The ability to argue against a committed believer that this is part of a depopulation conspiracy gets harder every day.

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Happy Father’s Day!

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To get it published, say one thing but the results say something else for those who know how to read them. Seeing more and more of this. Likely, the authors really know what’s going on but can’t say it, so they send out morse code.

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The issue here is that Pfizer DID know this would happen. mRNA have been studied in animals for a decade and this was already very well known. If this happens in ferrets, rats and humanized mice it will certainly happen in humans.

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i'll be charging exorbitant fees for my unmolested sperm!

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Anyone else find the discussion section really weird? All that emphasis on misinformation. It doesn't really belong in a paper like this. It's so over the top it is almost sarcastic - like they're saying "we are going to tell you this all looks OK to get it published, but just look, look at the data, all of it".

Also, does anyone know what the most important correlates for fertility are: measures per tables 2, 3 or 4?

As an aside, I heard from someone struggling to get pregnant the otherday that she had been told that her husband's sperm had low motility and she was being recommended to go for ICSI, and she remarked "the funny thing is that 4 of my friends have been told the same thing".

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I think people get this wrong. It was tested alright. It's been in testing for decades. Testing to ensure it made us sick and kill us while reducing sperm counts to REDUCE THE WORLD POPULATION. While creating the big wealth transfer of all time whilst pushing the USA and world further into debt by the central banks of the world. Who are òwned by the richest in the world, not on any Forbes list. IF YOU DO INDEED BELIEVE THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE DOING YOU KNOW DAMN WELL THIS JAB DIDN'T JUST FALL OUT OF THE SKY!!

Whose awake????

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"By reducing fertility, we're reducing the size of the next generation. And that means fewer covid cases in the future."

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So basically this also becomes a methodology for decreasing population. So give it to the babies…

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People have historically trusted vaccines not only because of their long testing period, but also because of their relatively simple technology. It's straight-forward, a dead or attenuated pathogen combined with an adjuvant. Easy-peasy.

Things have been going off the rails for the past two decades with conjugate vaccines designed to break immunological tolerance, subunit vaccines, and novel adjuvants. As more and more of these were piled onto the childhood schedule resistance has built over time but hadn't quite reached mainstream awareness. The tech was still trusted in general by the population though a sizable percentage were wary.

Pfizer and Moderna completed abused that trust by sneaking through their genetic therapy under the guise of the vaccine umbrella. If people had been told that it tricks your cells into producing the most toxic part of the virus, that the tech was brand new and not the same as traditional vaccines, that neither Moderna nor BioNTech had ever ever brought a product to market before, *and* the testing was shortcut then what would people have thought? Instead, people were outright misled by federal agencies and their own "trusted" physicians, who were too lazy or corrupt to look into this themselves.

The only good to come out of this disaster is that a huge percentage of the population will never trust the medical establishment again. They lied in the cause of the greater good (in their own minds) and it blew up in their face. That's why we don't lie to people when we desire their trust as sooner or later the lies will be exposed and credibility lost for decades.

It amazes me that people don't understand basic human nature after 5000 years of recorded history.

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Democrats are hell bent on removing their children from the gene pool with experimental jabs and chemical castration. Dem Rep Sean Casten just lost his 17 year old activist daughter to "sudden death". You cannot reason with a demoralized person...

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My big issue is with the logic here---(not the cat's, the "controller's!")

If, as it appears virtually impossible to avoid, you come to the conclusion that this a total population control agenda, being run on some level by the U.S., why would the nations most heavily hit be the U.S. and all our allies?

This tech disables as well as sterilizes, and now Israel, Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia have all shot themselves up with it, on our instructions and following our lead.

While China and Russia stay mRNA and LNP free, if I understand correctly.

And we are baiting the Russian Bear to the point of instigating WW lll, while we wreck our own economy and break the world's supply chains, which we need also!

Who does this sequence of events benefit?

My only possible answer is China. Can anyone else figure out who wins here?

It surely isn't the West. Nor any of our allies.

Not Russia. Fighting wars always creates horrible consequences. Debt, destruction, and social upheaval.

Yes there are post war economic booms, but really? Is this what everyone running this insane Animal Farm is thinking? I cannot buy it.

Is there a "Fifth Column" out there somewhere that is goading us to destroy ourselves?

Off planet? Demonic? Just flat out clinically insane? Or it's just China, ready to conquer all of Earth?

Best guesses, anyone? I'd love to have the feline tribe to run possible scenarios in a brainstorming session with "no holds barred!"

PS-an immediate campaign to get the lunatics out of the White House seems critical to me, as well as a through cleaning of the State Department and Congress.

The People must wake up while there is still a country to save, IMO.

Ditto across the world........

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Given the internet and the ability to open source feedback, what is the point of peer review? It seems to have outlived its purpose and mainly now acts as a narrative enforcing mechanism.

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Considering that the primary developers and loudest cheerleaders behind this mRNA treatment were also talking about global overpopulation just prior to this, I suspect this is more feature than bug.

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I wonder if wording the abstract to distort the actual implications of the research is done to manipulate internet search engine results.

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I'm never going to see grandkids, am I.

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