funtime with fauci FOIA

the longstanding pattern of willful lies is stunning

as many of you may have seen, a huge dump of anthony fauci’s emails acquired through FOIA occurred yesterday. despite large amounts of redaction, it’s still a real embarrassment of riches for team reality and just plain embarrassment for tony.

there are so many gems like this where tony admits that asymptomatic spread was not a major driver

or that masks did not work, the virus was aerosol, and the virions too small.

that it’s really hard to know where to start. this will take a while to dig through, but what is already emerging is one clear fact:

there is a long term pattern of willful, deliberate lying to the american people.

  • fauci knew that asymptomatic spread was not a significant issue and he knew it in february 2020. all the data since has validated that fact. nothing changed. there was no new information to adapt to. he just lied.

  • fauci knew that masks did not work to stop virus. he said so and publicly urged people not to wear them. his later reversal was not rooted in science as, again, nothing changed in the data. his claim of “lying to america for its own good to protect hospital workers and save masks for them” was and is complete nonsense. it’s the worst kind of dishonest revisionism. (and if he really believed that, why was he telling sylvia to travel and people to go on cruises? that would be deliberate negligence is he was knowingly lying.) he just lied.

fauci started telling the truth, but pivoted to outright lie after outright lie as it became politically expedient and the opportunity to play trump like $3 banjo presented itself.

it’s all been politics and a desire to protect and expand his fiefdom right from the start. and this is where some of the truly interesting information looks to lie.

it’s not where tony started off honest and pivoted to mendacity, it’s where he was lying from the get go and is now being forced to recant.

here’s facui pal zoologist peter daszak from november 2019, right before this all kicked off. he was funded to the tune of $3.4 million in grants by NIH and funneled it to the WIV (wuhan institute of virology).

note that he’s bragging about taking SARS like covids from bats and using recombinant viruses to make them express new spike proteins, cause SARS like effects, and resist vaccines.

sound familiar?

now, daszak has vehemently denied that the wuhan lab had a leak, but then, he certainly has a great deal of incentive to do so, as does tony.

having funded the research that caused a global pandemic because it escaped is not a good look for anyone’s political or scientific career.

maybe they just happened to be doing this at what looks like covid-19 ground zero. maybe it’s a coincidence. but maybe it’s not. it’s china, so actual hard evidence is likely to be elusive at best and impossible to gather as a base case scenario, especially now, a year later, but the idea that this was a thread worth pulling on was always reasonable and the idea that it could be denied from the outset with such authority looks impossible.

but that’s just what tony did.

and peter was grateful. he called tony “brave” and looked forward to thanking him in person.

this all seemed a little fast and a little pat to many. how could they know this? there was no actual evidence, just a set of essentially unfounded claims and supposition made with such extreme vehemence that it shut down all debate and relegated the idea to the tinfoil hat bin and “racist” to boot.

the media water carriers were all too happy to pile on and eliminate this avenue of inquiry. this is from feb 17th 2020.

but a funny thing happened a few weeks ago. this narrative suddenly went from tinfoil hattery to mainstream news and an idea worth discussing. it all seemed to start to change right after fauci lied to congress about funding gain of function research in wuhan.

one cannot help but wonder just what the congrescritters already knew. given the heavy redactions and general speed on federal FOIA response, this process was likely well underway in mid-may when that hearing occurred. rand paul sure seemed to have fauci’s number…

and fauci absolutely knew he was lying. his communications with daszak prove that. it was hardly a secret that this was what peter was up to. he’d been publicly crowing about it. so this would appear to be another full fledged deliberate lie, and one told straight to congress.

and suddenly, right afterwards, flip-flop fauci flipped.

this is quite a change from “dismissing a conspiracy theory.” and, as ever, this was not based on “new information” it was based on political realpolitik, in this case the politics of getting stone cold busted.

time to pivot and see if you can ride out the storm. it’s the classic clintonian “deny, deny, deny, it’s old news” playbook. you just hope you got enough distance from what you did that it’s not top of the news cycle anymore.

(and tony is probably wishing he’d taken hillary’s advice about setting up his own e-mail server right now as well…)

even the press is playing “memory hole” and going back to change old headlines. democracy may die in darkness, but not as rapidly as trust in journalism dies when they seek to re-write history in real time to avoid getting caught having made wildly misleading claims.

and, of course, no help is forthcoming from this quarter.

though perhaps, to quote bill the bard, “the lady doth protest too much”?

so, here we are my friends, a country and a world recovering from the throes of a pseudoscientific foray into societal self-harm that contradicted standing pandemic guidelines, that was never supported by even the rudiments of data or science, and that was cheer led by a pathological liar who’s been serving himself and his politics at the expense of we the people all along.

this pattern of willful misrepresentation is now far beyond any sort of reasonable doubt and a serious reckoning is owed. will we get one? who knows? it seems dubious. teflon tony is likely to slide away once more, just as he always has. but it’s worth a try.

if nothing else, perhaps it will open some eyes. this is real evidence of malice aforethought, the subjugation of health policy to partisan politics, and personal buttocks covering on an epic scale.

team water carrier is already out trying to gaslight it and paint tony as the victim and the long suffering hero.

to me, this looks like utter and complete bunkum and propaganda of the first order. it’s permission for the cult of saint anthony to read no further, gather no data, and learn no lessons.

you just wave around your CNN article and accuse everyone else of being a nutter.

but the data is out there. the emails are out there. and many are reading them and publishing them. twitter is awash in them.

go read them yourself and see what you think, because if you do not do your own thinking, many others would be happy to do it for you, and they may not have your best interests at heart…