let's go brandon!

origin story

2020 was a tough year to be named karen.

2021 just became a tough year to be named brandon…

the #letsgobrandon meme is everywhere because

  1. it’s really funny

  2. it’s a perfect encapsulation of modern media

  3. it’s PG rated

  4. and it’s bang on the zeitgeist. you simply can’t tell if it’s just stupid or deliberately dishonest.

we’ll be seeing it al lot. but one of the things that’s interesting is that so few have actually seen the origin story. and you should. because it’s HILARIOUS.

it comes from a nascar interview.

with a driver named brandon.

watch the video. it’ll make the meme better for you.

think of it like a wine appreciation class. (because that’s the kind of sophisticated enrichment we go for here at “bad cattitude.” we’ve got more culture than yogurt.)

once you do, many of the jokes make more sense.

and memes are for everyone!

just stay out of trouble…