mABS shortages after the federal government takes control of allocation

who would have seen THAT coming?

last week, i spoke about the (initially) little noticed federal power grab over monoclonal antibodies, an effective anti-covid treatment.

certain internet felines were also heard to say:

because what was about to happen was like adding andy cuomo to the oversight board of your nana’s nursing home. if you did not see it coming, you were not paying attention.

and lo and behold, a mere ONE WEEK later, we’re already seeing dire results. details from gatopal™ @kerpen

and then:

and so:

and there you have it oh fans of public choice theory: once more political interference and adventurism into that which was working breaks the system and results in only 50% of previous treatment levels being available.

just wait until the stories crop up about some warehouse full of mABS dose packs found in new york, sitting unused. then you will truly see just how awful this plan was.

because when you add this:

you get this:

government would have bollocksed this up even with the best of intentions, and i very much doubt they had the best of intentions here.

odd that we are hearing about so many issues in FL (cut by half) and texas (struggling to get drug) and yet i have yet to hear a peep from california or new york.

US rep and stand up guy chip roy has been asking some pointed questions:

this is just the classic “hey, let’s try socialism/fascism to make sure everyone gets some!” fallacy. it NEVER works. the market signals are eliminated, availability drops like a rock, and political connection/ideological purity becomes the standard for access.

this is always the choice (and if you doubt me, try getting an MRI in canada. people literally try to sneak into vets to avoid the crazy waits)

this is the real choice that was proffered here. but note that it was not, in fact, a choice.

this was an offer we could not turn down. no one was allowed to say no because everyone would have.

and so now we have disrupted access to a potentially life saving medicine in a time of purported crisis because it’s more important to pander politically, strut like popinjays, and punish political enemies than to cure disease and save lives.

these are the same people forcing vaccine policies onto doctors and superseding their own medical judgement to an extent that it’s putting hospitals at risk of closure.

there is nothing they cannot and will not break if we let them.

crises are not too important to be left to the free market, they are too important NOT to be. if we’d left cell phone development to government, we’d still be using walkie talkies that cost $800 and were party line only.

remember that the next time someone says we need to regulate this or add oversight to that. this is where that always lands you.

and it’s inevitably an offer you are not allowed to refuse.