no no and no...if I am resigned to drive and not be "allowed" to enter certain venues, so be it. I will adapt and still be happy.

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And they kept saying it was just another conspiracy theory...

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I have really come around on this whole vaccine card/ID idea. At first I was pretty laissez-faire and against the vaccinated having to prove their status but now I think it should be mandatory for cultists to publicly self-identify.

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Oh my. You’re right. It’s like we’re cattle. People don’t get what a bad idea this is. Though our Fitbits and Apple Watches track us. (Military told people to stop wearing Fitbits because they could be tracked.)

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I know you're having a bit of fun. But I'm pathologically serious, so...did you see the study that Berenson tagged regarding vaccine-encoded spike protein found in the plasma of 11 of 13 study subjects? Kind of a big deal. One more bit of info to drop on the sheep to wake them from their kool-aide stupor.

From an email I sent to family members...

The Salk study showed that the spike protein itself was the cause of the weird, unexpected cardiovascular symptoms with coronavirus infection. It has the ability to damage the endothelial cells that line blood and lymph vessels.

They claimed the wild virus spike proteins "behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines", but they offered no proof.


I did read a convoluted explanation by a shill for Pharma that claimed the vaccine spike proteins were presented to the cell surface (imo, a recipe for autoimmunity) and did not circulate in the blood. Turns out, they were wrong.

Yes, this study is small, but it's very well done. 11 of 13 participants had detectable vaccine-encoded spike protein in their plasma for weeks. This needs to be investigated.


Unlike the virus itself, the mRNA nanoparticles don't need the ACE2 receptor to enter cells. They can enter any cell. They can also pass through the blood-brain barrier, which the virus cannot do.

Viral proteins/antigens can persist in the tissues for days, weeks, even months after an infection has cleared. Since the spike protein can cause damage to endothelial cells, imo, this may explain long covid symptoms. (As a person with two autoimmune conditions, I've never dismissed the syndrome). I've read and heard that some doctors/scientists believe this virus spike protein "sticks" to the tissues better and longer that other coronavirus spike proteins. They are concerned about the implications for the persistence of vaccine-encoded spike proteins in the body tissues. In other words, even if the vaccine-encoded spike protein is no longer detectable in the plasma, it may persist in the tissues for a very long time. Some think it might persist for years.

If I find any documentation on this particular concern, I will pass it along.


It's as though half the country, half the world, joined a cult. They need to be deprogrammed.

People will resist the idea they've been played for fools. So drop the hammer. Hard.

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Would be interesting if it backfired and made the wearers targets. Might be a good SciFi film.

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