Spanish flu was also made up BS. It was not a flu pandemic, it was a consequence of mass mandated vaccination, typhoid (bacterial), malnutrition and wars. It did not kill 100M people, that was a bogus story.

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the biggest lie (and one I just don't understand how people believed) is that your government loves you. It want's to protect you. It can do you no harm. Lie/Joke, same thing

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This is the most important thing that needs to be said. Working in a hospital this whole godforsaken time, I can tell you firsthand that if nobody told me there was a "pandemic", I would not have been able tell you that there was one happening. Our covid wards were empty and we were laying people off in 2020. Yes some elderly and obese people got sick, like they always do. The fear of having a "deadly disease" worsened outcomes for patients and also damaged the care they received from staff who were scared to take care of them. These cruel and inhumane "measures" need to be stopped. They strip us of our humanity and decency. There is NEVER a case to be made for forcing someone to take a drug against their will, especially when there can be permanent ramifications like blood clots and permanent neurological damage! We should never let anyone die alone. We should never isolate each other when sick, we should take care of each other. We should never withhold treatment when people are sick. We should never segregate society based on medical status. We should never close small businesses while major corporate businesses stay open. This is a colossal fuck-up of epic proportions and I hate it so much. My career that I love and worked so hard to obtain is on the line simply because I don't want to be injected with something that might kill me or leave me disabled . I have had "covid" and had a headache for half a day. Is this real life? Hope is hard to find these days, I hoped that people would learn from this tragedy but am not holding my breath.

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This is an excellent piece - I don’t know how you do this so consistently.

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Your identification of the one lie to rule them all strikes at the heart of their entire one-world totalitarian power grab, el gato.

That’s why the WHO is playing such a pivotal role in that transition. Without the weaponization of public health, none of this tyranny would have been possible.

Regarding bacterial pneumonia being the primary cause of deaths during the 1918 flu epidemic, I’m surprised you didn’t bring up the 2009 paper “Predominant Role of Bacterial Pneumonia as a Cause of Death in Pandemic Influenza: Implications for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness” (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2599911/), which Fauci coauthored. Given that mask-wearing is a known cause of bacterial pneumonia, it’s very likely Fauci knew masking could lead to fatalities resulting from that.

One quibble: You seem to be implying that the catastrophic policies were the product of panic, incompetence, and stupidity. You should know from Midazolam Matt’s texts that these destructive decisions were intentionally imposed to orchestrate compliance with tyranny and submission to injection.

We are living in the era of Reverse Hanlon’s Razor:

“Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by malice.”

#MistakesWereNOTMade (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/mistakes-were-not-made-an-anthem)

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A very important post. I did not know that about aspirin and the Spanish flu. Wow.

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Great article, but you're missing a key point: these events do NOT happen at random intervals. In 1918, the world was just coming out of the greatest economic boom in human history (the first truly significant such boom that lifted millions out of subsistence level existence), but that boom created lots of "excess" workers & threatened to destabilize the powers that be. So, the powers that be were looking for ideas that would kill lots of people...like pandemics & wars. Now, we have the computer boom, which again creates lots of "excess" workers & threatens to destabilize the powers that be. So, they're looking for excuses to kill people. Supply & demand works for ideas too - people demanded ideas to kill people & the market supplied them. Bill Gates wanted to kill & epidemiologists gave him the ideas to do it. Racism wasn't really a thing until slave owners need to justify slavery - supply & demand.

Folks, the powers that be realize that computers are about to put them out of work. The US is losing ground relative to the other powers; the NYT is losing ground relative to alt media; the banks are losing ground relative to alt finance etc...so all those people DEMAND ideas to justify killing & low & behold, "science" found the ideas they needed.

If the powers that be had wanted you to live, they NEVER would have made this "mistake". Posner calls it strategic recklessness, a mistake that's profitable for the person making it. And, as Posner rightly points out, is that really a mistake? If your mistake gets you what you want while hurting others, is it a mistake? Were these people fools? Driven mad by fear? Or simply meeting market demand because they didn't CARE about the consequences?

Ultimately, such things are questions for God & philosophers, but for the rest of us the answer is clear: we cannot allow ANYONE to wield the power of life & death over others precisely because NO ONE can be trusted with such power. If there is a demand for death (and there will be), then there will be a supply. Shut down the doctors & they'll simply find something else. (UFOs anyone?)

The lesson of Genesis (whether you believe its divine origin or not) is that we CANNOT PLAY GOD! We can't do the trolley problem because we never know which track actually kills more people; we don't have the requisite knowledge to make such tradeoffs. You should NEVER tell me what to do (other than to refrain from injuring you) because you can't possibly know what's right (you can only tell me how you want to be treated &, thus, how you should treat me; you can't actually tell me that X is better for me. Sure, you can advise me or try to persuade me, but you don't & can't actually know.)

