disease prevention. She is also from the HIV world, which means Fauci/Gates money. So it is simply beyond her capacities of comprehension to imagine that a pharmaceutical intervention won't work. She also does not seem to understand that from the get go this was a hokey “vaccine” with no real history of use or previous study. I would go further and suggest that this particular virus itself is poorly understood (do we understand any of them, really?) and so any and all interventions so far were nothing more than wild assed guesses about how to be the great heroes of disease mitigation. What is missing from Gandhi's ilk is any notion of ecology and complex systems and that all population level processes reflect ecology and complex systems, no silly little injection program is likely to have much or any effect on a seasonal respiratory virus. They should know this from the dismal record of flu vaccines, but lacking any ecological understanding, they simply cannot know this. So, like a deranged version of King Cnut, they hold steadfast in their thrones on the edge of surf and command the rising tide to recede, “I command you, oh nature, in the name of the Vaxx and NPI, you shall not wet my feet!”. Believing that this time, yes this time things will be different than the day before.

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Alberta is one to look at. 73% double vaxxed, 83% at least one shot. So… they’re having their worst Covid hospitalizations of the entire crisis. The focus in Canada is very much on Alberta’s daft PM having theatrically reopened this summer and then reversing completely, accepting blame for the surge and apologizing.

There is no mainstream discussion of the fact that the vaccines are the principal actors in Alberta’s drama, as vaccines were explicitly the rationale for their reopening. How can vaccines be off the hook for not even putting a dent in population-wide severe outcomes, despite the vast majority of the population being “protected”? Instead of confronting this reality, people are cheering as vaccine passports sweep the nation.

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Given that the main driver of respiratory viruses is seasonal, that factor gets remarkably little discussion. Take for example the CDC's big mask paper that seems to be the main evidence for their mask recommendation. They find some minuscule effect, ignore the huge confounding factor of seasonality, and beclown their whole agency and US government with scientific nonsense. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7010e3.htm

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Makes me wonder if the crazy policies on the 100% vaccinated islands known as US universities are a sign of things to come as the surge makes it's way to high vaxxed states?


A "working" vaccine should not require a policies like these...

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Wait all of a sudden cases should be ignored and we should focus on hosp? Wish we would have thought of that!! Oh wait we did and were censored

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Sep 23, 2021Liked by el gato malo

Hi, I am actually replying to another of your posts, the one titled "do first vaccination shots increase spread", where you were looking for more promising data to support your hypothesis. I decided to reply to this (your latest) post as well, as you might miss my comment there since that post is quite old by now. Thanks for this post as well, great graphs and analysis.


Hi, I wish to point you in the direction of some promising data:

In Slovenia (about 50% population "fully vaccinated"), we entered a new "wave" of infections at the end of the July. Not a record breaking wave so far like in Israel or Iceland but a clear one nonetheless.

A week ago, the goverment decided to mandate a Covid passport scheme quite similar to Israel, for basically everything, including work. Starting from last Wednesday you can't even fill up your car at a gas station if you arent't vaccinated or had a (paid) test!

So the blatant point of it all, as all tests are not free anymore as well, is pushing the vaccination rate higher as that is politically desirable, and to some degree they have succeded ... for a week. Before these extreme measures (before the week starting 13th September), you had, for about two running months, about 5-6k vaxx doses (1st + 2nd) administered daily, i.e. total stagnation and little interest from the general population.

Then some people got scared of their impending social exclusion and these restrictive "measures" drove the vaxx rate to about 15k doses daily (rolling 7-day average on 19th September). And BOOM, yesterday, daily deaths went up by 4x as well! It's quite uncanny.

I hastily put together a low-quality picture to summarize the situation: https://imgur.com/a/VcNMyT8

I predict that since the vaxx drive is losing steam, deaths will soon fall, faster than a fall in cases would suggest.

Source of overlaid graphs is our national Covid tracker. Run by a vaxxer NGO with data from the government: https://covid-19.sledilnik.org/en/stats

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need to stratify deaths, unvaxx, vaxx, co morb, no co morb, age.

tx and fl seasonal this year deaths higher, cases higher.....

if any of this sold vaxxes......

we would be snowed under with success stories instead we get anecdotes about unvaxxed whining they made the wrong prediction about the future...

if it needs mandates and fear mongering the vaxxes are not working out.

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If this is the best Gates can get with his billions then he ought to be asking for his money back. These "vaccines" have created a whole cohort of people who will likely never trust a vaccine again - pretty hilarious when Gates has placed so much faith (ie; money) in vaccine development.

