The latest Public Health England technical report dropped today...

SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England/Technical briefing 22/September 3, 2021

Public Health England reports that Delta is the dominant variant in the UK. This variant accounted for 99% of sequenced and 98% genotyped cases from July 25 through July 31, 2021 in England (PHE technical briefing 20/August 8 ). PHE has not updated this data since.

PHE last reported the Delta variant Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of ~0.2% - 0.3% in early July (PHE technical briefing 18/July 9). PHE has not updated the CFR since.

PCR cycle threshold (Ct) values from routinely undertaken tests in England show that Ct values (and by inference viral load) are similar between individuals who are unvaccinated and vaccinated.

Delta in England as of 8/29/2021...

Unvaxxed: 219,716 cases/536 deaths/0.2440%

Unvaxxed <50: 212,989 cases/99 deaths/0.0465%

Unvaxxed 50+: 6,724 cases/437 deaths/6.499%

Fully Vaxxed: 113,823 cases/1,091 deaths/0.9585%

Fully Vaxxed <50: 62,403 cases/37 deaths/0.0593%

Fully Vaxxed 50+: 51,420 cases/1,054 deaths/2.450%

50,119 Unlinked Infections

108,870 Partially Vaxxed Infections

113,823 Fully Vaxxed Infections

219,716 Unvaxxed Infections

Partially/Fully Vaxxed infections have surpassed Unvaxxed infections.

1.9 times more infections in Unvaxxed versus Fully Vaxxed.

(2.5 times more infections in Unvaxxed versus Fully Vaxxed as of August 15)

(3.2 times more infections in Unvaxxed versus Fully Vaxxed as of August 8)

~60.7% of deaths were in fully vaxxed.

~64.1% of deaths were in fully vaxxed 50+.

~68.6% of deaths were in fully/partially vaxxed.

555 more deaths of fully vaxxed than unvaxxed.

617 more deaths of fully vaxxed than unvaxxed in 50+ cohort.

697 more deaths of fully/partially vaxxed than unvaxxed.

745 more deaths of fully/partially vaxxed than unvaxxed in 50+ cohort.

We don’t have the prior health status of those who died in any of the cohorts.

We don’t know the breakdown of “vaccines” taken by the vaxxed.





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> politics has no place in medicine. none.

Agreed 100%. Sadly, it's deep in the scientific community. I believe science on public health matters cannot be trusted, as evidenced in the phony HCQ study (Surgisphere). "Peer review" means nothing any more.

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public health experts are not medical experts.

the inly medical expertise that matters to me is how my pcp interprets my symptoms, the quality of his referrals, and my history as well as my views on quality of life, that is between me and my pcp whom i will fire at the first irritation.

public health experts are politicians using faux authority and panic porn propaganda to push the end of the rights of man.

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When doctors traded that very expensive, hard to get credibility they got from med school for the credibility of Joe Biden.... I'd say that was a mistake. But, nevermind. I'm not a doctor so they know better than me.

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There are plenty of villains in this outstanding post but lets give special mention to Amy Siskind who spouts stupefying amounts of Pavlovian partisanship at any and all cost while at the same time pretending merely to be a equity-driven-justice-advocate-for-the-people. It's as if the entire DSM-VI were bundled in her cortex.

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So happy to be following you on substack! Really missed you on Twitter.

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If the government took over the food supply like it did in the Chinese and soviet societies we would soon all starve. When government takes over other areas of the society like education , banking, and healthcare and medical research, it takes much longer for the ROT to set in and for people to notice. But now its obvious to anyone with half a brain cell:

Every major public institution in the US is a failure

The post office, social security, medicare, SCOTUS, most of the judiciary, public schools, the healthcare system (70-80 percent controlled by government), the military, and of course , most importantly, the DOLLAR itself.

Real sound Money is always an everywhere free market phenomenon. There has never been a society or nation that existed on a purely Fiat currency that survived. Soon we are going to have if not hyper inflation then. An extremely high inflation and a dollar collapse.

I don’t think most people are prepared for how bad it’s going to get in the United States

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I love most of your posts and find them true sanity savers. But in this case, I'm puzzled. I truly don't see how you can decry the lack of public trust of authorities in the US in regards to Covid - you wish they'd hidden their lies and corruption more competently, so they'd have a larger percentage of united faithful followers?

From the perspective of a Canadian whose research finds a boatload of valid health reasons to refuse the corona-chan inoculation, I would rather our public trust in politicians and health bureaucrats was as much in tatters as in the US - I'd feel I stood a better chance of survival against the flood of living restrictions our authorities are slowly but steadily imposing, and know they can get away with imposing on such a compliant population.

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When you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas

When you lay down with politicians your reputation flees

Doctors have just joined the exclusive club of used care salesman, ambulance chasing lawyers and politicians

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The Russians have a healthy distrust of the government. Nothing like 70 years of tyrannical soviet rule to make one question government edicts and mandates.

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Love reading everything you write!

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“much of the rest of the world did not fall prey to this”

This sound like wishful thinking. I have been trying to make sense of the political discourse in several countries I am familiar with (living there or having lived there - more or less autocratic up to 2019) and none of them came close to a convincing argument on any action they took from testing, masking, curfews, lockdowns, vaccines or domestic health passports.

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I have to wonder how many of the ",planning to" crowd are either lying or only doing so due to extreme coercion?

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my god! the hearts kitty is gorgeous!

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Your research and writing is incredible. I found you on Twitter and you are the reason I came to substack.

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Your second law... spot on!

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Perhaps OT, but an equal surprise to me is the low percent vaccinated in Australia, Japan, South Korea. I know in Australia there is a lot of vaxx (and pass) hesitancy, perhaps they answered "plan to" instead of "uncertain./unwilling" out of fear of the Aussie state surveillance apparatus. But Japan and South Korea? I figured they'd have a much higher number by now.

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There’s an all out propaganda war on Ivermectin at this point. I’ll reserve my judgement on its efficacy but articles like the one below are clearly misinformation in an attempt to delegitimize its possibilities.


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Morning Consult is a joke according to Rich Baris, one of the more accurate pollsters. Watch his latest vids (Peoples_pundit on youtube) for more accurate vaccine sentiments. Morning Consult was off by double digits in the last national election.

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The truth was never so eloquently stated!

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Got my "First Scientific Fraud Kit" in the mail today! It has a microscope: https://secretsun.blogspot.com/2021/08/if-you-believe-they-put-meme-on-moon.html

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My most favorite meme ever!!!

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