trial balloons and covid buffoons

the DC vaccine narrative is coming apart. but there is a better way.

this is what is known as a “trial balloon.” you leak non-committal information on something you might be considering in order to see how people respond without having to take the risk (and the heat) of having actually staked out the turf.

then you adapt your strategy accordingly based on the feedback and blowback you get. this one promises to be a doozy, because it seems like the messaging has come out of alignment. the CDC told us just yesterday that they no longer believe vaccines to prevent covid spread.

this certainly poses some problems for the idea that we need more vaccine mandates to protect other people. if “your vax protects me” turns out to be yet another made up axiom (like the one about masks) then the vaccine passport/vaccine mandate idea falls to pieces.

even if vaccines do provide a reduction in personal risk, the whole issue becomes a personal choice, not one in which one must be browbeaten and coerced into “protecting the community.”

this is a huge about face from previous stances, especially for walensky.

and this was, to some extent, expected all along.

and now looks increasingly validated:

vaccine does not reduce viral load during the first 6 days of infection, generally thought to be the most contagious period. it does seem to foster more rapid viral clearance after that. so this data supports the idea that vaccines do not stop spread, but aid in recovery and clearance over time.

(though how much is an open question. hospitals in israel are nearly all vaccinated people, though this may have more to do with risk stratification by vaccine choice than anything else. stories that US hospitalizations are 99% unvaxxed are flat out lies that are mathematically impossible.)

i’m starting to speculate a bit here, but this makes sense given the method of action. mRNA vaccines and adenovirus carrier vaccines like JnJ work the same way: 

  • they teach you to code for a protein and express it on cell membrane.  this teaches your body to attack it. 

  • but this is a later stage occurrence.  they did not teach your immune system to see the actual virus, only its later stage effects. 

  • so you react late, not early.  this would greatly mitigate effect on spread.  these vaccines do not function like traditional vaccines. 

  • there is actually a surprisingly well validated claim that vaccines spread the virus more.  studies in Sweden and Denmark showed negative protection from vaccines (as much as -100% in danish healthcare workers) during days 1-14 post dose 1 and prior to dose 2.  (danish data)

and this starts to make the whole mRNA vaccine idea look fraught. if they up spread early and the adverse events and deaths are at least as high risk as covid in fairly healthy populations (as shown by a full look at pfizer’s own 6 month read out) and they pose 20X the risk to school age kids in terms of hospitalization vs getting actual covid (per the CDC’s own data) then vaccinating the healthy seems to be far more risk than reward.

this climb down is going to be tricky.

as this becomes more and more clear, it’s going to badly wrongfoot the whitehouse, deblasio, newsom, and the other who have been pushing this relentless “vaccines uber alles” strategy.

it fully refutes their erected moralization structure of “do it for the good of society” and turns it into “harm yourself, save no one.”

this is the problem with, over and over, starting from faux-morality as talking point rather than with science. they tailored their claims to political message efficacy, not medical impact. it’s been a trumped up fraud of made up messaging masquerading as public health policy. at least rachel is realizing she owes some basic honesty to america. (maybe, let’s see if she recants under pressure) but the rest are really on the wrong side of this now and the damage they’re doing is legion.

there is a better way. there are prophylactics that work and safe treatments that mitigate spread and disease.

$2 blister packs of ivermectin, doxycycline, zinc, and d3 generated an 88% drop in contagion post exposure. it seemed to work in india. (much discussion here)

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this is what schools need, not vaccine mandates.

this is what serves our children and our community, not forcing harm on kids in an ill conceived attempt to use them as human shields.

this idea that it’s vaccines or death has always been myopic and stupid and it’s time we got over it.

we’re supposed to be maximizing public health not rent seeking profits.