more evidence fauci, daszak, and the NIH are STILL lying about wuhan

this is past "smoking gun." this is a slow action wachowski headshot.

since the moment this all began (and likely quite a ways before any of us knew about it) fauci, the NIH, ecohealth (EHA), and a cast of who knows how many have been in full cover up and deny mode on what what happened and precisely who funded what at the wuhan institute of virology (WIV). and their claims keep falling apart as the facts come out.

this improbable pivot was one of desperation:

yes, we funded the gain of function research there, but we did not know it. “we wuz lied to.” EHA sucked up 10’s of million of government grants to do exactly this. everyone knew it. they were bragging about it openly.


so this idea that the NIH did not know strains credulity past the breaking point. and the NIH seems to know this. so they pivot to a new tale:

now, the people who have lied to us 100 times in the last 18 months, outright admitted that EHA was not filing the reports they should have, and that they need to provide information would have us believe that despite all this almost certainly deliberate avoidance of paper-trail, obfuscation, and outright deception, that

“oh no, the bat corona viruses we were hotwiring and ID’ing human binding affinity within in wuhan could not possible be the bat corona viruses with human binding affinity that LEAKED from wuhan. nosirreebob.”

and we know this because we empaneled the very perps accused of the crime to investigate it and this blue ribbon fox commission assures us there was no vulpine involvement in the henhouse murders. those footprints must be raccoons or something.

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Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs. Sachs is a former special advisor to the UN, the former head of the Millennium Villages Project, and was recently appointed Chair of the newly-formed EAT Lancet Commission on the pandemic. In September, Sachs’ commission named Daszak to head up its committee on the pandemic’s origins. Daszak is also on the WHO’s committee to investigate the pandemic’s origin. He is the only individual on both committees. “

this has not stood up well. note that in the wake of this dumpster fire of credibility incineration, mr collins has announced his retirement, perhaps to spend more time with his lawyers…

NIH/EHA is claiming this was all “an accident” and that the 1000-10,000X increases in viral load and human cross over they generated were “unexpected.”

and this claim is going to fare about as well as the past ones, because it too is obviously and laughably false. not only was daszak saying the exact opposite in public in 2019,

but now we get to the new smoking gun:

this clearly dates back to at least 2013. story HERE.

meet shi zhengli, aka “the bat lady” the head honcho of coronavirus research at the WIV. her 2013 annual report is a cornucopia of interesting revelations. her intertests include:

obviously, SARS-like COV has been quite the big thing of late. (but note “nipah virus” as well. file that away, data is still sparse, but you may be hearing a lot more about that in coming weeks.)

but back to smoking guns:

this is clearly just the work that could lead to covid 19. it’s the same work daszak was bragging about in late 2019.

the idea that this was somehow an accident is ridiculous. it’s obviously what they had been pursuing for years.

the idea that this exact roadmap somehow led to some other virus and that despite this looking like a duck, quacking like a duck, and having made piles and piles of little baby ducks, no way was what they had at wuhan a duck is just too much to swallow.

i mean, come on man…

to expect those who have done nothing but lie (and run a genuine, no kidding conspiracy to cover the lie) to suddenly be telling the whole truth about what gene strains they worked on in wuhan requires a special kind of gullibility.

“entirely and completely incorrect” is a phrase with pretty unarguable meaning. it’s tough to sustain when zhengli is using slides like this at the ESWI conference in 2020.

but hey, maybe they collaborated on something else?

oops, nope.

this was literally research into how to create deadlier variants of covid that could, within 2 weeks, kill 70% + of transgenic mice bred to have human ACE-2 receptors. this is the EXACT pathway used by SARSCoV-2 (covid 19).

but i’m sure this is just a coincidence.

hey, is lying to congress still a crime? (asking for a friend)

then watch as the rats scurry to get off this website. but the internet remembers…

we’re WAY past smoking gun here.

this is a slow action wachowski siblings video of the gun firing and the bullet in flight on its way to a point blank headshot. hell, you can watch the slide move.

it’s all over but the barking. the cover up has spiraled out of control and the truth is leaking out all over the place.

imagine how different the world might have been had we had media and politicians willing to dig and do their jobs last year. instead of having tony and co run riot over america with their self-serving pseudoscience, these people could have been run out of town on a rail.

it’s pretty obvious what these folks funded and even more so that they did it on purpose. daszak is clearly barking mad and spike protein obsessed. his research ideas are terrifying. (and these are the ones he put into writing. and you do not file a grant like this unless you have already done most of the work…)

some BIG questions remain. perhaps biggest among them is this:

what is the relationship between the mRNA vaccines that appeared so suddenly after this virus was allegedly first gene sequenced and this set of projects centered on and around wuhan?

because the speed of that development has always looked implausible (at best) and impossible (almost certainly).

no other mRNA vaccine has ever appeared in just a couple weeks. they take years (unless you were already way ahead on the work.) the payload for moderna came from the NIH. pfizer’s came from bioNtech, a tiny EU co that just happened to get a huge pile of bill gates money in the fall of 2019.

and even now, they cannot build a booster that’s based on delta. so how do you nail the first one in a couple weeks in two different places and then sit unable to to the next one anywhere on earth for 6-9 months?

there’s enough red yarn on this corkboard to get any kitten drawn into this mystery off for entrapment.

i suspect there is still A LOT more here.

let’s all keep pulling and see where this leads.