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A whistleblower on The HighWire provided an explanation why the hospitals claim the patients were unvaccinated. Upon admission at her hospital, the patients were not asked their vaccination status. If the patient was vaccinated at one of the provider's health care facilities, then the medical record would show the vaccinated status. If the patient were vaccinated somewhere else like Walgreens, CVS, etc.. then the record would list them as unvaccinated. The nurse explained how she updated the patients records to show their true vaccination status. It is at the 2:15:07 of the two and half hour expose on the VAERS scandal - https://thehighwire.com/videos/episode-233-the-vaers-scandal/

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Where does ADE fit into this? This is a question I've been having since Israel - what would society-wide ADE look like? What would the fallout be?

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I would be interested in seeing your analysis of how the data could be explained by vaxxes destroying natural immunity previously acquired by infection (such that even people who would have fought off reexposure to any variant of Covid, are sickened instead because the vaxxes messed up their natural immunity systems), and how well the data fits with the hypothesis that the so-called Delta variant is not a variant, but is instead vaxx injuries such as cardiac events, neurological disruptions and so forth. I think the signal for this would be higher all-cause mortality in more highly-vaccinated populations, and lower all-cause mortality in lower-vaccinated populations. But I do not have your data analysis skills.

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So in a Twitter thread, Justin Hart showed some data on Vermont, highly vaccinated state. I did a very prelim back of the envelope look and sent him info below. Vermont puts out regular reports and one can do some math…


I did a non-scientific cursory look at the state’s covid reports for Aug 27 and Sept 10. If my math is correct (and I could be wrong because I did it between meetings 😆)

Aug 27 Report states 30 breakthrough hosp. and 10 breakthrough deaths since Jan (disingenuous but ok).

Sept 10 Report states 51 and 18 respectively, meaning an increase of 21 and 8 in those spaces.

Looking at total hosp. and deaths:

Aug 27: 65 Hosp and 13 death in the month of aug (did not track previous months)

Sept 10: 108+28 hosp and 18+5 death for aug and sept, respectively.

If my math is right, between the reports over the last couple weeks.

21/71 hospitalized were vaxxed

8/10 deaths were vaxxed.

It’s interesting, if it tracks true.

Check out the breakthrough cases chart on the sept 10 report— huge increase WoW.

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well.. the people are running from hospitals. also more depressed. also lonelier with broken famillies. also out of jobs.. +your theory .. vax are detrimental

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Mr. el gato malo - I need your help, por favor! Also, there are some other really intelligent folks here, and I'm wondering if anyone already has looked at the CDC's scam of their transmission risk?

can I please get some help on how to follow the CDC declaration of where we face ‘transmission risk’ and thus what guides all our local EVERYTHING on declaring masks needed and every other lunacy; please a serious cry for help?

From what I can tell, they gamed the system so we will never leave their RED areas of total freak out phase; but I need some confirmation.

If you go here


you’ll go to my own county data in Georgia, and if you click on this link

How is community transmission calculated?

It will show as bubble/pop-up the following:

low moder. substant. high

New cases per 100,000 persons in the past 7 days* <10 10-49.99 50-99.99 ≥100

s this calculated as the total/sum of cases from each of the past 7 days? What a joke….no-one will ever meet this again.

Has anyone actually looked at the actual no of cases from their own county? You can do it in the NYT data our faithful, fearless leader shared – or you can trust me from my County’s data.

Per NYT data, my county has 314 cases daily avg, or a 41 per 100,000 rate – which THEY provide.

Per the CDC, my current ‘cases’ count is 2155 (is this over the past 7 days???), and that divided by 7 is…307.86, which is very close to the NYT daily avg for my county of 314 – BUT the CDC data is not per 100,000, and in my county per CDC data (although they don’t give it outright, we have to back into it by using the % vaxx rate, and the % rate of the tot pop to get it, or 319,211 vaxx’d, which is 42% of the total pop, for a total pop of 760,026).

So, my total daily rate per 100,000 is using the cdc data, 308/(760,026/100,000) OR 40.5 – again, this is the daily rate. AND it matches the NYT data above. Almost exactly at 41.

But, if we must take the ‘in the past 7 days’ number, as the CDC says above, then we get back up to near 300 over 7 days (can’t really just multiply the 41 by 7; as our county has cases dropping, so it skews the number).

BUT here’s the catch – if I go to the lowest ever daily count for my state (I haven’t found it yet at the county level) – using this data -- https://covidestim.org/us/GA -- which has the infections per day per 100,000, it was just under 20 IPC – multiplied by 7, gets us over 100 and back to the highest risk category, requiring full lockdown and terror.

As styled, the CDC will never let us get out of the red?

Has anyone else stress-tested the CDC on this - and better yet, has anyone in the press or Congress called them out on this fabricated crisis?

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