I suggest you all read The Ethical Skeptic. He has checked some Chinese data (CO2 output) and found out that CO2 emissions were lower than usual during certain periods, starting 2018. But here's the thing: the reduction in emissions highly matches with Hope-Simpson patterns regarding influenza-like-illnesses. So the suspicion is that China was dealing with...something...He has also noted that countries within the Chinese sphere of influence has now been hit less hard than the rest.

Also, add the fact that there were already around 13 (I don't remember the exact number) SARS-CoV-2 sequences circulating in China in December 2019 (consider coronaviruses are pretty stable - they don't mutate as fast as influenza viruses).

Also, China reported a huge increase in "influenza deaths" during 2018 and 2019:


And finally, I've read a lot of anecdotal experiences where people stated they think they got hit by covid...before it was detected. Or that they got hit hard with the "flu" around late 2018 and/or 2019.

Looks like the virus was already circulating way before 2020.

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I think there is little doubt that "we were played." Something I'm wondering as I see all of this focus upon the funding and lies surrounding Fauci and the lab-leak theory; what of the other aspects such as lock-downs, masks, social distancing, and misuse of testing devices? Is all of this simply a move to knock out the foundation underlying so much of what occurred in bad policy for the past 14 months, or is it a way to distract the public away from the bad policies and those responsible by focusing solely upon Fauci and Wuhan?

My guess is that Fauci will be the Establishment's sacrifice in order to preserve their gains in authoritarian public policy and all of the damage they caused.

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https://twitter.com/EthicalSkeptic has been presenting evidence for a long time that the virus started circulating in China in 2018. He graphs data that shows declines in Chinese production and carbon emissions and growth of mutations that back up his point. He has also compared the comparatively low recent Sars-Cov-2 infection rates in countries with strong Chinese interactions (Asian countries, Australia, NZ and the central African countries) with high flu rates 2018/2019. Kevin McCairn is an excellent source for understanding how the Sars-Cov-2 has been modified.

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The paper "more famous for ladies with their kit off on page three than its hard hitting investigative journalism" is called The Sun, not The Daily Mail

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Potentially related: in Amendment 6 of the confidentiality agreement between the NIH and Moderna, signed January 22, 2020, language with respect to what the agreement covered changed to include specifically for the first time picocorona viruses. As well, for the first time, language was added to include "the design and manufacture of a messenger RNA platform and messenger RNA constructs related to the diseases referenced in this Section". this last clause had not been present in any of the previous amendments and the timing of the addition along with the specific addition of picocorona viruses struck me as unusual. Particularly seeing as MERS, influenza and Ebola were already named in previous amendments.

Also curious is the timing of the Material Transfer Agreement to transfer material jointly owned by NAIAD and Moderna to the University of North Carolina, signed December 16, 2019, to perform mRNA challenge studies where the entire research program section of the agreement is redacted.

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I'm not sure if the virus was circulating for two years or six months before it broke free, but I'm convinced the CCP seeded the world deliberately. They were still claiming no H2H transmission in mid January 2020. They stopped travel from Wuhan within China while millions of Chinese citizens traveled to the US and Europe. By the time Trump shut off the spigot, the virus was already here.


IMO, there is no doubt this was deliberate. Whether the CCP wanted to spread the pain or weaken the rest of the world, I cannot say.

Regardless of the origin of SARS-CoV-2, though, the facts remain. This virus isn't that dangerous, and they knew that early on. The PCR test is bogus and designed to generate false "case" and death data. Two off-patent drugs on the WHO's list of essential medicines (with long and well-understood safety records) that are effective against this virus were suppressed. Doctors were threatened with loss of license and prison for prescribing them. Pharmacies were prohibited from filling prescriptions. One HCQ plant had a mysterious fire. Two precursor plants also had accidents. Useless masks were mandated. And now we're being told we all must take the experimental genetic therapy...even infants...to be safe from a virus with an IFR of 0.15%.

None of this makes sense.

If Fauci and his bois were trying to hide their involvement in the creation of this virus...if they were trying to protect grant money and reputations and the ability to make frankenviruses going forward...why would they exaggerate the threat? They wouldn't.

We don't yet know the full story.

