the children of grievance

high school used to be about figuring out how to get laid.

now it’s about wielding manufactured grievance like some sort of maoist cultural revolutionary.

the woke ideology has fractured identity and sexuality, prevent their sound development and sublimating them into the pursuit of intersectional dogmatism and orthodoxy.  it has made that which should be internal into something external. this is how independence becomes subjugation. this is how one turns a human into a tool of state.

deprived of and alienated from the traditional waypoints of self-reference and weaned on too much structure and a crushing need for approval and validation, these kids were wide open for indoctrination into something that made them feel like they belonged and offered them claims to virtue.

when it then offered them power to wield as well, they gleefully became little eichmans, finding strength in numbers and in homogeneity of belief, it set them off imposing literal maoist struggle sessions upon any who disagreed with the moral certitude of spanish grand inquisitors meting out auto de fé.

that’s just the sort of life raft a human of sufficient insecurity will desperately cling to. then they will tell themselves a story about how they are heroes for having done so and all others villains for having questioned it.

our children, as were the children of the 1930’s in italy and germany and russia (and even the US), have been weaponized into the shock troops and omnipresent snitches and tattletales of totalitarian fascist movements. instead of turning in your parents for shopping at a non-blue eagle store, now you turn in your teachers for daring to question absurdist orthodoxies of division that serve only to separate and indoctrinate. it’s textbook mao.

this is as unfair and brutal to them as it is pernicious for the rest of us, but now, just as then, this ideology carries the myth of justice and righteousness within it. this is how you get people to feel like they are the good guys for rounding up the intellectuals and marching them barefoot to the countryside to be worked to death on re-education camps.

what’s going on in schools right now is how that starts.

on behalf of all of us, I apologize kids. 

we nerfed your world and left you alone to be preyed upon by vicious ideologues you were not equipped to fend off.  we let them teach you that tyranny of the other side is pluralism and submission to doctrine is intellectual bravery. we fed you to the marxists and they ate you whole and spit you out as something both broken and self-righteous.

this is a BAD combo. it amounts to severe mental illness and while we care about you, we cannot feed the world to you and your madness. we cannot make you feel better by pretending to hear the voices too. you’re going to have to snap out of this and we’re going to have to make you.

you will, doubtless, howl about oppression and how we will not allow you to be you and your authentic selves and whatever other defensive drivel has been pounded into your heads to help you rationalize being precisely that which you purport to hate, but before you do, stop and ask yourself this:

isn’t that precisely what you have been demanding of everyone else? your way or the highway? cringing obeisance to your ideological diktat under threat of massed group attacks to destroy lives and livelihoods?

you are not standing on the moral high ground. you’re the bad guys. you’re the brownshirts and like them, you got tricked into thinking you were the good guys.

the kids are always the nastiest victims of the totalitarians.

you’re in for a rough ride

i hope you can forgive us.

most of us meant well.