new york braces for massive healthcare worker shortage due to vaccine mandates

"trust the science but don't trust the doctors" is not much of a mantra...

watch as the new new york governor proves that there is no empire state frying pan so awful that there is not a fire you can fall out of into

“man, cuomo was THE WORST on covid.”

hochul: “hold my beer and watch this…”

this is way past kicking an own goal. this is weapons grade stupidity and an object lesson in the fact that there is no situation so bad that a determined government cannot make it worse.

this is an entirely politically made problem. this is what happens when you try to substitute the judgement of half smart politically captured bureaucrats playing “bigger hammer theory” to try to cover their posteriors that are now so openly in the wind for that of medical professionals.

“trust the science but don’t trust the doctors” is going to go down in history as one of the great public health farces in modern history.

a kitten could see this coming. (proof)

and NY is playing NASTY.

but the numbers are the numbers:

call any hospital, even a well run one, much less the basket cases in new york. ask them what losing 16% of their staff on one day looks like. ask a nursing home about 23%.

then ask yourself: do you really think governor “never elected” is qualified to supersede all their clinical judgements?

because this is as deeply ugly as it is entirely avoidable.

and winter is coming. and the numbers so far do NOT look good.

and it’s not like NY had any extra margin to play with. their hospitals are teetering on the edge of disaster already and have been for years.

so yeah, fire the whole starting offensive line the day before the playoffs. great plan!

then put the call out for anyone who can fog a mirror to come help.

because THAT worked super well last time. (when you had a bunch of unqualified people running ventilators and killing people in droves.)

seriously, how can anyone with more than 3 brain cells cluttering their cranium mistake this for public health?

wow. just wow.

you think you’ve seen peak stupid, but you never have. there is always another level.

and the help is not coming. no one wants to work at hospitals like this. they want to work where they are respected.

care to make a wager on the relative movement of doctors and nurses and skilled techs from new york to florida vs the other way around?

because i’m making book, but only from one side.

and meanwhile the NY medical folks are all doing this:

and they’re not coming back if you chase them out AND deny them unemployment.

people don’t forget things like that.

it will not be covid causing this debacle. it’ll be government.

don’t let them forget it.