The only way to regulate these regulators is with tar and feathers

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This has been happening for a long time. GMOs being planted all over the US while being banned in most of the rest of the world; hormones in meat animals; various other adulterations of the food supply. To say nothing of the endless crimes of Big Pharma. The US regulatory apparatus is fully captured by corporate interests who consider Americans to be lab rats.

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The FDA has completely demolished what was left of its already tattered and torn reputation. How can any reasonable person trust any drug or vaccine they approve going forward?

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Jun 17, 2022·edited Jun 17, 2022

Burn the ships people! Until you do, expect more of this endless beat-down. Being in a Red state is no excuse. With the exception of Florida and maybe Texas, NPI's will be back in certain pockets. It' is Pollyanna'ish to think otherwise.

The Sheople will do it all over again. I've even seen it down here in Florida. Don't be fooled.

Who are we? Are we willing to allow 2nd class citizens in this country?!

Masking children is child abuse. PERIOD

Some people will say; oh well children are so resilient. Well what does that say about the resiliency of the person saying that?

Shame on parents who mask their children! Shame!

Is a little child abuse okay? How about a little child abuse over 2 years? Do you think that's affected them or had an effect on their future?

A society that "eat's" there own is doomed!

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Both Russell Brand and Dr. John Campbell express in video form what you've written here pretty much. In Canada we are just as doomed as about 85% of kids 5+ yrs old have already gotten the shots and babies are next inline.

Russell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_e2xNNUcVw

Campbell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjJoc5wqk8E

I don't watch a lot of Dr. Campbell's videos but it's the first time I've seen him be as sarcastic as he is in this one. For Russell, he's usually careful to not step on the YT censors toes but he comes pretty close here! It's good that they're spreading the word too.

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You can always get jabbed, but you can never get UNJABBED.

Not ever fugging getting jabbed BTW.

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It's going to happen in the UK too, I just know it. Personally I favour chaining these non humans to large rocks at the low water line and leaving them there. They are beyond evil to be prepared to pump this poison into babies to save their own sorry skins.

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It seems the life insurance industry is waking up.

See this article from Milliman, the actuarial consulting firm…… https://us.milliman.com/en/insight/how-does-covid-19-impact-the-life-insurance-industry-going-forward

They know, but can’t say. It’s a start.

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All governments are largely the same, but the exact same incentive structures do not exist in those countries.

The empire in its collapsing phase needs its citizens to be weak, sick, divided, and impoverished.

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the silver lining is that i think decisions like this by the FDA are revelatory for lots of doctors out there that were formerly of the "trust The Science" hive, but are (finally) starting to catch wind that something is off. if a critical mass of doctors come to the same realizations that thousands of people reading subs like this one have made throughout the past 2+ years, then there may still be hope for our public health institutions.

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So honestly… Why are lawyers not speaking out on this. It seems Criminal to continue giving the emergency use authorization injections when there’s absolutely no emergency and they are not doing informed consent at all.

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Which attorneys should I mail this to?

My new book, Neither Safe Nor Effective, makes an airtight case, in over 300 government webpages and peer-reviewed studies, that the COVID vaccines are definitely causing:

1) higher overall deaths

2) cardiovascular injuries and deaths, and

3) higher COVID positivity rates.

Whereas one might still be able to quibble with carcinogenicity, infertility, neurological injury and liver damage, the above three points are now irrefutable, and fraud related to those is now proven and irrefutable. I've mailed this book to about two dozen attorneys who are likely to fight this. Who else needs to see this book? Who else should I mail it to?


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I do wonder if the only thing the FDA learned from Thalidomide is "we are always right" and that colors every decision

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"this will now allow these products to be put on the pediatric vaxx schedule and gain liability shields. "

Kill thousands of kids and maim even more, all in pursuit of those sweet 30 pieces of silver.

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How? RFK is preparing a suit, but I havent heard anymore about it? We need a sea to shining sea class action suit by the population of the US against FDA, Pfizer, MOderna, NIH, CDC etc.

Who can get it started? I know I d give $$$$$$$$$$.

Is there a judge in the land who wouldnt be terrifed to take the case? Because his family will be threatened...and not even our Surpreme Court Justices can prevail even with Roe v Wade.

Remember, the Deep State (DARPA, DOD etc. ) are all in this too

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