addition to US ER data: cardiovascular AE's are exploding

gatopal™ @KBirb was kind enough to pass along this collection of US VAERS reporting data on adverse events from vaccines.

as can be readily seen (despite this only going through august) there was a huge surge in cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological issues with hundreds of thousands of each occurring.

(and VAERS is certainly undercounting this, likely on the order of 10-25 to 1 based on some cursory ratio math i ran. if anyone has good numbers on that, would love to see them. some papers claim it gets nearly 25% of events, others more like 1%. both seem extreme to me.)

still don’t have the US ER data to compare to germany who saw surges like this around dose 2 of vaccines, but we’re definitely seeing reports that look just like it and seem to validate the hypothesis on causality.

(how much they lag in reporting is an open and interesting issue)

this seems to be more evidentiary support that the recent rise in severe ER presentation in the US could be vaccine related.

will keep looking.