"You comply because you want it to end. But it never ends because you comply." -- I got that in one of El Gato's posts, printed it, and it hangs on my home office wall, behind me so viewable during meetings

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I know I keep repeating this comment by Adretto, but it fits so dang perfect, I can’t help it: “You comply because you want it to end, but it never ends because you complied.”

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I see this strong,beautiful lion in you too el gate malo. Gracias! You are a blessing to the truth-seekers.

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Tried to tell a friend to stop complying, be ungovernable, we must fight tyranny before our last few freedoms are taken away. He gave me with a blank stare saying rules are for the “collective good.” WTH? He’s a DOCTOR. The jab is killing their bodies and brain.

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I started to have a conversation with a brother in law a couple weeks ago that I hadn't seen since pre-C19. His statement "I don't believe the government or health systems would tell us anything that isn't true and for our best interests" left me with my chin on the floor. I always thought he was the smart one....I just changed the subject because I knew anything I said would fall on deaf ears.

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“Why are you looking around for help? Do you believe that help will come from outside? What is to come is created in you and from you. Hence look into yourself. Do not compare, do not measure. No other way is like yours. All other ways deceive and tempt you. You must fulfil the way that is in you.”

Carl Jung, The Red Book

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There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph.

Joseph Goebbels

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The thing is that "they" don't really want their freedom back. It's something like "they should've imposed that lockdown earlier! The virus is out there and it's so scary."

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LOL...I needed that comedic relief. Now we just need some poetic justice. Bring it on. Together we roar.

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A mere two years to wreck the whole world. Who'd a' thunk it?

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Every lockdown cultist is merely a hypochondriac Dorian Grey, keeping everyone's face and life under wraps so they can keep seeing themselves reflected upon their distorted mind mirrors.

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I got a puzzle like that! 3 kittens watching in a puddle of water and seeing themselves as lions and jaguars and cheetahs.

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Just had this argument with the wife. I was making the point that we can't comply our way out of this. Every time the government asks us to jump everyone just starts jumping without asking why are we jumping? So after a 2 minute breakdown of why we can't "comply our way out of tyranny" she says that she feels fine because she can at least go places as she is vaccinated and I am not. Unreal LOL

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To Thine Own Self Be True! Don't worry what others think.

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I think they see it the other way around. They are actually in the clown suit with a painted on creepy smile and see the normal virtuous girl in the mirror.

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"You'll be a lot less concerned with what others think of you once you realize how seldom they actually do." David Foster Wallace I was at a party recently that was populated almost entirely by Branch Covidians. It was not by choice. Listening to most of the conversations it struck me how much their Covid experience has become the entire meaning of their lives. There were discussions ad nauseum about which booster they got. Which retail establishments do the best job forcing masks on their customers. How stupid the anti-vaxxers are etc. It was little more than a gigantic, self-soothing, narcissistic bubble. I got the sense that they would have no life if their covid experience was somehow taken away. Mostly it was just one-dimensional and very boring. I don't think a lot of them are ever coming back.

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Yep. It is very true. We are all living in a subjective dream world.

Need to get out of it.

Do not say 'vaccine' because that word is not what you think it is. It is in fact the name of GOD. And it must not be uttered. If you speak the name of GOD you will be cast out into the outer darkness.

Check it out if you don't believe me. Find a believer, say 'vaccine' and watch the shutters come down, feel yourself cast out.

And do not say 'my rights' because to them you have NO rights. That's because they see themselves as having a fundamental right to tell you what to do at any time and in regard to all things.

You cannot have any rights for that would conflict directly with their own sacred right. See?

Which is why you cannot argue the seeming logic and common sense of vaccines and human rights.

So instead I suggest you/we argue the rights of the immune system.

'I would love to be at home all day with the family but it does prejudice the immune system so much doesn't it?' said blandly. with a straight face. and without emphasis.

'Isn't it nice to be at home all the time and isn't it so sad that it makes the immune system suffer so much?'

'I do love wearing masks and it is such a pity they impose such a load on the immune system'.

