california public health (ostensibly)

this is a masterclass in propaganda.

  1. if you have had covid and recovered, you have acquired resistance. such resistance from SARS1 has lasted DECADES. there is no evidence that this is different here and STRONG REASON to suspect it will be similar. cd4 and 8 based immunity is strong, broad based, and durable.

  2. immunity driven by recovery from live infection is as strong or STRONGER than vaccinated immunity.

  3. there is no evidence at all or even reason to suspect that getting vaccinated adds ANY additional protection for those who have recovered from covid. NONE.

  4. the risk posed by covid to those vaccinated is SO SMALL that this idea of “needing to protect others” is ridiculous. if you want protection, get vaccinated (ask your doctor). the RESIDUAL RISK afterwards is already less than 1/20th your annual risk of death from flu. this is not a risk level humans have historically striven to mitigate. no one owes anyone 100% safety.

this is not public health policy, it’s medical malpractice in the service of crony capitalism and rampant statism.

it may be normal to have questions, but it is NOT normal to have all the answers be twisted facts, relentless gaslighting, and outright fabrications.

this kind of baseless fear-mongering and alarmist charlatanry has no place in public policy, health related or otherwise.

this is a disgrace. in any sort of just world, careers would end over this. agencies would be censured over this.

instead, they’ll probably get an attaboy and a budget bump from governor hairdo.