I will forego my typical shtick and be direct. This might be the most important piece you have authored. The puffery about the "Delta Variant" is so banal as to insult a moron's intelligence. One might conclude, on that basis, that Shaman Fauci is exactly the right person to convey it on TV. (Wait, I said I would be serious...) Anyway, great stuff, Bad Cat. Thanks.

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Look at this, a tweet about CDC considerations regarding vaccines and myocarditis/pericarditis. IMHO, this is a complete joke; why people are listening to them:


And take a look at this data from England regarding the Delta variant:


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Very sobering. Biologist Bret Weinstein had Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA vaccine technology) on his podcast along with Steve Kirsch, who is spearheading an investigation into vaccine harms. Youtube yanked it but you can find it here: https://odysee.com/@BretWeinstein:f/how-to-save-the-world,-in-three-easy:0?fbclid=IwAR2ID_kkQDwMLejCnTTFtr-GWkYF0kYLS-733t6BWxc19vhOesS8aXpZtF8

If you have a family member and/or friend who is dead set on getting the vaccine and are worried about them, it's a good discussion to point them to. Steve Kirsch is rather hugh strung, but both scientists are very precise and careful in their speech. (The video clocks in at over 3 hours, but it is worth the watch.)

And considering the treatments that are available, pushing vaccination is not even sensible. Evil people are at the helm, that's for sure.

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“ you lied and lied and then lied about lying” - that is a summary of CDC/NIH public policy in one sentence..

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So given the mountain of evidence presented herewith and the lengths that MSM and big tech go to to censor anyone who presents these data and facts, I must ask again, WHY? What is the end game? Is everyone in power in bed with big Pharma? Is it about control and one global party and currency? I really struggle with why this is happening for a virus that has a 99.5% survival rate

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That is the question. Who would do this and why?

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It’s a very good question, one I’m still wrestling with.

It’s impossible they didn’t know that gene based vaccines yielding variable expression of spike in random locations wasn’t going to happen. And that this alone is a double red flagged feature. Then there is the awful indicative data that some of these covid19 vaccines accumulate in ovaries & also raise an autoimmune response to placenta.

If the sole goal was to herd everyone onto vaccine passports for control, they could have used saline.

Toxicities are a major risk to their plan.


That purpose could be mass depopulation.

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If both of you will listen to the Stew Peter's Show, there are 5 video segments that he did with a whistle blower (same one that Lin Wood interviewed, see his telegram media). He tells Stew that Gates offered him (John the whistleblower, 1 Billion (not millon) dollars for the virus he had created. Gates intent was to kill us. Fauci tried to steal it. John destroyed everything because he knew they wanted to use it on humanity. Later they eventually had it made. Haven't you read any of Fauci's leaked emails? See the one on March 10th. It blatantly says even in the subject line of the "bioweapon" and how it was created. These people are truly satanists...killers...they really want to control and to depopulate. Hard to believe, but it's true. That's why they can lie so easily, they truly don't care if we live or die.

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Does the name "Delta Variant" make anyone else think of John Belushi/Animal House? In all seriousness though, this push to give children these vaccines scares me. My eldest just turned 11 and is thankfully not eligible, but we're kidding ourselves if we think they don't have their eyes set on young children and even babies. Sr. Gato, you focus quite a bit on the myocarditis issue, but have you looked into the reports of women and girls having menstrual issues (as well as quite a few anecdotes of miscarriages among pregnant women) after vaccination? I was listening to Trish Wood's podcast with Dr. Byram Bridle from Canada, and he talked about info that was received from data about the Pfizer jab obtained by the Japanese government. This analysis found evidence of the spike protein being found in all organs of the body, but particularly in ovaries and bone marrow. The former concerns me quite a lot, as we are giving this vaccine (and in the case of many universities, mandating it) in large numbers to women of childbearing age and younger with no idea of how this might affect their future fertility.

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there are a wide variety of issues here many of which we're just getting our first look at.

it will take years to characterize them.

there did seem to be some evidence that the s-1 spike protein being elicited by the mRNA vaccines was wind up preferentially in ovaries.

hard to see how that would be a good thing.

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I see various public health agencies putting graphics out that dismiss and brush away these concerns in a way that is frankly alarming. I know from various friends of mine that bleeding issues can be, and often are, signs that something more serious is afoot health-wise. And an 18-year old college freshman might not think too much of it until 10 years down the road when she wants to start a family by which time it might be too late. I hope I'm wrong and that my fears are misplaced, but the warning signs are there.

