I didn't go through the entire paper yet, but this quote from the abstract is interesting, "This induction of IgG4 antibodies was not observed after homologous or heterologous SARS-CoV-2 vaccination with adenoviral vectors."

It goes along with a comment I had on the post from the other day "did covid vaccines prevent covid deaths in the US?", in terms of different non-specific effects (NSE) of different types of vaccines, including mRNA, adenovirus vectored, subunit, and whole virion (including distinctions among 'adjuvants').

The paper I posted was specific to covid and looked at mRNA vs adenovirus...


Beyond that, I think watching India may be interesting since, while highly vaxxed, it did use primarily adenovirus (Covidshield aka Astra Zeneca) and whole virion (Covaxin) vaccines. In my view the latter may be particularly interesting regarding the IgG4 issues since it should overcome the spike-only fixation (being whole virion), but also its adjuvant (a TRL7/8 agonist) predicates more of a Th1 response (i.e. cell mediated) vs. a Th2 response (i.e. antibody) typical in an alum (only) adjuvanted vaccine (e.g. the Chinese whole virion vaccines). I have wondered for a time if this could enable it (Covaxin) to 'fix' the immune suppression of the mRNA shots from both an OAS perspective (fixaxtion to spike) and innate suppression (inherent w/mRNA shot design w/pseudouridine modification, etc.). Allegedly Phase 3 'immunobridging and broadening' trial data may come out in January (homologous and heterologous w/mRNA or adenovirus).

Irregardless, I think the potential angle (in terms of remediation) may be along the lines of other work from Christine Stabell Benn (author of paper above) which suggests negative NSE of certain vaccines could be undone by other vaccines/protocols (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32645296/).

N.B. Novavax also contains an adjuvant biased towards Th1 response as well.

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Thanks for taking us a little deeper into this. Jeff Childers' substack ("Coffee & Covid") had a great layman's explanation today, which was the perfect lead-in to your piece just as it landed in my inbox. You guys are doing such GREAT WORK educating the public on all of this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Definitely worth researching, which is why the CDC won’t.

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Another small piece of data lies in hospitalizations. Hint: the very vaxxed NE didn't 'clear' their virus over the summer 'for some reason', and now seasonality is starting to kick up..........

And if people like you and I can see this, certainly the 'experts' know all about it -- yet remain silent.


The northeast isn’t getting any better, and now we’re heading into the months in which that region of the country struggles with the virus. This higher covid baseline portends a nasty winter ahead, and NOT ‘for the unvaccinated’.

I should mention that covid remains a minor issue for the healthcare system. Nearly 25% of our beds are open, with less than 4% being taken by covid-positive patients. That’s good news AND what we expect from a pandemic — each wave is smaller than the last because fewer people remain susceptible.

UNLESS we rendered people permanently susceptible by training their bodies to react to the virus in a way that does them no good. And that sure seems to be the case.

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Dec 26, 2022·edited Dec 26, 2022

I read it 3 times!

Here's my take (hint its not technical) :

How many people who are unvaxed with natural immunity do you know who keep getting sick from covid or otherwise?

Try the reverse question.

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Dr.Sucharit Bhakdi: Why ALL mRNA 'Vaccines' Will Cause Harm

Please listen and memorise the basics, then share it on Twitter, Facebook and wherever you can. - Dr. Michael Yeadon


Dr. Yeadon Warns: So-Called “COVID Vaccines” Are Toxic by Design

"I heartily recommend you take seriously the warning I’m issuing."


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Motion to change the name of the CDC to Cat Data Clinic

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I can't say this on twitter, so I'll say it here

the folks who buy into all the jabs, etc are much more likely to be hypochondriacs/mentally ill

those covid "tests" give false positives, reinforcing their mental illness

they'd rather die than admit they're wrong

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Maybe the IG4 reaction is the sudden unknown increase in cancer?

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If we had convened a meeting of WW1 generals & asked them about their tactics, would they have "noticed" any problems? From their perspective, wasn't the war going swimmingly? The secret of WW1 is that our leaders did NOT have our best interests in mind; they had many objectives, but helping us wasn't one of them (or not an important one).

Same thing here. If you could prove these vaccines killed everyone who took them & you could prove this beyond any doubt, none of our leaders would view that as a problem - many would see it as a huge success. They have lots of objectives, but helping us isn't one of them. Get that through your heads: they are NOT trying to help you.

Once you realize they don't care about you, you'll understand everything they do. (NOTE: I'm not assuming malevolence or conspiracy; I'm just describing their economic motives, which have nothing to do w/ helping you. None of your leaders would suffer in an economic sense if these vaccines were 100% lethal because none of your leaders personally benefit from your life, health, prosperity etc. If they could control you for the 3 or so years you have left to live, they'd PREFER that outcome to your independence for decades to come. Get that. Understand that.

To borrow a phrase, they'd rather rule in the land of the dying than serve in the land of thriving, so they will NEVER choose your interests unless it's an accident, it happens to coincide w/ their personal interests, or you can force them to do so as a condition of retaining power.

This is NOT a moral statement - if they're moral, they still give into this problem because they can't retain power if they don't. Power is always & everywhere an adverse selection process that eliminates the moral (either by stopping them in the first place or by corrupting them). Granted, there are exceptions to this rule, but they are few & far between.

Design your system so it can be run by evil people because it will be run by evil people - that's the key to any well-designed government. (And, yes, I know stupid people get in to power too, but evil is the more important, more deadly problem. I'm fine w/ a powerless fool - much better than a brilliant monster.)

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Of course ..... it's always been the pandemic of the "vaxxed, boosted." Boosters, boosters and more boosters decimate the immune system. Therefore, nothing to fight off "The Virus." More boosters, more instances of C19? Organ failure and all cause mortality deaths.

Surprise, surprise ..... there's even an HIV toxin lurking inside of Paxlovid. A definite ploy at depopulation.

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Well Cat, I never forgot your "vaccinated as superspreaders" hypothesis...You gotta hate it when you are right...maybe a different form of action, but damn.

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Uh, yeah. So now we have the 4 horsemen of VAIDS, ADE, immune fixation, and antibody induced tolerance.

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This article is going round quickly and I hope everyone sees it and reads it! Because this is probably what is happening.

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How significant is this statement: “This induction of IgG4 antibodies was not observed after homologous or heterologous SARS-CoV-2 vaccination with adenovirus vectors.”? We should have plenty of data from Canada and the UK (countries that made heavy use of the AstraZeneca formula), and even a fair amount of data from people who took the J&J in the US.

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the purpose of public health is supposed to be to serve the public, not to keep it in the dark.

I would change that to...

the purpose of public health is supposed to be to serve the public, not to CONTROL the public

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