I have the misfortune of living near DC. Anecdotally, the Vaxxed I know are getting covid like crazy. Not problematic, because they are young and healthy, but definitely out of season. And of course, they blame it on relaxing mask mandates in the area. It’s always the “unmasked” fault. It’s rampant on the neighborhood email lists. How would one concisely point out how idiotic this is without getting angry? Because I have a very hard time not getting incensed when I read this bullshit.

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So, I'll give you the Big Pharma take from a kind of friend who manages mRNA clinical trials. She is not a stupid person, but she is in mass formation psychosis, aka brainwashing. I suspect many others in the lower levels of Big Pharma are as well.

A week ago, I texted her a study from Dr. McCullough about the innate immune system being destroyed by the vaxxines and asked her opinion. First, she said it doesn't matter, because C0VID has killed millions and there are NO OTHER medical solutions outside of vaxxines. NONE. The only solution are injections. She believes C0VID is fatal, even though my husband and I both had version 1.0 before the injections were available. I didn't even go to the doctor and cured it myself. She also claimed that they were publishing just to get attention, and that the study funding was likely compromised.

BTW... she is currently working on mRNA for flu, shingles and pneumonia. That's the next plan. More gene therapy for the proles. Her mid 20's son is having major cognitive issues; she blames "long C0VID." I suspect he is vaxxine damaged. But.. she won't/can't accept that, so I haven't told her. She is what some would call a lost cause.

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Please, please. please continue with your Vitamin D, Zinc and Quercetin. Get your vaxxed family members to also continue.

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"IM Doc" reporting at nakedcapitalism.com yesterday from a hospital in I believe is in a southern state. OAS now being discussed between Doctors...


" We now have an entire urgent care staff – including 2 MDs – who are all COVID positive. I am not just swamped – I am torpedoed.

Cases in my practice last week were up again – 88 in total. Not a single unvaxxed patient, 48 double vaxxed, 22 with one booster, and 18 with 2 booster. No vaxxed, No J&J, and no partial vaxxed.

Thankfully, no admissions. Just like last year, long phase of very mild illness.

One theory I have heard and made me think – is maybe all the unvaxxed vulnerable have died and all the unvaxxed we have left are young and healthy. I do not think so – still seeing lots of unvaxxed with risk factors in the office every day.

I have now gone two months without seeing a single unvaxxed patient. In an attempt to see if somehow this was just me, I contacted family practice docs in each of our surrounding counties with much lower VAX rates – on the order of 30-40%. Both had the same story – the absolute number of cases was WAY higher than this time last year……but in one county he had seen only 1 unvaxxed patient since MAR 1, the other county doc had seen only 7.

Something is very very wrong. Again, cases are way higher than last year and virtually all are among the VAXXED. I learned this week that in the official reporting, all of the double vaxxed only patients are being sent in as UNVAXXED – so it appears our unvaxxed rate is about 50%. But as I have explained above, that is completely misleading. The truly UNVAXXED are not the problem here. Furthermore, the numbers being reported are doing good to being 1/6 of the total. Almost all are on home or rapid tests. But unfortunately, as of this weekend, on the Drudge Report running 7 day counter – we are now seeing higher official numbers than last year. You just have to multiply by 6 on this years’s number to get close to accurate – so we are in a whole new world.

Now, I have attached an article from the paper over this weekend [contains anecdotes of many getting Covid and isolating]. Please note – this is in stark contrast to last year. I tracked down the first article of the year last year of an “unexpected surge” – which was published the week after JULY 4 – so we are two months ahead. The cases were MUCH lower last year – and we were still in the “vaccines have solved everything” mode.

All I can say is that quite a few of early vaccine publicity materials such as ones that said HCWs would become “bulletproof” did not age well – and would be considered misinformation today. These people are never going to be able to take back this stain on the reputation of public health. “Vaccination is like a superpower”…..and the nurse explaining that she was doing the VAX to get to visit her mom.

Again, in the attached article – one year later, the NH [nursing home] is in lockdown – and has been since March. Multiple patients from there with COVID in and out of the ER and hospital. All quadruple vaxxed.

