Beware of anybody who goes by the name SCIENCE. Also beware if they acuse others of being without data followed by stating these others are factually incorrect without providing any data themselves.

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I feel dumb continually thanking the author. But, I need to see these ongoing posts. The sheer mass of misinformation emanating from the government is staggering, and my family and friends are buying it all.

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The picture of Stitch is how I feel on a daily basis when I hear of friends who had covid getting the shot and seeing those in their cars, masked....I wish more people could actually think or get their brains in at least idle mode by reading your article!

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The mRNA vaccine: mRNA enters your cell. It uses the cell to make the C19 spike protein, sort of like the mRNA virus that causes it. Only the cell does not make more viruses.

The Adenovector uses a DNA to enter your cells to do the same thing.

Both work like the virus only do not make more viruses.

The proteins are displayed on the cell surface and your B cells and T cells respond. They make the anti body which is measured but not needed.

Immunity is based on B and T cells, the antibodies they make are metabolized over time. The cell memory retains.

I know a 70 odd (we don't talk about age north of 60) woman who had it in Jan '21, and has gotten a vaccine. Her husband is not vaccinated and did not catch it from her! I understand her husband, better!

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So what are our betters going to say when excess deaths become a death dearth? (As they will in late 2021 or 2022, since Covid has, mostly unnecessarily, killed a large number of old people, who therefore won't die later.)

Four possibilities:

1. Oh. We did this wrong. We should have protected those most at risk and not tortured those least at risk (and we should have known this after Bergamo).

2. Up the cycles in PCR so we can keep finding more cases.

3. See? Masks and isolation work!

4. Silence.

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There are many doctors and others in the field who believe "vaccination" after infection is very dangerous. The details of the potential risks of "vaccination" with or without prior infection are outlined in this back and forth between Doctors for Covid Ethics (Yeadon, Bhakdi, et al) and the European Medicines Agency. https://doctors4covidethics.medium.com/doctors-for-covid-ethics-signatories-15878f9ff76

American Dr. Hooman Noorchasm, MD, has made similar warnings. https://noorchashm.medium.com

Also, pretty sure governor hairdo is a vampire.

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And, of course, masks don't stop airborne transmission...and...asymptomatic transmission is not a thing...

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You should really provide sources for your information because much of what you post is very factually incorrect. You have lots of nice pretty graphs that seem to be sourced out of thin air and not a single peer reviewed publication to back up your opinions. Unfortunately most of your followers do not seem to be able to decipher your lies because you ostensibly seem to be able to piece together sentences that create nice sound bites but are unfortunately not back up by actual verifiable data.

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