kyoto university professor sues japan's health ministry over covid vaccine

accuses health ministry of fraud

professor emeritus fukushima (an infectious disease expert) of kyoto university is suing the japanese government/health agencies over the covid vaccines.

his points are bang on and the similarities to the shenanigans of western health agencies are more than passing:

  • it is a matter if fundamental importance for the government to collect and disclose accurate data

  • “witnessed fraud scandal committed by the health ministry”

  • this is a historically serious problem that threatens the very existence of the nation of japan.

  • “as a medical doctor and a scientist, i had no choice but to dare to take legal action”

  • it is of absolute importance to disclose the real world efficacy and safety of vaccination against covid. it is linked to people’s healthcare, livelihood, and the economy.

some of you may have heard this next point before as it aligns tightly with what i calculated using ONS data for UK last year (before they discontinued it) yup, 4X risk ratios for infection…

  • back in sept 2021, the fatality rate for those over 65 and vaxxed was lower than the unvaxxed, however for all ages, vaccination has demonstrated the opposite effect causing higher fatality rates. (note that this is pre-omicron and seems to refer only to covid and not all cause deaths)

  • this data was published in 2021, but (and see if this sounds familiar)

just like ONS, CDC, etc. this game of “hide the ball once the data turns bad” would seem to be the most popular international sport around these days. is ANYONE playing it straight?

  • the vaccination has been recommended based not on preventing infection but preventing severe illness ands death

  • but based even on 2021 data, this does not pertain to all ages.

  • despite this the ministry of health continues to recommend the vaccine

indeed. an international one perhaps.

it’s all starting to leak out around the edges and way too many people are pulling on way too many threads. at some point, this is going to unravel and lay plain just what has been going on here and the astonishing duplicity and manipulation of health agencies the world over.

the instinct of an institution that has just screwed up royally is always to cover its own butt. even the numerous european health agencies that have now stopped recommending or even outright banned the jabs for most people are still not releasing the all cause mortality, hospitalization, and pregnancy data by vaccine status.

but the foundations of this omnipresent omerta are eroding.

they will not be able to hold it together much longer…

these agencies have become their own primary constituencies.

they have served themselves and embargoed the truth.

they have not even slept at the switch but rather turned outright upon those they were supposed to protect and kept the facts from those who needed them in order to support a narrative that could not stand up to analysis if we the people were given the straight dope.

a reckoning is owed and these agencies cannot be allowed to continue to exist in their current forms.


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