I think it would be cool if future vaccines could improve our DNA such that politicians would flash orange when they lie.

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"We stand on the precipice of massive breakthroughs in human health and longevity."

Yes, but I strongly suspect that the people behind this project want that for themselves, not us. They're just using us to work out the kinks of this technology. It's remarkable that hundreds of millions of people lined up to be human test subjects in this experiment. I still can't believe it...

This is definitely the hill to die on. Fight like the future of mankind is at stake here, because it is.

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I don't have a lot of faith in people's discernment right now. Very "smart" people went ahead with the jab, because they were told it's safe, they are the same ones now already blaming higher gas prices and groceries on the war in Ukraine. Even though these things have been on a pretty steady rise since Brandon got in office. These are people that own businesses, that didn't vote for Brandon, they are engineers, entrepreneurs, accountants, IT smarty pants, you name it, they bought into it. It doesn't take much of a nudge to push people into doing what you want. People who are skeptical, will always be a minority. We will always be swimming against the current.

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Video played. Kinda wish I had not seen it as now I am possessed of an urge to punch yer man's beefy face in. The only sane response to gene therapy development is to bomb the R&D facilities.

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…and get over body-worship narcissism and death-fear. Avoid doctors if at all possible. And stay the heck away from hospitals — they’re literal death camps.

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There is another cheaper and faster route to an answer than deep PacBio sequencing with ATLAS-seq.


But since it uses an amplification approach, it may loose some information on quantification and the length of the integrated sequence.

Ie.. how many events per cell and how much of the vax integrated?. I would start here as you’d get an answer on an Illumina sequencer in a few weeks. This sequencing would only capture 300bp around the junction of integration but may not inform on the size of the integration event unless you successfully captured both junction points.

Pacbio has 20kb reads so it can read through the whole 4.2kb vax and a 7Kb LINE-1 element if for some reason these integrate into LINE-1 regions of the genome.

There are 500,000 LINE-1 like sequences in the genome and they tend to be hot spots for integration. We call them repeat forests as they can be hard to map short reads to (like Illumina sequencing from ATLAS-seq data).

The longer reads ensure you see both integration sites and know where you are in the genome.

PacBio may require 500X-1000x coverage of the cell lines (20+ runs).


This type of sequencing needs a minimum of 5ng of DNA. Genome is 5pg so 1000 cells at minimum.

If the integration frequency is >1:1000 cells,

They’ll see 1+ integration read out of 75M-150M reads.

Low yield but indisputable. Could cost $50k whereas the ATLAS-seq could be $1000.

The Pacbio is more direct measurement without artifacts. The ATLAS-seq method will get criticized because there is more manipulation of the DNA making a library and they may try to blame the low frequency events on this manipulation known as “Library construction”.

This happened to the Jaenisch paper that showed integration with the virus.

The detractors blamed the results on strand flipping in Library construction.

Great read as always Gato.

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I implore you--no sad caged puppies. Ain't the info distressing enough? Thank you.

Now--I can't be the only one to have noticed that the "neurodiverse" with power have done an extraordinary thorough job of fucking up the world and leading directly to what we have now? And I think it's because of that profoundly different way of thinking--extremely literal, obsessively focused, and with a complete inability to understand the real-life ramifications of implementing what they desire to happen.

When I was first forced to begin using computers at work--and I was, regardless of title, just an old-fashioned secretary at the heart of it--I noticed pretty fast that the basic tasks an old-fashioned typewriter was quite good at had been turned into an esoteric exercise in playing with spacial relationships and making the composing of even the simplest document a time-sucking horror. Programmers did that because they could; because it was fun to play with time and space relationships--but they destroyed function. (I will confess one thing. I'm extremely visual in my relationship to the written word, and being able to see my words composed on a screen and looking like a real live book page instead of a miserable handwritten draft, and with the ability to cut and paste and move stuff around without needing stuff like correction tape, was a gift of unbounded value. But that was still a simple, linear improvement on typing on a piece of paper and having to correct it.)

"Normal" has become a savage pejorative, and see where that's led to. I mean, my God. I had an awful job for a few months working for a women's international "empowerment" organization, and I was treated as someone not yet having learned to walk upright because I was straight and (then) married to a guy. And that was 35 years ago and look where we are now.

People who have trouble understanding the importance of a real, as opposed to a game universe world, and have power to disrupt the lives of ordinary people (see: Bill Gates) are extremely, extremely dangerous and yet we've handed over everything to them.

(Note: I have extremely dear friends with now-adult severely-handicapped autistic kids and I know to the marrow of my bones their agony and terror in having children who can never safely function in the world after their loving caregivers will be gone. It's an unquantifiable tragedy.)

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Mar 4, 2022·edited Mar 4, 2022

They lied about every single thing. Every "conspiracy theory" about Covid has been proven right, though I'm holding onto hope that the depopulation one is either wrong or fails.

These people, every scientist, CEO, politican, decision maker, profiteer involved?

I can't write what must be done to these people, to all of them, or how to proceed. It would constitute threat and incitement to violence.

Use your imagination.

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Gato, Fauci said this exact thing a few years ago, pre-coof. He dreamed of some illness severe enough for people to welcome the "new technology" of mRNA, since a new mRNA flu shot would not be welcome. Planned.

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Some people are reporting on a broken like button. Workaround (works for me): click on the speech balloon (don't worry, you won't have to comment), then on the like button.

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Worked like a charm. Now stop sending me to Twitter for videos. 😊

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I know you're a cat, but please no more tiny, pitiful puppies marked for death. I implore you, please spare me! 😭

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The video works. The Like button is broken. I'm on a desktop web browser.

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wait till the aerosol 'vaccines' show up, we wont have a choice then, although the way Governments are going that might soon be over too

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Everyone should watch a good professional presentation on the human immune system made before 2020. Several good ones are out there. It’s incredibly complex and involves the healthy interaction of multiple systems within your body. If you have a basic understanding of how covid shots work and also gain a basic understanding of immune system process and how it functions you would never (as my brothers oncologist said) put that poison in your body.

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It’s not like I would believe them now if they said that vaccine mRNA ISN’T incorporated into DNA generally. I mean, wouldn’t we expect at least the same minimal degree of lying we’ve been getting all along? Probably more, since they “got away” with it this time. Do you really think we’ll be told the truth about this?

Your point about the irreversible loss of trust (as a former health professional) of the Health/Medical/Industrial/Political juggernaut is the bigger issue.

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