No moral society asks children to sacrifice their health or freedom to protect the old.

We are no longer a moral society.

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My brother at 66 had a chest x-ray in March which showed no visible lung cancer. On May 7, he had his 1st Pfizer jab. 2 days later his blood pressure starts going up and 10 days later he starts swelling up. June 16, he is diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer (liver biopsy), July 7 he is dead. And the hospital staff says it is impossible for the "vaccine" to do this.

Mark my words, excess deaths are going to go way up, when we finally see the reports.

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I was going to joke and put a bad kitten-based pun here - but the subject matter is waaaaay too serious for that.

I simply don't understand how we can have become so depraved, so spiritually bereft, so cowardly, that we are even contemplating using kids as some (purported) shield to protect adults. Only the most Pfizer-addled brains still think children are at any risk from covid at all. The risks to children from covid are almost too small to calculate - the risk to them from taking the Glorious Goo, however, is not.

Thankfully, my 2 daughters are grown-up now so they can make their own decisions, but I always assumed it was the job of adults to protect our kids - not the other way round.

What we have done, and are still doing, to our kids is an abhorrence. It's sick - there's no other word for it.

I used to say that we don't need covid tests, we need effing IQ tests - but it's gone beyond mere intelligence now. What we're doing now could more accurately be called evil.

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Yes to everything you wrote! Earlier this year I heard a news story where a 5 year old tried to commit suicide. FIVE years old and wanting to end it all? My heart is broken. Parents that are continuing along with this insanity make me physically ill. Yep, life is hard and financially it may suck, but it's time to make some hard decisions. Do we really need a 5 bedroom house, 2 or 3 vehicles, motorcycles, boats and the endless list of material items we have been duped into feeling are necessary to have a happy life? I grew up without all of that and had a Mom that stayed home and taught us to read and write and color and draw and use our imaginations and we played board games and hide and seek. We didn't have luxuries, but I didn't even know it. We may have had 4 or 5 presents under the tree at Christmas time and several of those were from relatives or from a charity. I know families now whose children have 50 or more presents under the tree at Christmas. Really? Anyway, our children don't remember how many gifts they got, or that they were driven to school in a brand new F150 or whatever other "new" vehicle is popular. But they will remember whether they were truly loved and allowed to live free and happy and that is almost completely in our control. It's time for us to wise up. We have to start thinking long term at what kind of world this will be if we continue to put all of this pressure on children. Enough is enough. Rip your kids out of these awful schools. Be willing to downsize if you have to. Sell everything if need be. This is not just their future we are playing around with... it's ours as well. And God help us if we don't stop this stuff right now! Sorry for the rant and thanks so much for more insight and information El Gato

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This is the flat out mass murder of children and horrendous child abuse. The drug/vaccine industry has been training the public well for several decades to accept the harmful side effects of childhood vaccines, including death. Millions of parents have been members of the vaccine religion for years even as they witnessed their own children end up with autism, Tourette's syndrome and many other maladies from the vaccines.

This failure to stand up for children and protect them from the greedy drug/vaccine industry executives and the willing executioner doctors who receive kickbacks from these poisons who have been injuring and killing our kids for decades has brought us to this point - the acceptance of the murder of children for money.

Psychopaths have a favorite business model. They don’t create a product to solve an existing problem, they create a problem to sell an existing product. Our bodies are just investment opportunities for these heartless psychopaths.

We are witnessing, in real time, how ordinary citizens become the willing executioners for the government.

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Get your kids out of schools. Homeschool if you can or find a pod or other arrangement. It is certainly not easy for many, but what is more important than ensuring your child is not abused? Read John Taylor Gatto and you will begin to understand how debilitating schooling is for children - by design. Covid and CRT and gender madness, etc. are just highlighting how toxic these institutions are. Banning CRT or getting rid of mask mandates will not solve the problem. Opt out of the system completely. Starve the beast.

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Just imagine the fun we're going to have when the children that survive the injections are out of school and in society, holding jobs in government and global corporations, raised on a diet of conformity, tyranny, bullying, and empathy-impaired from being denied basic human interactions and socialization with peers.

I bet you can't wait until one of these kids, 5-10 years from now, pulls you over on the highway, becomes your mayor, holds your mortgage, and teaches your kids.

