the sources and effects of vaccine hesitancy

public health runs on public trust, and that trust was violated


we have spoken much here about corners cut and warning signs ignored in the development of covid vaccines.

the tactical morality and memory around these issues has been surreal. this entire public health misadventure has been the world’s most politicized greased pig. it’s all squealing and squirming and sliding through the mud stopping only to fling it.

science and prudence have gone begging.

and it is ravaging credibility.

even if you’ve seen it before, watch the video above.

watch the iron bar certainty and the crocodile tear sincerity as all the vaccines’ soon to be fiercest proponents were calling the jabs fraud when they thought that orange man might get the credit for them. it was trump’s rush job poison needle that only a fool would take and in which no one should place faith. the FDA was not to be trusted. transparency was needed. all the data needed to be released to all the experts. the fix was in and the american people should not fall for it.

then, suddenly, it was the blessed fauci ouchie, the social duty, and as much as could be made possible the legal obligation to get one. and no, you cannot see the data, it’s private and the FDA who everyone knows MUST be trusted because they are the experts wants 75 years to release it. analyzing it yourself is arrogant madness. the science is settled now shut your pie hole and accept our grand largess.

how is any trust to survive that?

did they ever really know better? who knows? 3 to 2 the field and pick ‘em. it sounded like sense, but it could just as easily have all been posturing and the aping of prudence and process for political profit.

honestly, i suspect the latter. these politicians were scientific illiterates at the beginning of this and best i can tell they have learned nothing since.

and the pandering class of rent-to-own scientists who back them just never cared. they sing whatever song you bribe them to. always have, always will.

and they got all so wrong because the truth was just not a priority anyone cared about.

  • the vaccines were going to stop covid and provide herd immunity.

    • then, they weren’t.

  • then they were effective and 2 and done was the ticket to your life back.

    • then, they weren’t and boosters forever was the new “fully vaxxed” but we still need masks and distancing and maybe zoom-school.

and the lies started and the lies multiplied.

the shading on this take has been through more hues than a chameleon in a kaleidoscope factory.

and then they wonder why no one trusts them?

but it was not the people who broke faith, it was the leaders. it’s been one massive carpet of tactical twaddle made up on the fly from dodgy data and dodgier intentions.

and stunningly these alleged experts are now so divorced from reality that they cannot see what they have wrought.

this is like watching lenny from of mice and men wonder why the bunny doesn’t want to play anymore.

(ascends soap box)

so uh, maybe you should have thought about that before calling an experimental injection using a failed mRNA modality known to be toxic and to drive autoimmune response "a vaccine" despite it not working and then riding around like the paul revere of pseudoscience telling everyone that because it's a vaxx, it's safe and ignoring the glaring fact that there was woefully insufficient testing to make any such claims.

this entire campaign has been like demanding that everyone take fentanyl after a night of drinking and calling the people who won't "anti-medicine” because the belief that “hangovers get better by themselves” is a conspiracy theory.

the harm to trust in valid vaccines with good risk/reward (and there are many) is on you, madhu.

you and those like you did this.

and it’s time you sat down, shut up, and stopped making it worse.

you know why people trusted vaccines for MMR and polio and diphtheria?

because as long as you didn’t get some cut rate version from a bill gates crony, they worked.

they had long records of safety and efficacy. you got the vax, the side effects were negligible, and you did not get the disease. polio and measles and smallpox went away.

(*the flu vaccine is, admittedly, a joke and likely provided a template here, but at least it’s not notably dangerous)

these jabs spent 10 years in development and 10 more getting used in high risk groups before really going wide.

they were incredibly well tested and incredibly safe.

no one would ever have launched one this broadly this fast on such little data, especially using an entirely novel mode of action never before approved in humans that had already failed who knows how many times as a therapeutic because it was too toxic and deadly to be a fricking oncology drug.

let that sink in.

“ooh, so let’s make this incredibly dangerous and poorly characterized thing into a vaccine instead and rush it to market so we can jab it into a billion healthy people.”

i mean, who says that?

no one who wants to keep their credibility, that’s for sure.

the last rush job vaccine was for h1n1. they pulled it off the market for side effects not even 1/1000th those of these vaccines. (yes, really)

it was a tiny little screwup compared to this one.

they were pikers, really.

“GlaxoSmithKline turned over an estimated $1.7 billion selling H1N1 vaccines and this only in the 4th quarter of 2009.”

(though it did have a strikingly similar cast of characters)

but even this eensy bit of graft with far lesser consequences elicited real response.

but not today. today, we have nothing. the CDC is not even monitoring the VAERS safety signal per their own mandate. they admitted it under FOIA.

all eyes are turned and blind.

Scientists restore light sensitivity in blind mice using simple chemical  injection - The Verge

never before in modern history would anything like this have been acceptable.

and nothing in history has ever looked like this.

2021 had 3X the reported vaccine deaths of the entire prior 30 years combined.

2020 had 421 deaths reported from all vaccines in use.

2021 had 21,884.

(and this is just a warning system. the real count is easily 10X higher, possibly 100X on some of the less serious outcomes)

and the regulators are saying nothing and trying to end the careers of those who do.

and someone who will lie to you about something like this will lie about anything.

what possible basis for trust exists after behavior like this?

other vaccines got yanked for having a couple of deaths or even a few cases of bell’s palsy or narcolepsy.

but you guys pushed this one relentlessly despite the clear efficacy issues and the appalling risk ratios on AE’s.

the minute it was obvious this was severely leaky, it should have been pulled, not marketed harder on new false pretenses.

because laky vaccines are disasters and before last year, everyone knew it.

and now we have a global scale object lesson going on.

so no, you do NOT get to blame “antivaxxers” for this newfound distrust of vaccines.

you’re the ones who created it.

you said “vaccines are safe and effective and this is a vaccine so it’s safe and effective.”

it was a false equivalence.

you compared a half-cocked hipshot to decades of safety and efficacy work.

you vouched for fraud.

and so you burned the hard earned brand of the whole space by pushing trash science that you knew damn well was dodgy. (or sure as hell should have known)

those newly suspicious are not anti-science, they’re anti-charlatan and your pimping products this bad while swearing they are just like the other vaccines and hurling bad moral opprobrium and worse derangements of data and scientific method in the guise of “public health” while trying to trade off the good name of past inoculants is what made them this way.

this is your dumpster fire and no one else’s.

you drew the false comparison to drive compliance and now you want to un-ring that bell.

it does not work like that.

and these matters ARE important.

many of these vaccines DO save lives and are excellent risk reward.

but listening to you and those like you does not and is not.

it kills.

so seriously:

shut up.

just stop talking.

your credibility is gone, your brand is garbage, and whatever you advise will just make people not want to do it.

at this point, you’ll never do more damage than when you accidentally happen to be right.

You Need to Shut Up (Podcast) - Dr Jacqui Hoepner | Listen Notes

no one wants to hear recrimination and hectoring from the guys who just cheer led what was probably the worst set of public health blunders in the history of the human race.



all of you. the lies, the endless positional shifting, the cover ups, the gaslighting, the data fraud and credentialism and appeals to your own authority: it’s past the point of no return.

you lost the trust of the public because you mistook dogmatic, politicized moralizing for science and ran public health into the ground.

the folks you lied to did not derail this.

you did.

the butcher’s bill for the mess to come will land upon you and those like you.

own it and move on.

or at least have the decency to stop making it worse.