So, yes, medical freedom, but understand that they'll make a million new excuses for everyone we beat back. END THEIR POWER! The ring must be destroyed; we cannot use it.

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"iatrogenic death is when the doctor kills you."

And 'iatrogenocide' is when the entire medical system kills a lot of people on purpose. (I think Toby Rogers gets credit for that portmanteau.)

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Destroying the global economy as a virus mitigation strategy will go down in history as the most abjectly stupid policy ever to be implemented. Either that or the most criminal.

Make that stupid and criminal.

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Yes, having had my mother murdered by the doctors and hospitals back in 2009, who caused a degree of suffering I would not have thought possible outside of a Mongol invasion, you're meowing very compellingly to me.

But gosh. It was the aspirin wut done it? Sorry to learn that because in the right dose and used with care, that stuff is magic. The extra-strength (500mg) caplets taken 2 at a time are the only thing that has ever worked on my migraines, which only occasional as they are, used to be 36 hours of misery, including the danger of lightheadedness after the pain decided to stop. [I always take aspirin with 1000mg of vitamin C per aspirin tablet and it is truly my miracle drug for any serious pain.]

Anyway--this is one heck of a post. Any more eye-opening I'd be seeing out of the back of my head. This is just superb work and if I thought I admired you to the maximum already, I sure miscalculated.

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Oh boy, oh boy, just when you thought it had all been said already, up pops this post and loads of new and even more shocking information to consider.

Whats more, it looks as if the argument is sound.

Its a shocking indictment of modern medicine that this is even remotely possible.

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You are 100% correct. You have uncovered a very huge lie. Bravo!

Cures and treatments were known all along -- cheap and effective and safe ones. And these were maligned, suppressed and kept from us. Known treatments were made unavailable. All by design and on purpose.

Plus, our bodies are designed to heal themselves, provided we get out of the way and not poison our systems with toxic pharmaceuticals. Some are helpful at times (antibiotics) but the dose is important and treatment must be individualized. Not this "one size fits all" get your jab or else thing.

All of my family and friends who took the multiple jabs are still under the illusion that pandemics are dangerous, the lockdowns and masks saved lives, the injections are safe and effective (and will continue jabbing if so advised by authorities), and they continue to believe that anti-vaxxers are bad and selfish people.

The bad guys have really done a number on us.

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The precipitous drop in antibiotic prescriptions in 2020 may have also been a factor that led to so many additional deaths.


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A) What about that WWI vaccine experiment that took place in the midwestern US on soldiers who were immediately deployed to Europe and immediately fell sick?

B) You forget that influenza completely "disappeared" as soon as "covid" arrived in 2020. Really? Zero influenza deaths in the US when the averaged was 35,000 to 65,000 prior to the Chinese lung AIDS?

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Great job and spot on. The question is, however, Was any of it done on purpose? When we switched to high flow nasal cannulae, our ICU success went from 85% dying on ventilators to 90% surviving. So why the push for ventilators. Gov. Cuomo personified the stupid politician trying to play doctor (not that doctors playing doctor did any good either- MOST DOCTORS STILL, believe it or not, think you and I are wrong about this whole thing and that we should have started lockdowns sooner and everyone should get every vaccine booster and wear masks all the time...). It was interesting to read your words after my mathematical analysis of this (note: the US only had ~145,000 deaths when JHU and the government and three letter agencies were claiming 1.1 million. That's over the 2020, 2021 and half of 2022 years- no more than 2 1/2 typical flu years (in 2017/2018, we had over 70,000 deaths from the flu and it came and went without anyone noticing.) This is all in my book: https://www.amazon.com/Heroes-Villains-COVID-19-Book-Lists/dp/B0BKHQ7CWN/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1678297325&sr=8-1

where I explain all of this in great detail or in this video, one of 24 hours with Dr. Bhattacharya and I discussing every issue and me presenting proofs of my claims to him (I've been right 100% of the time, still): "Jay vs me, The Final Showdown, Part 3" https://drreidsheftall.substack.com/p/jay-vs-me-the-final-showdown-part-ece

Here's the question you really didn't touch on. The ventilator use was killing lots of patients. This was well-known very early. Yet THEY CONTINUED GIVING SUBSIDIES for ventilator use.! What do you make of that?

Great job as always. PS, you are listed in my book in several places and talked about quite a bit. PSS The Spanish Flu... iatrogenic deaths as you explain and BACTERIAL infections killed the patients, not the virus.

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