Thank you so much for this thoughtful article, and for all you do to save humanity. I often share your posts, which are extremely interesting and enjoyable to read.

I wanted to share with your readers this compilation https://truth613.substack.com/p/from-my-heart, which attempts to wake up everyone to the global agenda, even those people who think that the covid shots are beneficial. I hoped that by focusing on other aspects of the tyranny, they might come to realize that something is very wrong.

Tonight and Monday-Tuesday is the anniversary of the creation of mankind and a day of judgment for all humanity for the coming year, so it’s a very important time to pray to the One G-d, the Creator, to save us from the evil plans. https://truth613.substack.com/p/inspiration-for-the-new-year

May you and all of us be blessed with a good, sweet year! Shana tova!

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"Public health" is just a make work project. Abandon it totally as it is corrupt to the core and redundant. The people who should take care of public health are the public - look after their own health. If there is a rodent infestation in a restaurant, call the exterminators. If there is an outbreak of illness in a city, task a few doctors to figure it out. No need for these health czars with huge salaries and massive pensions.

Where trust needs to be rebuilt is in the medical profession itself.

Shut down the school vax program totally. Clean up the inner cities and support the working poor.

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They don't care if they are trusted, that's just political poppycock. They want to dictate. Enough people called them out on their lies, so they came up with what they thought was a politically correct response. They really don't CARE that we don't trust them. It would be like Joe Biden saying that he lied before, but we should trust him now. He won't ever do that for political reasons. But even if he did, would anyone ever be stupid enough to think he wouldn't lie again? Of course not. And HE WOULD NOT CARE. He would just go on lying as usual. Same thing with the CDC. This is all political theater.

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To paraphrase Scripture: As for me and my house, we will never trust again.

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Let's just cut to the chase here... If they decide to get honest about it, it will be after the November elections, after the fully blue pilled have given another round of jabs to themselves and their kids.

At some point in the future it will dawn on most of them that politicizing medicine, as awesome and righteous as it made them feel back in '21 and '22, turned out to not be a super idea.

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"I have dutifully gone in for the annual flu shot ... not any more. The Covid experience killed my trust in the medical and public health establishment." Ramesh Thakur - former UN Assistant Secretary-General ... emeritus prof. ... Public Policy ... Australian National University. (via Brownstone)

If you have lost the trust of top UN officials !! .... and they are willing to say so flat out ! .... (of course, as former/emeritus he is somewhat untouchable and probably was getting pretty bored with all those parties he will no longer be invited to) -- still, a firm thank you is due him.

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Been watching several videos on Qi, traditional chinese medicine and exercises. Doing my best not to have to ever trust a doctor with my health again. (lost my trust 50 years ago)

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The nasty thing is, they see "I'm sorry, we were wrong" as something that will damage trust more than trying to pivot the grift.

Beyond that, they seem genuinely terrified at what free people would do with free data. They are, unsurprisingly, control freaks, meaning they need to prevent an interpretation of data other than their own.

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There's NOTHING different about these "new" jabs.

It definitely won't stop retards from getting their 4th/5th (or more) jab though!

I remember when "10 jabs to flatten the curve" was just a meme.

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Sep 25, 2022·edited Sep 25, 2022

What could fix this and all other such problems real easy, quick and neat?

By being CEO, board member, shareholder, or otherwise being a stakeholder (including all close family members) profiting from a business, one is also mandatory obligated to be a guineapig in all human trials, be it lawn darts or vaccines.

Make it law, and I guarantee you that you'll see such an uptick in product quality like you wouldn't believe.

"So, you want to market your new GMO corn mr Gates? You realise that first demands you, your family, your team of researchers, and so on according to our lists must first subject to a GMO corn diet for at least a quarter, with daily monitoring via blood and other tests as are appropiate?"


"Mr Gates, it seems to me you lack confidence in your product?"

Of course, this suggestion goes hand in hand with making it mandatiry a politician live among the constituency on a wage no higher than the lowest pension or minimum wage for full time.

Edit: pitch this in casual conversation with politicos and businessmen and you'll see a remarkable consensus right across all axes; communists and capitalists alike.

They all say no to having to bear the risks, costs and consequences of their own actions.

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Said it before. Burn the agencies and all the experts to the ground and start anew.

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“it’s not at all clear to me that in the information age that we need public health agencies at all when we could instead have networks of data and open analysis easily published”...

But this would require Doctors that could actually research’s me analyze that data - and make solid decisions. They can’t/won’t now - they just plug stuff into the computer, and follow whatever protocol the computer spits out... I’d estimate less than 1% of doctors actually think for themselves and their patients.

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Jha covered up a Brown students hospitalization from jab induced myocarditis, he must be held accountable https://brownstone.org/articles/brown-universitys-silence-on-post-vaccine-myocarditis/

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If anything, Covid taught us why it’s a terrible idea to give public health experts too much power. As you said, EGM, it’s debatable whether we need public health at all these days. Public health hasn’t exactly attracted the best and brightest in the healthcare industry. And some, I assume, are good people.

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Here's how much Canadians don't trust public health - some people continue to wear masks OUTSIDE, something they were NEVER ADVISED TO DO. Who are the covidiots now?

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Sep 25, 2022·edited Sep 25, 2022

To regain my trust:

Audit and report


to Hospitals, and their Board of Directors, Doctors, Nurses, and purveyors of Covid equipment (machinery, tests, etc),

Governors, states, cities, towns and districts,

Media both local and national

And any other jackass that profited off of our misery.

Military tribunals are at hand and big pharma including corrupt hmo's and hospitals will cease to exist as we know it - and this is a GOOD thing.

Follow the $$$$$$$

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