ignore the CDC. natural immunity matters

johns hopkins med school prof speaks truth. gets censored.

“tell me it’s 2021 without telling me it’s 2021…”

this was the interview from dr marty makary a professor at johns hopkins medical school. there is nothing remotely controversial about these statements, or at least, there was not until 2020-1. acquired resistance from having had a virus works as well or better than vaccination. those who recovered from SARS-1 still show robust immunity 17 years later.

yet now, saying this gets your interview taken down? why? this is literally the simplest, most basic bedrock immunological canon of the last 100 years. the resistant population = vaccinated + recovered. this idea that herd immunity comes only from vaccines is a preposterous new framing by the WHO/CDC etc. it does not and never made any sense at all.

and yet expressing a simple truth gets you censored. (SOURCE here. sorry, did not link in email)

i find it oddly dissonant that everyone who looks at fast and furious movie star cena’s groveling apology to china for the “wrongthink” of calling taiwan a country and says “what a total coward, he’s just doing this to save his finances around the movie release” (see huffpo here) then fail to make the jump to “wow, i’ll bet most scientists who depend on federal grants, labs at universities that depend on government funding, and bureaucrats at federal agencies for their jobs, budgets, and careers are just like this too!”

well, they are. it’s a whole ecosystem of kowtowing dependence. guys like fauci do not even try to hide their brazen weathervane status. the brave few like ionnaidas, levitt, atlas, kulldorff, gupta, have all been attacked, cancelled, de-platformed and lost speaking fees and even speaking rights for their courage. not even felines, the native species of the internet, were safe from de-catforming.

they are cauterized from public debate and from preventing from providing a rational alternative to the mandated narratives of our health mandarins.

fortunately, dr marty is also an editor at medpage today and thus has a platform of his own (at least so far) and has used it well.

THIS is a great interview.

and it covers not only immunity but treatment. and team marty, of which this gato is rapidly becoming a fan, has a lot of great stuff to say. they are team reality, team evidence, not team doctrine. here’s another view that will get you in trouble because it’s true: (racinello teaches immunology at mt sinai)

marty has been speaking about herd immunity by about now for months.

and the data is clearly backing him so far. (more HERE) cases are collapsing in to summer and hotspots are all but gone.

when did we become a society that censors good news and good science?

this has been a creeping wedge for some time, but wow did 2020-1 bring it to the fore. there is just no hiding the blatancy of it anymore. this went too fast. and perhaps this is a good thing.

perhaps this is the water getting hot too quickly that makes the frog jump out.

so, how about it?

at a certain point, one must ask some very pointed questions about “just what the hell is the agenda here?” because it’s certainly not “public health.”

at best it appears to be the crony capitalism of guys like gottlieb. at worst, the deep desire for vax passports as tools of social control and draconian public health powers to wield like a mace to bludgeon society into submission as they meld with social justice and ideas like “your protest is a public health menace while mine is good for society” through absurdist constructions like “systemic racism is a public health crisis” so 2 million BLM marchers in a pandemic are a net benefit while 50 people gathered to protest lockdowns a menacing disease vector that must be stomped out.

look amigos, if you can get away with definitions like that, you can get away with anything. it will turn public health prerogatives into a form of fascist societal control that will make the abuse of the commerce clause pale in comparison. it’s the lynchpin for a great reset to tie health and social justice and climate policy together into a WEF style edifice of complete social control by calling it all health and safetyism.

this was, for many in the west, the first real exposure to fascist overreach. it went pretty far pretty fast, huh? and lots of folks still seem to want to see it go further and faster.

this was the dose that can inoculate us or render us too weak to fight off the next disease. that choice is up to you.

learn from this and learn to fight it or learn to love the new normal because if we fail to fight, this illness will get much more severe and these will seem like the good old days.

we are society’s immune system and if we don’t fight off these social pathogens, nothing will. so stop obeying this nonsense, support those who have spoken the truth, and break the agenda of those who would hide it from you.

when was the last time you saw the side of censorship be the side of truth?