I remember as a kid when they told us we were all going to freeze to death. And I remember as a young adult being told we were going to either burn to death or be underwater because of ice caps melting. And then I got into a bit of amateur geology and started finding fossils of aquatic and tropical life forms on the border of Canada on the great plains where 4 generations of my family have lived. A place where winter temperatures can easily plummet to minus 30 fahrenheit in the winter. And then I started realizing that we can't grow food where it's super cold all the time. And then I found out that plants need carbon dioxide to live and that a world without "carbon" would be horrific (has anyone taken a peek at Mars? Mars doesn't have much CO2) And it dawned on me... Climate has always been changing. I'm not buying any of their crap. Their "climate" agenda makes "Covid" look like a vacation by comparison.

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As soon as something is sloganized and heavily promoted in bios with pronouns my brain immediately stops listening because I know it's a scam. Rona lockdowns were a pretext for normalizing carbon lockdowns, just wait for the friendly slogans.

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I’ve got a distant family member and a few friends who own an EV. Pompous, narcissistic, “green” and full of themselves. Looking down upon my deplorable self for owing a gas guzzling (not really) small sports car. Ironically, they are also the covidiots. You’re spot on!!

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I am just a dog so forgive me for my ignorance, but i have a question about all these electric vehicles. Where the fuck does all the electricity come from? Asking for my pups…

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Since the US only got about 3% of oil from Russia, I sure don't see how that justifies the tremendous rise in gas prices, but that's the story that's being given out.

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In around 1992 scientist were proclaiming that most of the glaciers in Glacier N.P. would be gone in 11 years. That was 30 years ago btw.

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You could solve the climate “crisis” by killing off social media; Climate change is amplified more by Twitter than it is by carbon.

Forty years ago I took a degree in transportation planning/environmental planning from a pretty decent school. Most of us planned to work for local governments, or else the trucking industry. We learned quickly to be pragmatists once we understood how the world really worked. We all became incrementalists.

Occasionally we’d run across a true believer at a conference. Glassy eyed, a bit hippy, they’d drone on how people were killing the planet. We laughed at them behind their backs.

But now the hippies have taken over the discussion on social media, and the agenda at all levels if government. They blame cars, and meat, which are easy targets. They are looking for any pretext to take control and force their ideas upon us, because they believe only they can save us. We just need to believe harder.

They will fail, because they fail to understand the world as it is.

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Mar 9, 2022·edited Mar 9, 2022

There is no existential problem that faces humanity that government didn't create and then appoint itself to "solve." Since government is the primary funder of education, health care and "scientific" research, we get the inherent outcome of systems. The system exists for the sake of the system.

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I worry about nuclear power, but for a different reason than the Davos crowd. I worry about meltdowns BECAUSE of the Davos crowd weaseling their way into plant operations. Politicians inability to stay away from anything dollar related, will, ultimately, lead to starving a nuke power plant's maintenance budget. Instead of maintaining the plant, those yahoo's will transfer the money to their cousin's paving company that builds $50 millon/mile bike lanes.

Pacific Gas and Electric power lines has burned down large swaths of Northern California, specifically because the politicians got involved with the operation of power distribution. Political kickbacks led to deferred maintenance and presto, cataclysmic results where, magically, no one is responsible. Don't think feckless morons like Gavin Newsom won't get involved with nuclear power, with catastrophic results. It's almost like we need to baby proof the earth to protect us from our "leaders".

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Now that we're realizing we've been lied to by everyone in power for so long it's the norm... hard to sort where to go from here. The control they have, needs to stop, needs to be interrupted. Daunting, especially when we have kids and future grand kids that deserve protecting from all the lies and literal abuse from our own govt, not to mention outside forces and influence. KILL YOUR TV, teach them to read voraciously, teach critical thinking skills. Be immune to the propaganda they call msm news... it's a rough time in history... realllllly ugly.

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zero carbon = zero covid = ... = zero humans = ZERO BRAINS!

(Misanthropic) Environmentalism and digital Totalitarism might just be the two missing links that the tyrannies of the last century were missing to finally succeed: the former one makes u accept (or even demand) less (because decent living standard = killing the planet = own nothing and b happy: with leftist shamanism, Stalin could have embraced his communist famines as a long overdue sacrifice for overpopulated&tortured "Mother Nature") and the latter might just unplug any remaining dissent from the matrix in a heartbeat!

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The Elon Musk thing is interesting. When it comes to "cancel culture," he appears to be one of very few people protected "from on high."

His electric car and rocket ship efforts are so important to various overlapping elite grifts that he is immune from cancellation. He has publicly attacked masks, Biden, Trudeau, Ukraine, anti-nuclear greens, etc etc etc. Anyone else would have been cancelled for even a tenth of what he's said.

