The Soviets had state-run media, we have a media-run state.

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But see, it's not stealing an election if we are saving democracy.

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You forget the Birx / Jordan chat about hope:

Dr Brix last week was hauled in front of congress with some simple questions.

Congressman Jim Jordan: when the government told us the vaccinated could not transmit it (covid), was that a lie or a guess?

Dr. Brix : “i think it was hope”

when public health officials and agencies stridently told america that the covid vaccines would be a “dead end for the virus” and stop infection and spread, upon what did they base that claim and how did they get it so wrong?

Congressman Jim Jordan: was the government lying when they said this?*

Dr. Brix : i don’t know. i was not part of the taskforce discussions


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Haven't the Feds pretty much suspended the Constitution via their neverending 'Emergency' declarations?

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Thanks for all that you do ! I no longer tune into mainstream news outlets. They are so 'Captured' that it's pathetic. I get my 'news' from truly independent sources now. And you know... the quality of info is so much better ! Thanks again...

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Buried inside the 2013 Defense Authorization Act, signed by Obummer in early January while he was on vacation in Hawaii, were provisions which rewrote the 1948 Smith Mundt Act. The original act, passed in the wake of what Hitler did with the media in WW2, was put in place to prevent the government from using the media to write or broadcast propaganda inside the country. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s the essential gist. It also prevented using government money, i.e., tax dollars to entice the media to tell a narrative the government wanted people to hear.

The 2013 DAA reversed all those rules. As of January 2013 US citizens could be treated the same way citizens of other countries had been treated for decades. In other words, the US government could use the commercial media to deliver narratives and propaganda. And they could use tax dollars to fund that activity.

We now know, of course, that the US government spent 10s of millions of dollars (probably hundreds of millions) to pay various media and tech outlets to push the Covid narrative. We may never know how much they paid, or what leverage they used, to roll the suppression train down the tracks.

If you read the legislative history of the 1948 bill, you will find that Congress put the law in place to prevent the exact things that happened with Covid narrative. And it more or less survived intact for 65 years. Until Obummer essentially snuck the changes in to a 3000 page bill that nobody read.

All roads lead back to Prescott Bush. But all roads run right through Obummer.

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Good info. But wait till you browse through UN Agenda 2030...

Also I heard that twatter is actually govt.owned. They have high losses every year from when they started, and are bailed out every time, no questions. And twatter, being the hub for lgbtQ and Q and msm propaganda promotion while being filled with bots for manipulation and all around censoring the truth is enough signs that it indeed is an op from the leading NWO band of parasites.

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Berenson has said he plans to sue the Biden regime for their fascism. I wish him luck, but somehow I'll be amazed if it progresses meaningfully.

I'm sympathetic to James Lindsay's observation that the exit from Twitter is a facilitator of touching more grass. The platform, to the extent that it offers more power to the Regime than the People, is a net loss for the latter.

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Love the article. We have a cabal of freaks who hate regular loving humans, and are obsessed with stealing and keeping power and misusing it against us.

You got in the way of that cabal and were cancelled without explanation.

So was I.

Now the WEF wants to move to the next step and have a WEF-operated platform-independent multi-site "censorship AI engine" that would identify wrongthink and hand "deletion orders" down to platforms. Great idea, right?


I believe that the future is bright however.

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Attempts to muzzle speech are attempts to limit thinking.

No individual or group has any existential authority over another. No ifs, whens or buts.

How's that for a thought?

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While i agree in concept, i disagree in details: the Alphabets and BlackRocks own the executive, most of the legislative and the judicial, and they coordinate their actions. If the other party was in the executive the same things would be happening. It's a lot worse than you think. Regards

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Telling a lie requires telling more and more lies to maintain it, but only if you are questioned. Take away the ability to question and you can tell any lie you want with impunity.

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Has anyone else experienced phantom posts on Facebook? CJ Hopkins tried to share our interview (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/dissident-dialogues-cj-hopkins), and it showed up for a second but then vanished before people’s eyes as they scrolled to it or hovered over it.

Apparently, it was my Substack url that was causing it to be disappeared, as it worked when he provided a screenshot without the url. Here is his tweet about it:


To get around the FB censorship, CJ reposted a screenshot with the clever preface, “Here's a cute picture of one of my cats …”:


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Decentralization of everything...

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“Men do not long continue to think what they have forgotten how to say.”

- C.S. Lewis

In a concerted effort, this is what the government and media collusion are trying to do.

We must never forget there is a difference between a "Right" and a privilege.

The term "Right" has been corrupted, to the point of being useless, because of it's indiscriminate use.

This has become a de facto illness to our liberties that only We The People can recuperate it.

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As someone with a journalism degree, I have become so saddened by my profession over the last few years.

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