People who believe in climate models are even more dense than those who believe covid models. Its the same secular cult. PS Minor misspelling in that diagram.

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I, a pissed off medical student, wrote about this a couple weeks ago in much less technical terms.


The main argument for vaccine efficacy historically was “there once was a horrible disease and now there’s not”. This assumption lead to the grandfathering of the COVID vax into the group of historical successes without any reflection on the reality of COVID trajectory. And obviously it’s even worse in counties like Australia and New Zealand with almost all mortality coming after the mass vax campaigns.

The predominant narrative at my medical school is vaccines = good so this vaccine = good and more doses of this vaccine = more good. That’s what 60k/year will get ya

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These people are not this incompetent. This is intentional deception. This has been the case since the start of the plandemic.

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How do we break this news to Neil deGrasse Tyson?

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Ask Sasha Latypova why the curve keeps bending.

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Be nice if this type of modeling helped my biz when doing our P&L's.

It would go something like this:

All that extra money I keep putting in the business, proves that my models are correct. If I want to stay in business I need to keep putting money into the business or I will go out of business.

When I run out of money, the modeling will account for it by eliminating liabilities from my balance sheet.

I'm still in business. So the models work!

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the vaxxes saved untold millions in the 4 weeks they worked in 2021 and in the 4 weeks after the sheep get their boosters.

no count just supposition. the sheep believe

and the vaxxed who lost to covid it was bc they got loose on virtue signaling. sheep know!

while none of the non covid excess deaths adding up to >>>1/2 a million a year are due to the vaxx bc no sheep believe it!

like climate dogma we have a cultish religion.

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I found a chart jester yesterday that tried to claim excess deaths in the UK weren’t rising at all - it was astonishing

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Maybe we should ask this guy : He knows everything there is to know .


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at to that what was known of ‘natural immunity’, at least by the Public Health Agency Of Canada (based on world wide evidence), in the fall of 2021... the evidence includes 82-99% protective immunity up to 13 months in one 5 nation 13 month long study:


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Since the article highlighted data for Massachusetts, I think everyone will be interested to see the incontestable evidence that John Beaudoin has gleaned from a very lucky strike via FOIA request which provided all the death certificate data from 2015 thru mid-August 2022 for MA.

This granular data overcomes the aggregation issues that have been used to obscure the reality that the vaccines are killing people. See this link I suggest starting from 22m in as the session is long.


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"playing games with extrapolated population counts"

There are Two Kinds of People:

1. Those Who Extrapolate From Incomplete Data Sets

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Spot on. Cat-egorically correct.

The evidence for the efficacy of GOD (the Goo of Deliverance) is simply not there when looking at population level data.

If GOD worked, the evidence would be poking your eyes out, like the prosthetic protuberances of school teachers in Canada. You'd have concussion from being slapped round the head as the great mammaries of effectiveness turned things around.

Instead, we have to rely on carefully curated and selected 'data' comparing the vaxxed and unvaxxed (with a certain vaxx-fluidity being definitionally built in). Even worse, we have to rely on incomplete and old data, because (for reasons *absolutely* nothing to do with the fact that GOD looks awful, of course /s) they've stopped publishing even the limited data they used to.

If GOD was so wonderful it would be ***obvious*** - and it's not.

If GOD was so wonderful they'd be letting the data do the talking.

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Plus, most places changed the definition of covid death in the spring of 2022 so that it looked like the vaccines weren't failing (as badly). If they used the old definition, then the line in 2022 would be even steeper.

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What happened in 2021 that caused influenza to mysteriously and miraculously disappear and then reappear for 2022 flu season gee wow

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“this is an unexpected and (obviously) unwanted result.”

Well, for us it is.

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