were some folks a little TOO prepared for this pandemic?

tinfoil cat: stringing some red yard on the corkboard

“tigger warning”: this piece contains both history and suppositional thinking. we’re definitely stringing some red yarn between thumbtacks on a corkboard of grainy black and white photos here. so let’s keep that in mind. i just happened to bang these rocks together while working on something else.

the year was 2017.

a kinder time.

a gentler time.

a time when a certain privately traded unicorn was running into some trouble…

so grab your tinfoil hats and settle in and let’s have a look…

at the time, moderna was a truly VC darling, the most highly valued company in biotech.

the problem? they technology was failing. bigly.

their shiny new mRNA technology was supposed to treat crigler-najjar syndrome. instead, it proved too unsafe to even begin human trials despite having picked a massively optimized target.

and so a pivot was planned into the backwater of vaccines, a notorious loss leader and graveyard of valuations. (my, how things can change)

now here’s where it gets just a teensy bit ominous.

the claims that the covid-19 vaccine was developed in mere days has always looked pretty implausible. that’s an AWFULLY compressed timeframe. years of work on these other targets has not even resulted in a product that has reached phase 3 and even p2 was pretty thin.

it’s also just the sort of thing that the silicon valley hucksters love to pretend they did. it makes them look like wizards and heroes. and we all know how much they LOVE to cultivate that image. lying to look like the smartest guy in the room is just silicon valley small-talk. the real pros will pull stunts you cannot even conceive, much less believe. (and yes, cambridge co’s can play this game too)

but perhaps there is a bit more to this behind the scenes.

perhaps, for example, bancel, the CEO and founder of moderna, used to run biomérieux, a company with strong ties not only to the the highest levels of the chinese government AND to the very P4 lab where GoF research on coronaviruses was funded by the NIH though peter daszak etc. and then so brazenly lied about.


we’re getting into somewhat circumstantial evidence here to be sure and i know of no direct ties between moderna and P4, but, there is certainly a fair bit of reason to be asking some fairly pointed questions. this kind of virology and immunology is a VERY small community within an already small and notoriously incestuous biotech community.

and they all seem tied in a variety of ways to wuhan.

it even seems to include such luminaries as aspiring james bond villainy, klaus schwab, head of the WEF who, in an odd coincidence or truly telling harbinger, held a large simulation exercise on pandemic response.

in late october.

in 2019.

now THAT is quite the co-ink-i-dink.

and goodness, look who else was involved:

lots of interesting quotes here:

“The world has seen a growing number of epidemics in recent years, with about 200 events annually including Ebola, Zika, MERS and SARS. At the same time, collective vulnerability to the social and economic impacts of infectious disease crises appears to be increasing. Experts suggest there is a growing likelihood of one of these events becoming a global threat – or an “event 201” pandemic – that would pose disruptions to health and society and cause average annual economic losses of 0.7% global GDP, similar in scale to climate change.”

"In this new era of extreme pandemic threat, public-private cooperation is essential for an effective response,” said Tom Inglesby, Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. “While governments and public health systems are already strained due to the increase in dangerous outbreaks, experts agree that a severe, fast-spreading human-to-human pandemic incident could happen at any time. We believe this well-crafted and thorough realistic tabletop exercise will provide leaders with a deeper understanding of the impact of epidemics on their communities and inspire them to take important steps to advance prevention and response.”

it’s worth noting that by most current thinking, the pandemic was already under way in china when this was held.

evidence shows that wuhan was experiencing the pandemic by late summer or early fall.

this “simulation” was held under the auspices of an organization (the WEF) that has ties to xi and to the folks who built lab P4. it was attended by the same people who rushed to the fore during the pandemic and gained massive prestige and profits. and these people were tied in many ways to the folks who would have known for real what was happening in wuhan.

something starts to smell fishy here, and it’s not the seafood market.

adding to this, the gates foundation made a killing on covid, some of it very suspicious in its timing. the BMGF has been a longstanding investor in pfizer. but look WHEN they bought biontech, the company that partnered with pfizer on the covid vaccine (bringing the key technology and know how).

and note the interesting and now badly dated whitewash in the article “well before the pandemic hit.” perhaps before it hit mainstream awareness, but this was likely after those “in the know in china” would have known that SARS-2 was loose. and this was an AWFULLY specific investment to make…

alone, having a wargame for the war that has, unbeknownst to most, already started, might raise eyebrows, but it might also be a coincidence.

