As is always the case, follow the money and the increase in power. The virus, with a 99.5% survival rate, was simply the vessel. Next on the docket is government protection from cyber terrorism, the race to save the planet from catching fire and of course the eradication of systemic racism by way of such Marxist created ideologies like CRT. Buckle up folks, going to be a hell of a ride!

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Yes, Fauci, et al, lied to cover their butts...so they wouldn't lose face and grant money and the ability to make viruses more dangerous.

But why would Fauci or Daszak or Anderson exaggerate the danger of this virus if they were trying to hide their role in its creation? The easiest way to make this go away was to let it be another bad flu season. Yes, the scenes from Wuhan, northern Italy, and NYC were scary...but they were outliers. They've continued the scare tactics. Why?

The PCR cycle threshold is set to 40-45 in the US...which has corrupted all "case" data and death data.

The CDC recently released an analysis of the C19 death data. Only ~5% of those who died had C19 as their only cause of death. The remaining ~95% had an average of 4 co-morbidities or causes of death. The average age at death was around 80 years.

The CDC and WHO acknowledge this virus has an IFR of 0.015% across all ages globally. The IFR is 0.03% for those age 70 and younger.

In Walensky's latest effort to scare people into the jabs, she claimed that more children are being hospitalized. She flat out lied to scare parents into the jab.

In the week ending January 9, 2021...at the peak of hospitalizations in the United States...104 children age 0-17 years were in hospital with C19. 6,678 people in total were hospitalized throughout the United States during that week.

That means 1.6% of those hospitalized at the peak of hospitalizations were children age 0-17 years.

In the week ending May 29, 2021...the last week for which we have data...31 children age 0-17 years were in hospital. That's 73 fewer children than were in hospital during the peak. There were 689 people in total hospitalized throughout the United States.

That means 4.3% of those hospitalized during the week ending May 29, 2021, were children age 0-17 years.

So, the absolute number of children in hospital at the peak of hospitalizations was 3.4 times higher. While there are more children in hospital as a percentage of the total hospitalizations...there are 73 fewer children in hospital during the week ending May 29 than were in hospital at the peak.

At the peak of hospitalizations...6,678 people were in hospital in a country of about 330 million people!!! That's about 0.002% of the population. WTH?

They don't even try to hide it.

Something else is going on...bigger than Fauci and Daszak. This was a global crack down on civil liberties that continues to this day. Did you hear that lunatic Tony Blair's latest rant?

Yes, Fauci and his cabal need to burn...but so do the people behind them.

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big pharma is now the military industry complex, just as the slow dog f-35 is best fighter aircraft, vaccines are the new permanent 'weapon' system. the contract with the wuhan leak lab is same idea as los alamos hiring the ccp nuclear weapons lab to design a new trigger for us h-bombs....

we now have two industry complexes one forever war the other forever pandemic.

who has the taxpayers' gold on contract with a kick back for the big guy calls the tune.....

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You nailed it. When it comes down to it, whether or not Fauci is responsible for covid are irrelevant. He funded risky research in a shoddy Chinese lab and then lied about doing it to congress. He undertook a massive coverup to hide all of these things from coming out, and his emails show that he was simply ignoring data that didn't fit the narrative.

All of this is more than enough to put this guy away, much less get him fired. If it turns out that he's ALSO responsible for covid, that's just time tacked onto the end of his sentence.

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Hard to believe that Wuhan lab was weaponising the Sars like virus by creating a weapon that for under 70 year-olds has an IFR of 0.05% (Ioannidis). "We'll kill them with something less than flu". Or alternatively, they knew that there would be mass panic and the trashing of the economy because they foresaw people's conflation of the virus with SARS? Not likely. If it did come from Wuhan lab, then accidental leak of non-weaponisation research is more likely, imo. And why choose the furin cleavage site, which increases transmissability, but not lethality?

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