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I am not a scientist, so I can't comment on that aspect, but as someone who has not enjoyed the last year and a half of craziness, I find one bit of karma comforting if Fauci and his partners in crime are ever made accountable: The way Fauci et al. "counted" COVID deaths to inflate the number and scare the bejeezus out of people, and the fact that we can now hang those deaths right around his neck. It will be entertaining to say the least to see them suddenly remember the difference between "with" and "of."

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Hoping the administration's select committee to investigate will not turn out to be a whitewash but, expect the temptation to synthesize a Muelleresq cover will prove irresistible.

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Aw, Gato, that's the Sun with the Page 3 lovelies! The DM is a *slightly* more upscale tabloid. Think celebrity gossip and Royal Family articles aimed at middle ages women.

Other than that, great article!

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Development of the Chinese vaccine began 4 January 2020. Alina Chan (@Ayjchan) pointed this out on teh twitterz, and you can verify for yourself at the link below (with the help of a translator site unless you are fluent in Chinese). Now that I think about it, I probably should save this article. Anyway. The relevant section reads

"Before we got the vaccine clinical trial approval on April 12, we fought day and night for 98 days." Recalling this time, Zhang Yuntao, vice president of Sinopharm Group China Biotechnology Co., Ltd., called it a "combat state."

So, 98 days before 12 Apr is 4 Jan. Sinopharm was on an emergency footing from 4 Jan to deliver a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.

Cite URL: http://www.takungpao.com/news/232108/2020/0417/438408.html

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ars cov 1 instigated a lot of vaccine r&d, the scarcity of cases made it both unprofitable and hard to do tests. maybe helped get eaarly vaccines

i have small exposure to darpa in non medical r&d, darpa had pandemic prevention platform (ppp) overarching rapid development of antibodies and vaccines. moderna on contract since 2013 with darpa on mrna therapy or vaxx.

what benjamin said on ethical skeptic theorize over last few years carbon output dipped beyond random.... maybe china had two waves before they let the wuhan hit out to the world.

that theory makes a lab leak seem minor....

prc nationals all over the world in jan feb 2020!

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"To understand how US imperialism works to create pretexts for war and attempt to deflect away from its own criminal activity, it is instructive to remember the case of “yellow rain” in the 1980s.

The “yellow rain” campaign began in 1981, when then Secretary of State Alexander Haig gave a speech to the Berlin Press Association on September 13, where he alleged that the Soviet Union was supplying mycotoxins to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for use against pro-US insurgencies and of employing the same toxins in Afghanistan. Haig claimed, “We have now found physical evidence from Southeast Asia which has been analyzed and found to contain abnormally high levels of three potent mycotoxins—poisonous substances not indigenous to the region and which are highly toxic to man and animals.”

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We may never get a "smoking gun" but maybe Yusen Zhou got to be the first vaxx victim by jumping the gun.

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I favor the hypothesis that the virus was intentionally released by globalist elites as part of undeclared warfare on 99.99% of humanity. It is a low-lethality component of a multistage bioweapon. Its purpose is to provide pretext for totalitarian surveillance and control and to engender fear. I suspect the vaccines are the plausibly deniable high-morbidity bioweapons, designed to decrease fertility and life expectancy. A slowly acting bioweapon is less likely to awaken the masses before it is too late. I suspect mass depopulation, sterilization, and permanent world dictatorship are the agendas here. Dr. Kory and FLCCC argue that ivermectin is a useful prophylactic and mitigation, even in the vaccinated. He seems highly credible to me.

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I suppose we have to accept accidental lab leak is now highly probable. But to continue fighting a rearguard action, I submit the following logic against the hypothesis:

1) The proximity of a state-of-the-art virology facility close to the outbreak is a due to the warp speed genomic sequencing of the virus (within 13 days). If the pandemic had been triggered anywhere else in the world, it would probably have been unnoticed as it would have merged into the viruses occurring seasonally.

2) This was a panicdemic rather than a plandemic as evidenced by Ai Fen, Li Wenliang, Zhong Nanshan, Bruce Aylward.... misdiagnosing Covid-19 as SARS.

3) The warp speed development of a vaccine is a testament to the sophistication of The Wuhan Virology Institute rather than evidence of prior knowledge.

4)It's not a convincing argument that the furin cleavage site could not have come from nature because it's not there in identified coronaviruses up till now. The sample size of 7 coronas identified so far is simply too small to be significant.

I did say that this was a rearguard defence of nature, but that's what Popper said we should do. Falsify, falsify, falsify.

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