but when the folks coming to that wargame have been making big bets on the kinds of weapons that that precise (and only that precise) sort of war would use, well, one might start to sharpen the points on one’s pointy questions.

just what was informing what here?

but it’s still a lot of circumstantial yarn.

but cats love yarn, so let’s jump back to moderna, as this will tie in a number of additional players.

moderna’s vaccine came from the NIH (to whom they pay royalties on it).

back in january of 2020, moderna was working with the NIH on zika and nipah (the bat virus that inspired the movie contagion).

suddenly an email from barney graham, director of vaccine research at NIH on january 6th led them to “design a vaccine in days” because “they had a head start on coronaviruses” through the team led by graham. (long walk through HERE)

now we’re at the NIH, the same folks that were funneling funding to wuhan for GoF on bat coronaviruses and watching them reach out to folks they are already doing bat virus vaccine work with. and look who gets added to the dramatis personae:

note the careful framing here. “hey, let’s just see if it can be done.”

this happened 4 days before there even WAS a gene sequence to work with (at least publicly)

but also note the players. fauci was neck deep in wuhan. he was a long standing proponent of GoF and had funded that very lab to to work on bat viruses.

and suddenly, sleepy moderna, a hype factory without a product to its name and that used to elicit such broad criticism for theranos-like secret data that even “nature” called it “not fit to print”, leaps to the fore in days with a product for just the emergency at hand despite having never managed to produce another vaccine in the 4 years before because “the NIH just happened to have one laying around?”

this begins to strain credulity. badly.

12 days after the gene sequence was available, they were producing a vaccine? um…

this starts to raise some interesting questions about what that secret fourth project was. we have a company, working with the NIH on bat borne diseases, suddenly near instantly create and begin to produce a vaccine for a hotwired bat virus using their modality and a payload that just happened to fit it like cinderella in a slipper.

this makes me wonder about just what sort research was already well underway at NIH and likely at moderna as well.

and this is all coming right after a “war game” played out by the WEF and the gates foundation for precisely this sort of pandemic and after gates made an investment in the company that would provide the technology for the pfizer vaccine to treat a pandemic already underway (but not popularly known to be).

there are an AWFUL lot of coincidences here.

let’s be clear: i do not for a moment believe this virus was deliberately released to sell vaccines and take over the world.

no one is that stupid, reckless, and amoral. (no, not even these guys)

but what i am coming to strongly suspect is: the same people working on coronavirus gain of function (probably as a form of immunology study and possibly vaccine research) wound up getting a heads up from wuhan/NIH/etc that SARS-2 was loose. they had the ties, knew the people, and were already doing the research.

this put them in pole position for the race to the vaccine because they were the same people who built the racecourse.

stories like this are just too precious by half. i mean, we KNOW these people are liars. they have lied over and over right from the beginning. and this is a classic silicon valley style hype job. “world’s smartest guys solve world’s hardest problem!”

you have to admit, it’s a much better headline than “naughty child playing with matches claims credit for putting out part of the raging forest fire he started and gets filthy rich by doing so.”

i doubt that moderna or pfizer or biontech were actually doing or funding research in wuhan. they are not that crazy nor careless. BUT, i do suspect both were aware of it through NIH pals and their euro equivalents. everyone at the core of these industries keeps an eye on whoever is doing the “neat stuff” (especially the “naughty stuff” that can only be done one place)

i’m really struggling to believe this got done that fast without a BIG head-start. none of the other mRNA projects have worked like this. it’s not some fundamental property of the medium.

i suspect there is a helluva story (or a visit form the black helicopters one night) for a journo really willing to dig into just how this mRNA tech arrived just in time in 2 separate places, both tied to folks tied deeply to wuhan.

was moderna a biotechnology launderer for the NIH?

even john grisham would sit slack-jawed in awe at this plotline.

so look, maybe it’s something, maybe it’s a lot of provocative nothing in a small world social graph. but it sure looks like fertile ground for more digging and it does not require a grand conspiracy, just a bunch of folks who has been working on some dangerous stuff all acting in their best interests and on non-public knowledge it’s quite likely they had.

i wonder if the true story will ever be written.

i also wonder: