kitten corner: stanford prison experiment

so, we’ve been reading about the stanford prison experiment in kittengarten.

it was pretty upsetting!

a bunch of students were super mean to other students because they got given some bossypants prison guard authority and it got all out of hand.

Stanford Prison Experiment | Simply Psychology

but then some other people said that maybe the whole experiment was invalid because probably some of the experimenters might have egged the guards on and that this meant it was not realistic.

so, now that they have replicated it with a whole real-life prison island, do you think these folks should retract their criticism?

because it seems like maybe they should…

Lockdown protesters defy police in Australia | Cyprus Mail

also, i think maybe they let this one run on a little long.

did they not have any ethicists monitoring the study?

you’d think that after what happened last time they would have…

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