I'm officially a Gatopal™!!! YAY!!!

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I’m a citizen of Alberta, and I’m outraged that my taxes are used to deceive me. As a retired trial lawyer, and incidentally a PhD chemist, I’ve got the time and the chops to chase this one down. Time for a barrage of letters and a FOIP request.

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My son's friend came down with Covid within 2 days of his vax. Within a couple more he was in the hospital and within 2 weeks, he was dead. The doctor said it was like Covid on steriods. Unstoppable.

He was considered an unvaxxed death. That's when I knew the stats were lies.

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I’m generally a calm, rational person, though it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain that composure and to not wish for total—even divine—ruination upon the people responsible for this farce.

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Mr Gato, do you think it should be considered medical malpractice for a pedicatrician to rec covid shots to health 5-11 or 11-17 year olds? I do. Im a eye doc and I've run afoul of a few referring pediatricians b/c people have asked my opinion and i've said i think its wrong and inappropriate to push these vaxxes like this on healthy kids. Some of the peds docs have threatening to stop referring me patients and my partners were upset. We docs are stuck in these situations where we have all the wrong incentives and are so worried about loss of jobs, income , status and reputation. its so depressing. Everyone is afraid and everyone just tows the line.

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Professor Norman Fenton has presented this exact same issue here: https://probabilityandlaw.blogspot.com/2021/12/possible-systematic-miscategorisation.html

I have serious doubts that these vaccines do much of anything other than send people to the hospital with vaccine injuries.

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This is the least incriminating thing they've done. For about a month they were counting ALL new cases under 12 as unvaccinated including about 1-2k post 14 day cases. They've corrected it. By my estimation, I've found about 50 errors on their page (they do fix them occassionally to their credit). Unfortunately for them I have their raw data from the day before they deleted it and months of screenshots of the errors in the way they track information

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Well done to both you and Joel. This work is unimaginably important.

A point to consider. Pfizer trial had an efficacy endpoint of 7 days post 2nd jab. So what happened to to the post jab risk there? It doesn’t show!

It is something I looked at a while ago and the most probable answer (to me) is they wrote out 311 participants from the BNT trial arm results for “Important Protocol Deviation”.

This unusual category applied only to the second jab cohort where a large number (311, way more than those who caught Covid in the placebo arm) were excluded for IPD.

Having worked through the IPD definition it is clear that it is a retrospective assessment of product failure due to dosing and storing issues. But in all cases the doses were “administered”. So why administer the wrong dose or wrongly stored product? Answer: They can’t have known that at the time. So what made them suspect failure. Hmmm I think we can guess.

But surely Pfizer couldn’t have been so disorganised that this would happen in the first place? P Thacker’s expose of Ventavia is evidence that they could exclude participants at will if they wished to be pedantic.

The kicker is that the IPD rate in the main trial rate was then much higher in a much smaller trial - that of juveniles. Why would a much smaller (and later) trial get IPD worse? The IPD data is an artefact and is telling us something deeper.

The release of the IPD data will confirm if the trial was frauded. I know where my money would lie.

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exposing datacrime is a thoughtcrime, comrade

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Does anybody honestly think these companies won't keep filling people with jabs right up until the time they're stopped by the courts?

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Jan 20, 2022·edited Jan 20, 2022

This is Alberta yesterday:

Currently hospitalized Three doses 231

Currently hospitalized Two doses 461

Currently hospitalized One dose 50

Currently hospitalized Unvaccinated 359

This is Alberta 28Dec2021:

3 doses: no data

2 doses: 119

1 dose: 9

Unvax'd: 190

The inversion is staggering.


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For those following the plot (special thanks to you Gato), we have always known that the "14 day window" was the place to bury the true covid picture. Another analogy? Doing a 40 yard dash but moving the window of when you start the timer to 10 yard and running a total of 50 yards, then taking the last 40 yard measurement because, ya know, it's hard to speed up coming out of starting blocks and IT'S NOT REALLY FAIR...let's just take our time once we are at top speed.

How long before the public catches on to the rapid increase of "all cause" deaths during a time when we have vaccines? This will be written about and analyzed for decades.

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Wow, that does not look good. New Zealand and to a lesser degree Australia will provide interesting further data on this. There hasn't been much public data on seroprevalence in NZ but it seems like it's still under 1% of population (0.1% in April 21 is the latest I can find). Presumably we'll have a huge omicron outbreak in NZ soon and with so few unvaccinated people left, the only group they'll be able to dump the two week 'worry window' numbers on will be the double vaxxed.. Would be really interested to here more on NZ specifically, we're in a unique situation down here now..

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Of course it was intentional. Everyone from

Fauci on down knows/knew you can’t vaccinate for a coronavirus.

Trump gave them the go ahead and the cover with warp speed to cut all the necessary


The scientists knew better.

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Well put and great sleuthing. The problem with this whole line of reasoning, though, is that we shouldn't even have to explain this intentional muddying of the waters. It is painfully obvious. Once the event occurs, the new stage initiates. Period.

no jabs = no vax;

initial jab = partially vaxed;

final jab = full vax (final for one or two jab courses);

These drunks are using the streetlight for support rather than illumination.

The figures aren't lying, but the liars are figuring.

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These problems existed since the beginning. We are grouping with changing definitions constantly.

There are dozens of groups to consider:

1. Wave 1 recovered

2. Wave 2 recovered

3. Wave 3 recovered

4. Wave 4 recovered.

5. #s1-4 + mcvaxxed 1 dose

5. Mcvaxxed dose 1 only

6. Mcvaxxed 2 dose before wave 3

7. Mcvaxxed dose 1 before wave 3

8. Mcvaxxed dose 2 DURING wave 3

9. Mcvaxxed dose 2 DURING wave 4

10. You get the picture…

11. Simple binning of data by oversimplification of definitions makes it impossible to see anything. Adding dirt to anything…even if it’s just a teensy weensy dirt…makes it dirty data. Thank goodness cats are such extra clean animals.

We could argue that omicron is a different virus entirely. Immune social status doesn’t seem to matter one bit now. Omicron is Gods way of saying “I decide that you are all equal…”

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