We're turning an entire generational cohort of a psychopathy experiment with an axe to grind loose on an increasingly timid, aging, anxious society.


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Amen! I describe this to oldsters I know as ‘monstrous’ and they look incredulously at me as in “Why shouldn’t they get vaxxed, I did! It won’t hurt them!”. Meanwhile these oldsters know nothing of the risks. It’s a mass case of brainwashed society all following the pied pipers at the corrupt alphabet agencies.

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Dec 17, 2021·edited Dec 17, 2021

I’m utterly amazed to witness what 24/7 fear porn from the media and .gov has done to people, they’ve lost ALL ability to think critically. I’ve sadly seen it happen to people I was certain would have known better. Propaganda (and mass censorship of opposing views) works, ‘they’ definitely have figured out how to control the masses. I can’t even imagine where we go from here.

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That NHS ad with the elderly man in the hospital is the most heinously evil thing I've seen in a long time.

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I have said this before as daughter works with already traumatized children- the covid BS (even at her workplace) has increased the number of kids being seen for therapy and placed in residential treatment facilities. They have been packed to the gills for almost two years now. (PS- facilities such as this NEVER shut down, but are now demanding, like hospitals, that workers be vaxxed). Daughter gets tested 2x week and still masks around peers/parents during intake meetings- 'cause you KNOW she is dirty and spreading the virus! (Only people at her worksite who have gotten covid are "double-shotted"). Daughter tells "her" kids to "take off your masks while here, as this is your home now". These kids don't have parent support in the first place...imagine being 12 and on your own during the last 19 months. Trauma on top of trauma. Broken children not allowed to have a childhood- and then take away the constant of education. Breaks my heart.

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Thanks so much for that. Here are 4 pieces I wrote, inspired trying to prevent some of my grandkids from getting the shots, unsuccessfully. It is heartbreaking.

Fully Informed Consent on Behalf of Children

A Checklist for Pfizer BioNTech Injections for Ages 5 - 11


Dear School Nurse, Covid Shots for Tots are Erring on the Side of Danger

A letter you can send with a Fully Informed Consent Checklist


Expert Psychological Opinion on Harm to Children

Affidavit for Legal Case to Halt Covid Shots for Children


Informed Collusion: Enabling Mass Injections of Children


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This might be one your best and most powerful pieces. As a dad I am probably bias lol. No shots ever for me and my kids. I'll take a bullet or a jail sentence before I allow it.

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It’s not just useless, it’s harmful. Perhaps not immediately to everyone, but we have no idea what the long term effects are. I cry bitter tears over the thousands of $ our school ha spent on anti-bullying programs, knowing that if they start demonizing unvaxxed kids it will be a thousand times worse than kids calling each other names. Willfully ignoring the actual science. Our high school is hosting a booster clinic for 16+ next week. I don’t know how many will sign up, but even one is a travesty.

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Most people don’t recognize it but we are witnessing true evil in our own time in our country. This is 10th Level compliance. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tenth_Level This movie explores why the Germans acquiesced so ready to the Nazi’s. If you readily and eagerly go along with the propaganda spewed out by our government officials then you are really no different than the everyday Germans under Nazi control. They did it for the greater good too.

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As a parent the biggest outrage throughout Covid-19 has been the extended closures of US schools. The worst moment for me during Covid-19 was seeing my young child stare mournfully out the living room window on a school day during the lockdowns and school closures. She was forced to sit at home while schools phoned it in and labelled us parents killers for wanting our children to get a quality education.

The biggest offenders with school closures are politicians and the donator teacher unions. They're in bed together and make decisions solely to benefit the unions and their members, not communities or families. They practically brag about this now, sadly. It's as if they don't have to answer to parent and communities. We parents and communities got to watch teachers performatively demonstrate with mock coffins and signs that said "we can't teach from the grave" and heard teachers make grim announcements that they're updating their wills because they had to go back to their classrooms and teach. And they're quick to gaslight communities and the media and say closures "are for the kids' safety". I'm happy that my kid will be done permanently with the US public school system in a few more years and I've morphed into a single issue voter who will never again vote for a candidate who allowed extended school closures.

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