did a chinese scientist file patent for covid-19 vaccine in feb 2020?

because if these claims are true, it looks like we got played

today’s headline (SOURCE)

OK. let’s start with the obvious: this is “the daily mail” a paper more famous for ladies with their kit off on page three than its hard hitting investigative journalism.

BUT, let’s also add the less obvious: the mail has been standing conspicuously tall of late and actually, wait for it, doing and sharing investigative journalism and breaking and publishing actual news on covid while other mastheads have been acting like some sort of praetorian guard for government narrative.

so, on balance, i’m inclined to at least trust them enough to give them a good listen with an open mind. their source appears to be “the australian” newspaper.

“Yusen Zhou, who worked for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), lodged the paperwork on behalf of the Chinese political party on February 24 2020, according to The Australian newspaper.

so, zhou who:

  • was a top military scientist in china

  • worked closely with the wuhan institute of virology including “batwoman” zhengli

  • filed a patent on a covid 19 vaccine in feb of 2020

  • then died in “mysterious circumstances” in may 2020

i mean, this is starting to sound like a setup for a grisham novel: “the bat-woman brief” in theaters this summer!

the NY post is running this same story including the patent filing. that said, it does not look independently sourced. they too cite “the australian” as the source on the patent and TA is paywalled so i have not read it. (if anyone has the story, drop me a line in the comments)

this feels like an issue worth getting to the bottom of because:

if this patent was filed in february of last year, then it invalidates a massive amount of what china was saying.

there’s no way they got this done in less than 3-6 months (without a big headstart) and this means (if this filing is validated) that they were clearly working on a vaccine back in 2019 and so clearly knew a lot more about this virus than they were letting on and were, in fact, flat out lying about human to human transmission and suppressed information on the impending pandemic back when it might have actually been useful.

additionally, (again, presuming this is true) the speed of vaccine development would seem to bolster the case for a lab escape origin theory as it’s easier to develop if you’re already familiar with the virus and the alterations.

and the plot has certainly thickened on that one. this piece in the WSJ has certainly added some provocative data:

from some credible sources.

as not many have the patience or inclination to dig through genetic structures, the gist is this:

  • genomes are a blueprint to make proteins

  • there are 64 3 letter words that code for 20 amino acids so some duplicate

  • there are 6 ways to code for arginine, an AA commonly used in GoF “hotwiring”

  • the specific site that “supercharges” a coronavirus if it double codes for arginine has the code CGG-CGG in covid-19

  • this combination has NEVER been found naturally in any coronavirus. ever.

  • but it is a combination commonly used in labwork

  • this makes the likelihood of natural occurrence from mutation vanishingly low

    text from WSJ here:

this was, frankly, a little outside my wheelhouse, so i consulted with a long time gato-pal who is a world class expert on genetics and used to work with the human genome project.

his response follows:

“Single stranded viruses avoid CGG CGG codons as they are notorious for forming super G complexes. 

Basically, alternative DNA Helixes like reverse knots in your helical phone cable.

The virus does make dsRNA in the form of sgRNA and these secondary structures get nastier.

The random frequency of any 6mer is 4^length.

So 4^6 =1 in 4096 by random chance but you’ll see these are almost never seen in 30,000 letter Coronaviruses as they aren’t random.

Highly likely it’s a lab escape but this often misses the point that they were playing with legos our immune systems were familiar with. There is similarity to OC43, HKU1, etc...

Many people obfuscate the lab escape to the weapon release hypothesis but it’s pretty impotent weapon compared to their narrative control and social media weapons.”

this has a couple key takeaways:

  1. coronaviruses do not make CGG-CGG codons. it’s literally like your phone cord tying itself in a knot that goes against the twist. it’s faintly possible, but so improbable as to be an outlandish corner case. it’s counter to base assumption.

  2. this does NOT look like a weapon. if it were, they’d have picked something for which there was not already widespread immunity. this was made from “legos” our immune systems are familiar with. that’s consistent with research on disease prevention, not bioweapons.

this, of course, also dovetails neatly into the sudden ability to file a patent on a vaccine:

if you were studying this virus to head off potential future evolution (there are other, more plausible ways it could have evolved to code for double arginine) then you might well have been working on vaccines and cures at the same time.

this virus also seems to have emerged in a highly optimized form which has raised further suspicions.

and perhaps most suspicious of all was the total narrative blackout imposed from the top down in the US and abroad. fauci and daszak and all the other foxes got together in an awfully big hurry to call this impossible and describe any effort to assess lab leaks as an origin as a conspiracy theory. they took over every investigation and investigatory agency and turned them away from shining light here.

why would they orchestrate so vast a coverup where there had been no crime?

and that story keeps getting worse. it looks like fauci was saying one thing in private and another in public. he knew he was lying to the public and as a big proponent of GoF research and a literal funding source (via daszak) of such work at the WIV that may have been the leak source certainly had incentive to lie. this idea that “later research dispelled concerns” appears to be a full blown fabrication, especially in light of claims like those made by quay and muller.

like so many things around covid, public pronouncement of “the science” did an abrupt 180 without any data to support such a volte face. political calculation drove science instead of scientific calculation driving political policy.

the issue is that we’re never likely to have a full blown “smoking gun” like a whistleblower or some scientist that comes forward to talk about getting splattered with blood or seeing infected animals mishandled. it’s china and it’s been 15-18 months. that ship long since sailed, was sunk, and hidden in an uncharted sea trench.

this is going to be a mosaic approach. it’s going to be about fitting pieces together and zeroing in on the most plausible narrative and the picture here is starting to really come into focus. if this patent filing proves out as real, it likely provides a big connector piece. at that point and in light of the genetic and conspiratorial data, it would push me over into saying “lab escape is definitively the high probability scenario.”

so, let’s keep an eye on this issue and see how it plays out. it’s only been a couple of weeks in which it’s even been OK to look into these issues without being attacked from all sides and gaslighted and censored into oblivion and look how much has emerged.

imagine if we’d been able to have this conversation last march…

but as fear fades and rationality returns, the reckoning comes.

better late than never.