'I do wish granny would get happier about being cut off from us and everyone because that worry and anxiety is such a pressure on her immune system.'

' Prodding the immune system into action artificially is such a good idea it's a shame it seems to somehow distort how it works isn't it>'

'Isn't it lucky they found those things that will help the immune system fight by being specifically anti-viral? I just can't think of the names of them now.'

'Oh I do wish they would find something we could take that would help the immune system with its fight, it is so along there and so pressured.'

'I do feel sorry for immune system, artifically provoked again and again and again.'

'Isn't it wonderful how immune system are more than 99% effective already?'

Every measure governments have taken has been prejudicial to the immune system.

Every one.

Every 'benefit' claimed by the mechanical injection was a success of the immune system.

Actors, etc, say there is no such thing as bad publicity. And for them its true. And for these people the same is true. The only remedy is rob them of publicity entirely. Do not mention their name. Let it be a forbidden word.

Instead talk about the truth: the immune system. It is easy to couch everything in terms of it because truly everything is in terms of it.

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We do live in a cartoon world now, but it feels more like an Edgar Allen Poe story than a Disney cartoon.

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I don't have a twitter account... but I wonder if this would be taken down for spreading false information? https://www.foxnews.com/health/fauci-covid-hospitalizations-rising-among-vaccinated

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I know kittens haven't mastered Latin yet, but to really put the bad kitty in his place, you should use "sensoria."

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The meme of gatito bueno gazing at the reflection of el gato malo beautifully captures your dual personality, el gato/gatito!

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I like Delicatessen

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So the puss is now into meowing big words "our self-selected subjective solipsistic sensoriums". I know what "solipsistic" is, but not the next one.

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Some of them...and they will never apologize to me and my daughter for being correct all along, on SO many things!

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Perhaps, a near accurate assessment : I am always more than what you think about me, and always less than what I think about myself. I function: self-image f(I) > I > you f (I) ( notice the build-in absolute inequality, when comparison occurs even within myself :)

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Here is an attempt to vaccinate a moose: https://newtube.app/user/gabichannel/digEgjb

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me: not complying.

They want their acolytes to police and follow.

It is the new virtuous way to live. Egocentric and self serving for their God - the media

Their savior - The terrorist left.

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Let’s look at the big picture….because what may becoming next is a psychotic Eugenist dream. The first phase of the plan worked so well, so profitable, and so disruptive to the US and World economy, that they are ready for Phase 2….KILL BILLIONS WITH RE-release of SMALLPOX. 30% of those infected will probably die based on history.


Gates is doing the exact same thing he did with the WUFLU. He openly warns us a new even more deadly Smallpox virus is coming with a smile on his face; he then spreads it, this time blaming terrorist, and has a highly profitable injection fix……Smallpox being a 10,000 times more deadly. He smiles when explains about deadly viruses as if he is getting off after watching the old movie “12 Monkeys” in his psychotic Eugenics state. He simply can’t wait to tell you of his plans to kill, like a mad scientist in a grade B movie.

Why wouldn’t Big Pharma, George Soros, and Bill Gates do it after so successfully bilking the World out of $100’s of billions with the WuFlu and making a highly contagious virus in the Wuhan Lab, which Gates actually holds the patents on. Gates personally made over $200,000,000,000 in 2021 from investing in mRNA injections. So far, they have totally gotten away with this deadly scam. Time for Phase 2 to help cover their tracks and steal even more, and going more power and control.

WALLA… as with the WuFlu in a few months they will have a new mRNA injection fix, which they had been working on for years but never able to make work before, on the market. As Fauci with the WuFlu was able to convince Trump it was safe to be released, never even been fully being tested by normal vaccine approval procedures, because of an FDA Board Membership, many of whom were heavily financially invested in or obligated to Big Pharma, for getting an emergency approval order.

They then will have Fauci again scare the shit out of everyone to put the plan into full profitable and destructive action. Use the Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation, which closer to being a Mafia, they will continue to use openly to bribe the CDC, WHO, and other Government Agencies. And, to continue bribing the medical industry and hospitals with with millions of dollars in subsidies to falsely count deaths. When you are stealing hundreds of $billions paying off those with control with a few $ hundred million and tax free grants is peanuts.

