trained marxists

marxism is not a philosophy for helping the downtrodden and lifting them up. it has never done so and it never will.

marxism is the ideological justification used by those who would oppress “we the people” and wield authority over us that they might be rich without being productive.

all they sell is false hope and lies about the sacrifices YOU must make so that THEY can rule.

marxism is what happens when you give that 80’s tele-evangelist who implored you to send him your kid’s college fund because “jesus wants me to have a jet airplane!” an army and he no longer has to ask.

he just comes and takes it.

it will not be different this time. it’s the same grift and wrapping it up in weaponized identity politics of race and gender to mask the faux-class war changes nothing. it’s still designed not to raise up the poor but to entrench the powerful into a permanent aristocracy that preys upon them and holds them in penury and prostration.

thus has it ever been:

and thus shall it ever be:

these new marxist movements are just the same devastating ideas with a fresh coat of paint and a slick set of post-modernist academic jargon.

but when you look closely, it’s just this: Big Lies Marxism

if you want a litmus test to spot an aristocracy in the making pretending to be a broad based social movement, try uttering the phrase “all lives matter” at a BLM rally and see what happens. if they turn on you claiming that your claim to the same rights they claim for themselves is verboten, racist, fascist, or some other impermissible “ist” then you have your proof.

for what can we call a group demanding rights and recognition for itself that it denies to others if not a budding aristocracy of “some animals declaring themselves more equal than others”?

dressing up tyranny of the other side as “reparations” or “pluralism” or “community” is the oldest trick in the marxist playbook. it comes right before taking control to “lead the masses to social or class consciousness” (generally from a dacha on the black sea or a palace in beijing, though apparently “topanga canyon” will do in a pinch…) and living in opulence while relegating one’s own followers to perpetual penury and deprivation by force of arms. there are NO counterexamples. none.

anyone who falls for this deserves the subjugation they are about to get, and believe me, it’s coming.

stand up now or kneel down later.