But he is untouchable. Because...electric cars "seem" green, because centrally controlled spy software cars are a useful part of the future-planned control grid, because privatizing NASA budgets enables more scrutiny-free waste and theft of taxpayer funds, because the questionable stock pumping in Tesla has wildly enriched connected elites, and because Tesla can harvest green subsidies like crazy. And because he is tightly connected to the deep state (top secret security clearances, huge government contractor, connected to the surveillance state goals, etc.) and is therefore basically untouchable.

In addition to the protection from on high, Elon and Tesla are catnip for the "useful idiot" virtue signalers. The thrill of buying a Tesla to show that you are rich AND "environmentally conscious" is irresistible.

Obviously those status signalers don't really care about being green, or at least don't understand it, or they'd be buying used Priuses, which are overall MUCH greener than brand new electric-only cars with massive batteries filled with mined rare-earth metals etc. But that's all pretty complicated. Status signaling has to be simpler. Tesla equals rich, enlightened, cool, and green, details be damned.

In addition to Elon and Tesla being catnip for the useful idiots who love status signaling about batteries and solar and masking and lockdowns and Ukraine, Elon is simultaneously catnip to a certain breed of rational male libertarian types who relish him "speaking truth to power." Many Tesla fans are male tech types, highly rational and NOT that into masking and BLM and Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of it. So Elon plays to them too. He is like a symbol of effete rebellion. "Go Elon! I love your twitter account! Cheer for the truckers! Preach!"

The final result is amazing. Most political, celebrity, and corporate entities out there go fully woke and fully subservient to power and worship of the next thing (climate, Covid, Ukraine, whatever). They choose a side. But not Elon. He plays both sides.

Tesla's liberal fans accept his "alt-right-sounding" tweets because they are unwilling to give up the status boost Tesla ownership gives them. They resolve their cognitive dissonance by telling themselves he's a genius with a sort of cool guy Tourette's syndrome, so his cancel-worthy pronouncements can be safely ignored.

And Tesla's libertarian tech bro fans revel in his "thumb-in-the-eye outspokenness," assuming he's fighting the good fight while studiously ignoring the fact that his actions are all tightly linked to the elite's "climate change" project of treasury-looting and top-down CONTROL.

Anyway, he's an absolutely amazing case study and a real outlier. How does he get away with it? It's a combination of four things--I'm not sure of the relative proportions--1) His Trump-esque "master persuader" persona--shock-jock, media master, twitter hound; 2) The fact that his customers and fans on the right AND the left get status boosts from Tesla purchases and Elon Musk fandom; and 3) His alignment with various elite agendas (the green grift, treasury looting, surveillance, etc.); and 4) The fact that he is probably officially protected from cancellation by the deep state. (e.g. The New York Times is encouraged to generate SOME "bad press" for Elon (because all press is good press), but if they ACTUALLY tried to deeply expose all the Tesla frauds or to subject Elon Musk to the full cancellation treatment, I suspect they'd get a few phone calls from "the Intelligence Community" telling them to back off.

I'd love to know your take on all this, Gato. Cheers!

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…and if you really think about it, there isn’t enough infrastructure anywhere in the world to handle all of us plugging in our electric cars. In Canada we get warnings about high power usage in the winter on really cold nights, and in summer during really hot days, how on earth could the grid handle everyone also plugging in electric cars?? Electric cars are not the answer, only an alternative. Say, where does electricity come from anyway…?

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projections! "screws to putin"..... do any of the cnn von clauswitz' think xi and putin are not aware they have to come together and get off the west's financial clown car?

climate science is more whacko than covid hysterics, it has had longer to be wrong and condition its discipline to ingore reality.

climate solutions are even less effective and more unsuitable (costly, unreliable, unavailable...) than covidian virtue siugnalling.

it is the virtue they project!

life and liberty, posh!

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Early on in the plandemic, I started thinking about the reason behind the masks, since I knew what they were selling as science was a bald-faced lie. What did make sense was that they wanted us to wear masks to reduce our own, human, God-created, beautiful, CO2 emissions. After all, ending cows -because methane and meat bad- would only affect a small number of digressers for Pete's sake. I found a subject to test my theoretical thought on about a year ago, and asked him if what I theorized was true, would it make a difference to his mask-donning. His response - "PUT ON YOUR MASK!" I'm certain my theory is correct. And they will be resuming the mask mandates when ever they decide "we" are at risk of something. Because, WE are the problem for them.

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Dear Gato, I'm going to guess that you are not aware of this:


but you should enjoy the implications for climate change, particularly as you are not afraid of numbers. Remember that, as a UN body, the IPCC is a political organisation that cannot declare things its members cannot countenance (such as "your economic development will be restricted due to lack of energy"). That is why the IPCC is led by economists, not scientists.

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