flip flop fauci and the origin of covid

anthony finds himself, once more, one another side of an issue

over the last 18 months, fauci has flip flopped on so many issues that it’s honestly baffling that anyone listens to this man anymore.

here’s the latest: after getting caught lying to congress a couple weeks ago about the NIAID (that fauci runs) funding gain of function research on viruses at the lab in wuhan that many have posited that covid19 escaped from, the feckless faucher is on the pivot again:


this is quite an about-face from what he was saying a year ago when it was time to play political ball and both cover this up and do political harm to the orange fella in the white house.

but don’t take my word for it, take his:

so, seriously, can we please stop listening to a syllable this laughable weather vane of a political panderer utters? (much less lionizing him) he’s been on every side of every issue from day one. masks, lockdowns, cruises, schools, travel bans, origins. if i had a nickel for every glaring position reversal based on nothing but political expedience, i’d have enough for busfare to send him to darkest siberia where he (presumably) could do no more harm.

fauci has not been right, moral, or “on the side of science.” he’s a nakedly brazen politician adopting whatever stance gets him power and patronage.

there is a reason this meme is so hilariously funny.

remember it and forget about facui. he was never worth your time.