Now, the scary part. The doctor’s meeting this last week was on FRI – everyone is noticing this too. Almost universally, the positive patients are vaxxed/boosted. And at my medical conference, this same pattern is being noted everywhere. The medical conference speaker had a long talk about Original Antigenic Sin and how this may be playing a role. There was also an open discussion about withholding the 4th shot until June – because JUL and AUG historically have been the bad months – and the shots are doing well to last a month. Also – a big discussion ensued as to whether the truly unvaxxed were safer in their current status. Still no resolution there – lots of arguments back and forth.

This I can tell you. We already have entire countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, abandoning their VAX programs – clearly largely because of what we are seeing. But there is something all of a sudden missing from press articles – that has been there for.a year – look at this attached one from small town America – not a word about getting vaccinated or boosted – not a peep. Not a peep about the advantage of vaccination, etc. I think the lack of mention is the first step.

Just look at these three random large articles. For a year now – every article would be stuffed with either entreaties to be vaccinated or jeremiads against the losers who were not. All of a sudden the past few weeks – NOTHING OF THE SORT.

I may be cynical from years of Big Pharma PsyOps. But something is up. I think there is growing realization of a big problem.




8E8E0683-244B-46FE-9BB1-9E6A6E27C280.jpeg "

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Just got an email. High school in my very blue northeastern NJ town now has a spike of positives so they are bringing back a mask mandate for at least a week. Oy and vey.

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For the past many months the only people I hear of getting the Rona are jabbed and boosted, but perhaps they are also the only ones left on the hamster wheel of testing. Why would anyone take a damn test? Why did anyone do any of this? It's a stain on humanity... a toxic brew of cowardice and stupidity.

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And look at that Texas border. Hmmmm whatever could be happening there? 😳

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Why is no one talking about the fact that Nebraska has totally disappeared and Missouri now barely exists?

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This will be used to justify another round of “boosters” (which will only make the problem worse) and the return of mask mandates.

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Caracals - beautiful cats.

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I have noticed even some mainstream virologists are slowly changing their tune. Check out Vincent Racaniello's YouTube comments last week:



What assumptions that many scientists made initially about SARS-CoV-2 have turned out to be correct, or wrong?

“…we didn’t … know that this virus would undergo antigenic variation, which it has been doing. And the reason we didn’t is because SARS1 and MERS don’t do antigenic variation and we thought the common cold coronas didn’t. But we never actually looked and at the beginning of the epidemic it was looked at and we found that common cold coronas do undergo antigenic variation and lo and behold the SARS-CoV-2 does the same thing.

And so this has been a problem right, because as the virus changes – and the spike in particular – it becomes better at not being neutralized by antibodies. Now I think one of the mistakes was that we thought the antibodies would be essential for preventing infection – which they are – but we didn’t take into account that the reality – which is the case for all infections and vaccinations – that antibodies levels contract after infection, after infection and vaccination. And that you will be infected and perhaps have moderate disease until the memory response kicks in.

And so we thought the antibody, the memory response, would take care of all of it, but it turns out that it is probably more than just the memory response as well.

I think in terms of biology we are still working out what’s going on with all the variants. But, you know, as I mentioned ad nauseam probably, early on, what gives the enhanced fitness of the variants such that they displace one after another was, is not known. And many people claimed they knew and then we get to Omicron where it’s very clear that immunization is the basis for its enhanced fitness not an intrinsic better transmissibility. It’s evading antibodies.”

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If the vaxxed are gonna die, I wish they’d hurry up and do it soon. I’m sick of listening to their bullshit.

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Sheesh, I didn't get the newest reports! That helps explain my first half of this week. After an extensive search, I had a New Patient appointment Monday morning, with an unaffiliated osteopath. Unfortunately, my first reality check came with the sign on the door which read "masks required" and the person inside, behind the desk, told me I had better leave if I couldn't wear one. Back to searching. I found another doc through MDVIP, a private concierge-type org, another osteopath, and met him today. He told me had three mRNA shots and recommends them - although will allow me my opinion and choice - but stated he follows "science" and wears a mask to protect himself and anyone else who needs him to do so - but didn't in my presence. I suggested he look up Steve Kirsch to make a million bucks.

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Might be another reason why overall mortality with the MRNA vaccines is not looking so good.


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Geert Vanden Bossche predicted this and tried to warn everyone.

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