mandating vaccinations for domestic flights

assessing this new hot button issue

watching ashish jha, blight of the gato alma mater, wade into the debate on vaccine mandates for air travel and prove once more that schools of “public health" are the “biology for aggrievement studies majors” of the university systems cannot help but dishearten one.

it would be sad were it not so pernicious.

there has not been a single reported superspread on a plane. none. there have been about a zillion flights. so this, right there, seems a bizarre fight to pick. even his tweet seems to admit that this has not been a spread vector or a risk.

but he has a “story” that “confirms this need.”

it must be a heckuva story.

just what kind of story would make vaccine mandates needed on airplanes when it’s now a completely established fact that these are non-sterilizing vaccines? even the CDC threw in the towel on this in early august.

and we’ve had buckets of data since then that not only are vaccines non-sterilizing (unable to stop infection or stop spread) but that they are actually spread enhancing. the UK vaccine surveillance report is VERY clear on this. VE for cases is -60% in many age brackets.

this is data straight from their report and this is the rigged data that only looks at “fully vaccinated” people more than 14 days after their second dose and ignores the whole worry window after dose 1. reality is worse than this. but this is plenty bad all on its own…

i added VE’s in red. (under 18 should be broadly ignored as so few are vaxxed and the injected bias makes the data more artifact than signal, especially due to extreme testing rates among unvaccinated school (and college) kids. this renders 18-29 suspect as well. this really all needs to be controlled for tests per 100k by vaxx status.)

so, we have a vaccine that does not stop cases, almost certainly makes them worse, and yet jha wants to see it mandated for airplanes. whose interest could help but be piqued by this story of his?

me, i couldn’t wait!

this data was going to be a thing to see. i got myself ready, and i dug in.

and wow, what a disappointment. i expected a big-data epic.

instead, i got a small-man tantrum.

even gatito bueno said “jeez, there isn’t any data at all! this isn’t even science…”

being stripped of one’s childhood illusions is always hard. sigh.

this is what we got: a petulant craven with no faith in his own immune system, his own vaccination, or his own mask.

he’s just upset that some prole invaded his space (though admittedly, people who sing on planes are, indeed annoying) and wants to see such people excluded from air travel so he can only be surrounded by likeminded folks. (a trait as unfortunate and ugly as it is common among “the intelligencia”).

read it yourself. gauge for yourself what % of this is science and what % is “colicky baby.”

so, in the end, this is an argument about masks to stop an aerosol virus (and about demanding social obedience thereto) despite masks being one of the most conclusively disproven NPI’s in all of covid.

they do nothing to stop an aerosol. if they did, you would not be able to breathe.

masks as source protection is made up. there was never any real clinical evidence for it (in fact, that evidence refutes it), just nonsense studies with mannequins and straight ahead spread. for an aerosol virus. that comes out the edges of your mask. (if it didn’t, your mask would inflate)

VIDEO: Doctor Vapes Through Face Masks, Shows Thick Clouds Escape Through Sides, Bottom, and Top

and even tiny gaps mean the whole system is useless.

and virus lingers in the air for weeks before falling to the ground.

you might as well use a chain link fence to stop mosquitos.

we all knew masks did not work before this year. even the WHO knew.

and it’s been proven over and over.

the data is overwhelming.

the CDC has been caught lying and cheating in its studies over and over.

they admitted under FOIA that they lack a single RCT to support mask use for covid.

and the RCT’s refute them.

the bangladesh study was an absurd farce and so were its defenders.

and the petulance and entitlement just flows through the thread of jha. never does it even occur to him that people might make their own choices. he, for example, might choose not to fly. but no, the world must accommodate him and his cultivated fears, made up talismanic solutions, and the obeisance of the proles who annoy him.

this is the metier of the “educated elites.” doubting their own right to rule and to dictate never even enters their minds.

and yet it’s clear that jha, dean of the brown university school for public health, is woefully ignorant of the actual epidemiological salients here.

has he, for example, seen that these vaccines he want to mandate have negative expected all cause deaths value for people as a whole? they are associated with more deaths than they stop.

this is triple true for the young. kids face FAR worse risks than benefits from covid vaccines.

one is left in bewildered awe that a teacher of public health seems to both hate the public and know so little about health.

he’s pushing nonsense and wubbies in a fit of pique and virtue signaling to mask his emotional instability.

he’s a pompous politician, not a scientist. this is not data or science, it’s the vented spleen of a poorly calibrated crybully.

it has no place in medicine or public debate.

everyone gets annoyed on planes, but we all need to leave that crap at the airport.

i’m not generally in favor of going after individuals as opposed to their data, but both jha and his claims have been just awful from day one.

he’s a paid in full member of the wanna be elite talking point industrial complex annoyed at having to fly coach with the commoners. (pray you never sit up in the front of the plane with me, ashish. the debate you get will not go well for you and i have zero patience for charlatanical shills. also, i’d likely enjoy it immensely.)

there were never any breakouts on planes before masks either and LOTS of people were flying then. i was on several planes in feb and march of 2020. in feb, they were packed. the idea that masks fixed anything is a febrile hallucination.

the idea that vaccines would help is worse. (at least masks do nothing.)

it’s the air filters and circulation on planes. nothing else. never was. (and, the good news is nothing else was ever needed.)

this is a deeply stupid idea amounting to medical malpractice.

it’s clear none of this is about epidemiology. this is about power, status, and poorly controlled emotions.

how else can one describe a the imposition of a useless mandate to solve a non problem?