politicizing medicine

politics has no place in medicine. none. i just thought that someone actually ought to say that.

i’d like to add another gato’s law™ here: the “second law of politico dynamics”:

“when you inject politics into medicine, faith in politics does not increase. instead, faith in medicine drops to the level of faith in politicians.”

this is why no one trusts politicians OR medical experts in the US these days.

when you spend months vilifying vaccines as trumpist bleach injections then pivot on a dime to morally assaulting anyone not favoring mandatory injections of biden’s miracle elixir, no one trust you anymore.

the american people are not stupid. they can tell when they are being played and when you’re lying to them. boosters are really boosting this.

but politicians, media bobbleheads, and the talking point industrial complex do NOT get to lament “vaccine hesitancy among americans” after THEY created it and sold out their credentials and trust base to play partisan politics.


gets you THIS:

you did this. not the poor benighted deplorables you now feel you did not govern hard enough and hector sufficiently to drive their acquiescence. you.

there is a lot to debate about vaccines. what may make sense for one may not make sense for another and claims vaccines would provide sterilizing immunity that stops spread were clearly false and made on the basis of so little testing that it’s hard not to wonder what else was missed or hidden.

the US press has been detestable on this issue and nearly everything that touches covid. relentless fear mongering and political poo-flinging has exacted a terrible toll and weaponized america into warring tribes.

where is the basis for trust? where is the basis for badly needed dialogue? where is even the concept of risk/reward or individualized medicine?

much of the rest of the world did not fall prey to this. perhaps this is why their trust is not in the tatters ours is.


the media is not on your side. the media is on the media’s side and will peddle panic and merchandise mendacity to get clicks. they are anger and aggrievement agoras.

it’s long past time we gave them up for the grasping, brain eating walking dead that they are.

there is a better way. let’s build it.

if not us, who? if not now, when?