a clear and precedent danger

no power granted to a government is ever used once.

this is why precedent matters so much.

if you allow them to take all your rights and freedoms every time there is a crisis, then expect an endless parade of histrionic hobgoblinery to become the norm, not the exception.

unlimited emergency powers lead to unlimited demands for emergencies and this is a game that, as we have all seen, the media will move heaven and earth to help dictators and demagogues play.

both sides get what they covet most.

and we the people get taken to the cleaners.

this is why you have to be MOST careful about infringements of your liberty and the surrender of your rights when you happen to like the outcome.

“oh, it’s just a vaccine mandate and i was going to get vaccinated anyway!”

but stop and think about that:

if we have granted politicians the right to force mandated medical choices upon medical professionals against their will and professional judgement because “emergency” what could they possibly NOT do?

this is such an overreach and such a contravention of expertise and sound medical practice that if this is the bar, what part of your life will remain free from their intrusion when they conjure the next crisis of fomented fear?

if they can take medicine from a doctor, what could they take from you?

does the CDC or NIH or some congress-critter really know what is best for her better than she does?

do you want to let them act as if they do?

if they can threaten the licenses of these professionals, what leverage do they have upon other professions and establishments?

occupational licensure and health codes and inspection become the vehicles of extortion and subjugation.

suddenly needing a city health grade for your hotdog stand means “do as you’re told.”

knuckle under or lose your livelihood.

this is tyranny hiding its face behind a mask of “safety.”

so stand with these people.

stand with the doctors and gym owners and barmen.

stand with the waitresses and airline staff and the military when they resist this.

it’s the moral and societal imperative.

stand with them now and help them keep their freedom.

if you don’t, don’t come crying to me when leviathan comes for yours.

(and believe me, it will)

this is the ugly part of the tytler cycle where the meek and the weak trade a little freedom for a little safety and wind up losing the whole of both.

do you really want to be the generation that squandered this?

those of you who think this is the worst case scenario are not seeing the whole picture. ask anyone who has lived through a totalitarian regime. that pug does not wind up as the cherished pet. he winds up as food.

they are not planning to give back what they take. 2 weeks becomes 2 years becomes endless subjugation.

you keep the rights you fight for. no more. no less.

the whole game is to take little bites so that each new taking seems not quite worth fighting against. they modulate the perception of risk reward and feed on you by inches.

the time for cowering and compliance is over. this is the part where you fight or wow are you going to wish you had.

vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are a trojan horse for chinese style social credit and control systems. they render your liberty a privilege that must be positively affirmed once more every time you need a booster. it leaves you a subject, not a citizen.

it is the inch you cannot yield or you get taken a mile.

it’s the event horizon from which there is no return.

unjust government is no government at all and unjust mandates are the hallmark of the tyrant.

disobedience to them is a civic duty and a foundational ethical tenet.

don’t fall for the fear and the faux-moralizing. freedom is what freedom does. it resides in self-reliance and self-determination, not convoluted permission.

disobedience to authority without consent was our founding principal.

it’s time to take it out for another spin.