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Indeed. It’s unfortunate that the public doesn’t understand that one can’t prove a negative in a small underpowered study.

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It’s more than some evidence. Turns out that lipid nanoparticle formulations routinely accumulate in ovaries. It’s a well known under appreciated human health risk. The specialists in pharma knew this back in 2012. Yet they chose LNP in 2020.

Spike protein Gene based vaccines induce an anti-syncytin-1 antibody response. Induced anti immune attack on placenta isn’t ideal either.

Smear if you wish. I’m certain that the data is yelling contraindicated in females younger than menopause pending properly conducted reproductive toxicology.

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Data currently shows that the s-1 spike protein being elicited by the mRNA vaccines is winding up all over the body. Yes, hard to see that as a good thing, but hey, #InFauciWeTrust!

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The vaxx spike and the lipid nanoparticles. I refer you to my comment above.

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We now know that spike protein is the most dangerous part of the virus and can itself cause damage to the endothelial cells that line all lymph and blood vessels. This article claims that "the virus spike proteins...behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines" but provides no proof. They used to link to an article that claimed the vaccine encoded spike would stick to the cell membrane and could not enter the blood stream. This is not true.


Another recent study found vaccine-encoded spike in the blood plasma of 11 of 13 study participants for about two weeks after the first injection. Since viral antigens persist in the tissues for days, weeks, or months after an infection...we cannot say with any certainty that the vaccine-encoded spike was cleared from the bodies of these participants. We can only say the vaccine-encoded spike was no longer detected in the blood plasma.


We know that all C19 "vaccines" co-opt the cellular mechanism to produce the millions, perhaps billions, of viral spikes for an unknown period of time. Some estimates are as long as six months. There is exactly zero proof that the vaccine-encoded spike is any less virulent or dangerous that the wild virus spike.

We were told that the lipid nanoparticles in the mRNA "vaccines" do not leave the injection site. This is not true. A recent Japanese animal study of the Pfizer vaccine demonstrated that the lipid nanoparticles enter the blood and lymph systems and accumulate in the organs...especially the spleen, liver, adrenals, and ovaries. We have no earthly idea what the long-term consequences of that reality will be for the "vaccinated", especially for children.

This is the Japanese regulatory study on the pharmacokinetics of the Pfizer “vaccine”. Tables in English.



Here's a presser with Dr. Bridle last week. YouTube took down the original radio interview that blew up his life. He says the lipid nanoparticles used to deliver the mRNA to cells were designed to disperse in the body and cross they blood-brain barrier. They knew this could happen. They lied.


This is a link to his guide for parents..."COVID-19 Vaccines and Children: A Scientist’s Guide for Parents"


It's hard not to think this was intentional harm rather than incompetence and greed.

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Excellent post. Agree completely. Think depopulation is the only answer to all the data.

The Blair early BS about vaccine passports.

The repeated mendacious rubbish about “variants”, requiring boosters. This was talked up before the first clinical data in a vaccine was available.

We’ve all seen images of the digital certificates, containing up to 8 slots to record vaccination. They plan to inject everyone repeatedly. Immunologists know for sure that if these vaccines work at all, there’s no way immunity decays in 6mo & that new variants are different enough to require redirecting immunity.

No. The only thing which fits is intentional depopulation.

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Also, with apologies for double-replying, Dr. Malone explained that the vaccine-encoded spike definitely does *not* stick inside the cell membrane. Hence, it being found all over the body.

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...not sure incompetence and greed are truly incompatible with intentional harm. #YMMV

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Intentional harm as a byproduct of incompetence and greed, yes. But intentional harm as a goal?

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The big players behind the vaccine push also want to depopulate the planet......

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Thank you for asking this question. I have been curious about this too.

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Appreciate the effort you're putting in.

However, really seems like the numbers are wrong.

- The chart says that 0.7 required medical care and that 0.2 required hospitalization. (You say it was 0.7).

- That number seems high, too. The powerpoint (#12) says that 144/6M and 790/21.6M doses produced severe reactions. Those are incredibly small numbers, way less than 0.7.

- Then you compare 0.7 to the population hospitalization rate for covid. Doesn't seem like a valid comparison.

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yes, i saw that earlier and corrected it.

does not change the conclusions meaningfully, but we should all be making an effort to keep the data accurate and clean, so appreciate the note.

