“it’s all starting to leak out around the edges and way too many people are pulling on way too many threads.”

It can leak forever, the mainstream media will never report on it and the masses will remain in the dark. If you dont read substack you will never find out about the horrors of these shots.

The media treats vax injuries like bigfoot sightings--something that is just absolutely too ridiculous to report on. And like i said, even if they were convinced these hurt people, they are so deep in the narrative they will never admit to being wrong.

Never going to happen.

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Fingers crossed but my concern is that they will pivot to another disaster, created or otherwise. Cyber attack would hide the evidence... now what was Klaus saying ... food shortages ... Bill has his fingers in this ... escalating war ...

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Over the past three years this whole horror show boils down to this:

Either you live in a reasonably functioning libertarian democracy with individual freedom and a rule of law, or you live in an out of control dystopian tyranny that regards you as livestock and sanctions your murder to the profit and the genocidal whims of a minority powerful predator class.

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It’s a false hope. They will never be held to account. They have too much power.

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If 10,000 people died it could be hidden. And that would be a catastrophe unlike any other medical debacle. But....it is likely pushing a million in North America alone. The rates of increased deaths seems To be escalating. Despite their best efforts they won’t be able to hide this.

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Unfortunately, as it becomes more obvious, they will do something else to distract the public and avoid consequences. And since this is a big one, the distraction will also be big. Like, maybe, a gigantic war?

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This is why they are pushing for World War. Time is running out on them. They badly need another diversion.

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Now the world also needed that the kingdom of Thailand take charges against Pfizer. Princess in coma for over a month. 🙏🙏🙏

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Still wearing masks. How are they scientists?

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"back in sept 2021, the fatality rate for those over 65 and vaxxed was lower than the unvaxxed, however for all ages, vaccination has demonstrated the opposite effect causing higher fatality rates. (note that this is pre-omicron and seems to refer only to covid and not all cause deaths)"

I still wonder about the vaxxed ever doing better than the unvaxxed because no one was considered vaxxed until 14 days after their second covid shot.

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Hi bad cat. I live in Japan, 40 years now, and have been keeping up with this through Japanese friends who have to depend on Twitter and Yahoo news because MSM will not cover this. In case anyone asks, the only reason Prof. Fukushima is wearing a mask is because buildings and venues mandate their own rules regarding masking, social distancing, disinfectant, etc. The Japanese govt., private companies, and their media propaganda arms have all been in lockstep from the very beginning ... pretty much as Laura Dodsworth described it in her book about British nudge units, "State of Fear".

Thanks for the coverage. Will be forwarding this to several 'private' Facebook groups.

Yesterday's (Feb. 7) NHK evening news announced that sometime next year, eligibility for national health care will be linked to that 'one ring to bind them all' digital identity number ... in Japan, simply called 'My Number'.

Heading to the Chinese model of the social credit system through national health care is clever because Japanese don't trust the government enough to willingly directly link bank accounts with 'My Number'. But from the back door of health insurance, the government will then be able and willing to require bank account numbers to be linked to 'My Number' in order to receive those health insurance benefits.

My guess is that the heavily bureaucratic borg of Japan Inc. will increasingly see corporations requiring employees to link personal bank accounts to ‘My Number’ to receive their monthly salary, and this will begin with those working directly for the government such as local city offices and public school teachers.

Otherwise, the people are nominally 'free'. Free to be a NEET ... ‘Not Employed, in Education, or Training’. In other words, disposed-of-human capital.

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There are four campaigns against humanity underway as we observe this. We have the leisure at present to examine the details of the first, which is the covid/vaxx campaign--the first of the "Four Horsemen".

The second is war and mayhem having to do with the Western world, pretty obviously ramping up in Europe (Raheem Kassam noted that the globalist elites have recognized that killing millions of brown-skinned people in the middle east in order to profit from rebuilding their destroyed cities and infrastructures has a bad look and an un-woke flavor--so Ukraine. And soon the rest of Europe and God knows who else.)

The famines that are coming--have already come to some parts--and the destruction of wealth is the third.

The destruction of the energy sector is the fourth and by far the worst--destroy the very basis of a civilization and voila! Much less civilization. And the body count skyrockets.

All these awful things are happening like a charge of heavy horse.

Most who study the Bible and especially the Apocalypse have thought the Four Horsemen of Chapter 6 to be part of the last seven years of the Age of Grace. It looks to me to be what sets the stage for the actual Tribulation period.

In 1875 GH Pember wrote that the great mercy God showed in the Noaic Flood was that repenting takes less time than drowning does (Earth's Earliest Ages). I guess there's something to that, but it seems rather sudden to me. But very many can look at what is unfolding now and take warning--especially as the script blatantly plays out in detail on the global stage.

I determined to memorize Psalm 91 and have gotten it mostly down. It is a source of comfort. I can recommend it.

Best wishes. Goodwill to all.


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Feb 7, 2023·edited Feb 7, 2023

And Thailand is about to call Pfizer contracts "null and void", asking for billions in compensation.

It's all crumbling.

So get ready for another mega "pandemic" to supress this vaxxx debacle.

We need more rope. Lots and lots of rope. And scaffolding.

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Yet silence from those bastions of Democracy, the UK and USA. Thailand and Japan are there first?

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Interesting to compare how the Western World reacted to the vaccine disaster to how the Soviet Union reacted to the Chernobyl disaster.First thing,you need one  dedicated person in a high position assured of themselves to challenge the narrative.Second the elite class must realize the disaster effects them ,at Chernobyl it was the fact the radiation went everywhere and didn’t care.With the vaccine it is the fact the vaccine is in the elites and their children as well.In fact they are statistically over vaxed .Some of the elites cheated of course,but not all of them (saline shots /bribes to doctors for Vax cards).First thing is just getting people to stop getting vaccinated,this is happening on a non governmental society level.That’s pouring the concrete over the reactor,once that is done rapid change will happen.

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"...these agencies cannot be allowed to continue to exist in their current forms."

These agencies have no moral reason to exist in any form. Their funding is confiscated from, and their authority is forced upon, unconsenting citizens.

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