Then, in addition, to make sure as large number of people as possible test positive, they again use a new highly sensitive testing method for fear and chaos to shows nearly everyone is infected. Which in itself is probably true. That’s the way viruses work. A virus infects nearly everyone eventually.

When actual deaths decline, even using their distorted math, it will again no longer be about actual deaths from natural cause, it is now about being infected. The number infected and the method of counting for scare tactics numbers. The testing is used as a tool for propaganda and fear….it worked the first time. They will then have a Pandemic with millions infected and only Fauci has one cure for Smallpox another mRNA injection. Using any other Worldwide proven preventative measures to combat infection will again be outlawed by our own Government.

Now they will have “Let’s Go Brandon” Government mandate for the new elixir ….mRNA injections or you are fired. People resist. Economy screeches to a halt. Empty grocery store shelves. Chaos, starvation, riots, and destruction. A Soros dream come true….destroy the US economy to install a One World Government.

Phase 1 went so well for them. Do it now, before it becomes obvious that mRNA protein injections are actually more deadly than simply allowing the virus to infect and run it’s course and allowing for natural immunity. It is time for Phase 2 to redirect the blame and cover their past destructive injection tracks from the last failed mRNA injections. Re-release smallpox on the World now…..before the elections.

If we can’t put the dots together after reading this and the headlines and facts below supporting it, and we stop this deadly scam…….we are ignorant sheep and deserve slaughter that is coming. Eugenics Bill is openly telling you his plan, just like he did with the WuFlu….wake up America. This is no longer about a bad case of the flu. This is mass murder by a very sick group of power hungry people. It is also about again stealing an election to remain in destructive power.


Many of the posts below are quickly being removed or blocked.


Bill Gates making $200 billion from vaccines? Microsoft co-founder explains math behind 'returns' - The Financial Express:



Pull the Fauci trick….”I know nothing” by paying another company to be your front man, as he did in Wuhan, to pay for illegal laboratory access to develop methods to infect with smallpox, which is illegal worldwide to even possess.

https://endpts.com › bill-and-melinda-gates-foundation-backs-little-known-biotech-going-after-pfizer-merck-on-pneumococcal-vaccine


Use the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a Mafia for payola and bribery pay off to hide these transactions.


Gates Foundation to spend $120 million to speed access to generics of Merck COVID-19 pill. (Reuters) - The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said on Wednesday it would spend up to $120 million to kick-start development of generic versions of Merck & Co's oral COVID-19 treatment to help ensure lower-income countries have equal access to the drug.


After Bill Gates Warned Smallpox To Be Used As A Bioweapon ...

https://thealterofdeceit.net › 2021 › 11 › 18 › after-bill-gates-warned-smallpox-to-be-used-as-a-bioweapon-vials-labeled-smallpox-found-at-philly-lab-those-coincidences-came-after-us-govt-bought-millions-in-smallpox-drugs

With the Yahoo story reporting the FBI is now investigating vials labeled 'smallpox' that were recently found in a freezer at a Merck facility outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, just back on November 4th, vials that weren't supposed to be there, the Daily Mail reported none other than Bill Gates recently warned 'terrorists' will ...


Following Bill Gates' warning, smallpox vials were found ...

https://world-signals.com › news › 2021 › 11 › 17 › following-bill-gates-warning-smallpox-vials-were-found-outside-mercks-lab

Bill Gates recently warned governments about the need to prepare for smallpox terrorist attacks and future pandemics by investing billions in research and development. "The FBI and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are investigating 'questionable vials' labeled 'smallpox' found last night in a freezer at a Merck facility ...


Smallpox is a bio weapon.


Bill Gates, who is not a doctor, recently warned that the next pandemic will be smallpox. In a statement to CNN, the CDC said: "There is no indication that anyone has been exposed to the small number of frozen vials." Smallpox, a highly contagious and deadly virus, was eradicated from earth in 1980.

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What do "El Gator Malo" mean in English? The male puss?

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Yep, about right.

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