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This is all quite easy to explain if you want to go into full-on conspiracy mode. Tinfoil hat: on! Of course they are trying to make thinking folk lose all confidence in public health! That way, when they release the real killer pathogen, we will all ignore anything they say/do. Easy way to get rid of us all and leave just the most compliant of sheep standing. Tinfoil hat: off.

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The dissident doctors and scientists who have been warning about the jabs, most of whom are independent or retired, are very concerned about the possible longterm effects: Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE), autoimmunity, and neurological diseases.

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What is ADE?

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Antibody-dependent Enhancement is when a subsequent infection is made WORSE than it otherwise would have been due to the presence of antibodies from a vaccination against a "cousin" of the new infection. (At least that is the best I can do!) This interview, by the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology covers a ton of that ground. Link: https://odysee.com/@MartaGB:2/RobertMalone:1?fbclid=IwAR2PQkHprYJEkigshPOjvRYpGxNZSOXWPbvgRH7ubObND0P1ODezUvbkMlg

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Thanks. I have heard animals with these vaccines die when exposed to live virus. I bet they will blame those deaths on the unvaccinated. They are already setting that up by saying the “hated” groups—Republicans, evangelicals, rural people, southerners are vaccine hesitant.

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If I sleep in my tin-foil hat, is that a bad sign? #AskingForAFriend

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Not anymore it ain't.

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imagine if they were honest. ha ha ha. everyone now thinks this is far deadlier and worse. they'll keep testing. they won't stop. ever. this is 100% fundamental destruction of society and we can o nothing.

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Your point is made, but isn't 0.01% = 1 in 10,000, not 1 in a million? Am I misreading this? Vax is still a factor of 10 higher, so no problem with your overall argument.

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This is really good. Thank you.

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Thanks gato, another great article!

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On the bar chart where it says "0.2% medical care in ED/hospital" rate for 12-15 year olds after Dose 2 -- what's the difference between that and the bar just below it where it says 0.7% required medical care?

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Per CDC, 1968 adolescents and children age 5-17 were hospitalized for C19 from January 1, 2020 through June 12, 2021.


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Is it possible to get the variants of concern data and hospitalization rates from the CDC as well? It would be nice to counter the hysteria using all of their own data. I know, I know, do it myself. I've poked around a little, but I lack the skill and expertise of others around here.

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I don't know if CDC is doing the genomic studies that PHE has done. I wrote this about a week ago...'cause I knew it was only a matter of time before "public health" and the media used the Delta variant to scare parents into the jab.

SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England/Technical briefing 15/June 14, 2021

This report from Public Health England shows an increase in the spread of the so-called Delta variant (formerly known as the Indian variant). This variant now accounts ~91% of the cases in the UK.

You will hear that the C19 "vaccines" are very effective at reducing hospitalizations for this variant.

What you won’t hear…the fully vaxxed have a lower chance of infection with the Delta variant but a much higher chance of dying when they do as compared with unvaxxed.

As of 6/7/2021...

Unvaxxed: 19,573 cases/23 deaths/0.1175%

All Vaxxed: 9344 cases/19 deaths0.2033%

Partially Vaxxed: 7559 cases/7 deaths/0.0926%

Fully Vaxxed: 1785 cases/12 deaths/0.6722%

As of 6/14/2021...

Unvaxxed: 35,521 cases/34 deaths/0.0957%

All Vaxxed: 17462 cases/37 deaths/0.2097%

Partially Vaxxed: 13,555 cases/11 deaths/0.0812%

Fully Vaxxed: 4087 cases/26 deaths/0.6362%

If you are fully vaxxed, you may have about a 50% reduction of risk of infection with the Delta variant…but you have a much higher risk of death with breakthrough infection.

As of June 14…those who are fully vaxxed have a 6.65 times higher death rate with breakthrough infection with the Delta variant when compared to unvaccinated who are infected with the Delta variant.

As of June 14, 2021…according to Public Health England…there were twice as many infections in the unvaccinated and three fewer deaths (34 versus 37).

We don’t know the age demographics of those who became infected from all cohorts (unvaxxed, partially vaxxed, fully vaxxed).

We don’t know the breakdown of “vaccines” taken by the vaxxed.



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FYI, a new PHE report should drop tomorrow.

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the fraud in chief would nuke the usa official child abuse on mengele level is par.

idnk biden would be like xi and putin the only other people in the world that have conditions on which they would nuke the usa.

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Xi won't nuke the US because he wants our farmland. Putin might nuke the US because Xi want our farmland, though.

Sorry. Dark times call for dark humor.

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