athletes, covid vaccines, and life threatening injuries

this looks more than a little worrying

the risk reward for covid vaccines has always looked poor for the young and for the healthy. we’ve seen this for ages.

what’s odd is how many stories like this we keep seeing. (it’s also interesting that it’s almost all in overseas press and almost never in the US)

because let’s face it, young, super fit athletes pretty much never die of heart issues and blood clots. they do not collapse on the playing field. they do not die of strokes.

that’s just not a thing, these are the healthiest of the healthy.

i always get a little suspect about the gestalt that emerges from reporting. it’s hard to tell if you’re really seeing a rise in incidence or a rise in tendency to be reported. the infamous “summer of the shark” where shark attacks dominated news stories turns out to have been a low year for actual attacks. it was a made up media story.

but there are three reasons i suspect this story is not made up:

  1. almost no major media outlets are carrying it, especially in the US

  2. if you wanted a good panic story, “athlete dies/critically ill from complications of covid” is WAY better and the media would 100% choose that. but we have not heard those stories. in fact, they’re all but totally absent. (this is almost certainly because it does not happen.)

  3. some germans did some data collection and that data starts to validate the idea that this is, in fact, way up. (pardon the software translation)

they identify a base rate of about 5-8 deaths even in the worst years. 3 or 4 is more common.

Wikipedia list of athletes who died at the match until 2021 is rather short

In contrast, for example, there is an article in the German WAZ from June 13, 2021. A cardiologist stated there that sudden cardiac death rarely occurs in sport. Yes how now? There are no reliable statistics for comparison. But in Wikipedia there are lists of athletes who died during the game. This list goes back to 1889 and at first glance is extensive - but in the end it turns out that about 5-8 such deaths were recorded even in “disaster years”. Many of these concern heart problems. The question is therefore difficult to answer without official and complete statistics: Are currently more people really dying “suddenly and unexpectedly” in sport, especially when it affects professionals and top athletes? And is it because of the vaccination, as many critical minds suspect

they then compile a (certainly incomplete) list of over 75 known cases, many deaths, some just very severe issues/hospitalization in the last 5 months.

Over 75 known cases in the last 5 months

We have compiled a list of the known cases over the past few months. It is most likely incomplete. It includes many dead - and some who developed severe heart problems but fortunately survived. Noticeable: the youngest on the list was only 13 years old, many entries concern people under 20 years of age. From the gut one could say that there is much evidence of a noticeable accumulation in 2021. But why are the authorities not interested, why are there always excuses instead of strict examinations, exact autopsies?It may be that all of these people passed out dead or seriously ill on the field for “normal” reasons. But we certainly do not know - and that is a criminal negligence of the rulers, who we actually pay with billions in taxes to have a good health system and only get really safe and tested medication.

that’s on the order of 45X expected annual base rate.

and it seems to foot with experience.

when, before this year, did you even hear about this or see a soccer player drop in a game clutching his heart? (i mean, his shin, sure, they’re all incredible actors, but not good enough to go into actual cardiac arrest and stop breathing.)

they list them all in the article so the sourcing looks strong. almost none are in english.

this is tricky to really get to the bottom of in terms of just what the rate is, but to even notice it in a population this small, it must be quite high, far higher than any covid risk. this is hard to call dispositive, but it does seem like a flashing warning signal, a sort of athletics VAERS system warning.

unfortunately, it all fits very neatly. we’ve seen higher incidence of heart complications from vaccines in the young, especially young males. DATA

obviously, VAERS is off the charts.

germany saw a spike in ER presentations with cardiac issues just as dose 2 was going into widespread uptake. they have stayed elevated.

the incidence spike has been apparent for months and the timing is highly provocative.

high levels of fitness and intense exercise based heart stress would, in fact likely bring any heart damage to the fore. and it looks like the heart damage from vaccines is VERY different from that of actual covid both in severity and in the nature of the injury.

actual covid causes heart issues mostly in the weak who were already headed for ICU. it’s just inflammation from troponin elevation. it’s mild and it passes.

the vaccine can actually penetrate heart tissue and elicits immune response to attack the heart cells. it’s 10-100X the intensity. kids wind up in hospital, they get dramatic ECG changes. in the young, it’s far more serious and more prominent.

if you’re experiencing an auto-immune driven heart issue, you can damage or kill tissue. if you then put the heart under strain, like athletes do, you can get calamity.

i’d love to see how this interacts with other issues like left ventricular hypertrophy (reasonably common enlargement of left ventricle in those who get a lot of hard cardio). that can be an issue for athletes and could easily be exacerbated by tissue damage.

it can be identified with simple ECG. would be easy to see if many of these cases were in LVH cases. identifying that as a risk factor for vaccine AE’s would be very useful.

this data is not enough to really stand up and say “conclusive” but there’s sure an awful lot here to simply ignore, especially given the way sports leagues are mandating vaccines for the young and healthy who play in them. these people are the lowest risk for severe covid outcomes and the highest risk for vaccine AE’s.

that’s not a winning combo.