I think the Dingle-berry is trying to tell us something with that doodle. He has to stay on script so his handlers don't catch on, but even he is now secretly signaling that we've all been getting screwed. Or maybe not so secretly.

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Humans owe an apology to our flying cousins, when the real villain in this Threepenny Opera is a Dingbat.

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Ding is a fraud with some talent for self-promotion and alarmism, if not for science or data analysis. But there were many legitimate scientists calling for further massive and prolonged lockdowns due to these supposedly terrifying variants. They ought to be ashamed. There is one in particular I’m disappointed in. He ought to have known better.

These scientists who’ve pushed for lockdowns seem to me to have been violating basic bioethical principles:

“ If lockdowns were a prescription drug for Covid-19 treatment, the FDA would never have approved it.”


But perhaps politics comes first for them, rather than ethics?

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never go full ding

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Ding is a sociopath with munchausen syndrome.... he really should be banned from social media... MAYBE wr should take over his accts and replace with your info😁😆

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thx for enduring feigl-ding's gish gallop and contrived observation. i do not like using log scale, it is a graphing strawman generator......

iirc india variant is ~1% different than 'wild' sars cov 2's (that is), the AZN seems to work well,

variants is the new fear factor, baseless as the rest of the scare mongering.

feigl ding's kids are in an austrian school where like the rest of eu the child abuse is nil.....

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