We'll talk tough but the simple fact is that Americans won't stand for paying EVEN MORE at the pump because of Ukraine. Thus, we continue to buy oil from Russia while shittalking them.

Never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to fuck something up.

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Politicians: I bet we can convince them to support people that literally identify as Nazis....

The media: Way ahead of you

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“3 weeks ago, 95% of these people could not find ukraine on a map or name a single politician there.”

I’d be willing to bet they still can’t.

Kamala, either—although now that her handlers have explained it to her, she knows this much:

“Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country.”


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Before every Premier League match, they clap for Ukraine then kneel for racism. The west produces nothing except Pavlovian consoom goodthink NPC virtue signaling. No real strategies or solutions to help anyone but the ruling class.

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Within 2 days my 2 covidiot sisters pivoted to excoriating me about my lack of enthusiasm for Ukraine porn. They are lapping it up like high fructose cookies and cream ice cream and sucking and spewing the lies like the ciggies they wave around when not in their pie holes.

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Thank you for this very timely article. I have long since recognized that we are passengers on a Titanic where no one is running for the lifeboats.

I've been making this argument in my circle of acquaintances for weeks, to no avail. I've accepted that I am even more on the fringe.

Edward Norton's tweet doesn't shock me. Hollywood are lining up en masse to play Leni Reifenstal to the "current thing" for the very reasons stated in this article.

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Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

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I must be a contrarian theorist.

After decades of being lied to and gaslighted by government and its media propaganda organs, my first instinct is to call bullshit on whatever the latest narrative du jour concocted to spook the herd happens to be.

My political awakening occurred towards the end of the Vietnam War. I clearly remember watching on TV the choppers dust off the embassy with people hanging on the rails. I had schoolmates whose aviator fathers were killed there.

LBJ lied the US into that war with the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin Incident. The government consistently lied about body counts and progress to garner continued support.

And they've been lying ever since, about everything.

I find it nearly incomprehensible that anyone would trust them, ever, about anything.

"The government I live under has been my enemy all my active life. When it has not been engaged in silencing me it has been engaged in robbing me. So far as I can recall I have never had any contact with it that was not an outrage on my dignity and an attack on my security."

~H. L. Mencken, From his diary, Baltimore, April 1, 1945

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CBS This Morning has a puff piece about Pfizer this morning. There were no hard questions just disappointment that 1/3 of the US didn’t take the jab and how disappointing that was. There were no questions about why people distrust the Feds, Pfizer etc. They talked about a yearly Covid shot like the flu shot. Ugh.

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Mar 6, 2022Liked by el gato malo

Aaron Maté wrote a balanced piece on how we got here. SFN (safe for normies). https://mate.substack.com/p/by-using-ukraine-to-fight-russia

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Ukraine is a distraction from the real plan, global vaccine passports: Closing All Borders for the Unvaccinated: https://markcrispinmiller.substack.com/p/this-years-sudden-war-is-a-distraction?s=r

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So Norton thinks every level of government and the political parties have been compromised by Russia, except the 2020 election?

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Right on, again. The pivot has been really something to behold. Something tells me that the covidians-turned-Ukrainian-nationalists would not be painting their homes crimson and white and shouting "Roll Tide" to one another if Putin launched a 3-prong attack on the red state of Alabama, however.

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It’s such an endless, relentless cringefest that I’ve found myself letting my mind wander into dangerous territory the likes of “I wonder if ignorance really is bliss?” and “could I maybe choose to be ignorant? would I be happier over yonder?” and eventually it always arrives at “everything is at such unimaginable levels of bull-fucking-shit I might just choose to be 'vaccinated' and hope that it does the job quickly.” 😡

But seriously (not that the above isn’t), i came across Gonzalo Lira recently in the screwtube, who’s a Chilean living in Ukraine, and does live-streams providing factual information on the current geopolitical bullshitism. He has a channel called Coach Red Pill (as well as the already mentioned eponymous channel) and here is a short sample:


He’ll probably get kicked off screwtube soon, though.

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Me 3 years ago:

"Governments wouldn't adopt energy policies which would result in the impoverishment of their own people and severe hardship and arrested development in emerging economics"

2 years of covid later

"Oh yeah they totally would"

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The same people who were terrified of Covid are now blithely and cheerfully risking a nuclear war. Logical thinking is evidently not their strength.

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