seizing the memes of production

if you want to see the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of an entire ideology on vivid technicolor display, it’s hard to beat what’s going on right now in canada.

the totalitarian “build back better” structures endlessly justified with rhetoric as relentless as it was dishonest are being demolished and supplanted by precisely that thing they claimed to champion:

the just power of the people to seek equity and agency.

this is literally the alleged intellectual class of the socialist salon getting exactly what it is they have always advocated for and then freaking out about it.

and it’s perfect.

because this is not what any of them really wanted. it was a pretext. it was a pose. and nothing undermines a pose like having your dad and his friends show up and do it better than you.

because this was never about “the workers” or “the downtrodden” or about elevating any of the alleged race victims or the lower classes

the socialists do not want that. they never did. they wanted to rule you. they wanted this:

and this becomes dazzlingly obvious in their incredible distress and outright horror at the actual workers seizing anything and empowering themselves without these cadres of alleged leaders.

back in april, i wrote THIS.

and then, like clockwork, we got trudeau calling any who would not submit to him racists and sexists and science deniers. those that acceded to his neo-lysenkoism and oppression were the righteous army and the “fringe minority” who would not submit were intolerable and unacceptable.

and then the actual workers, not the playacting mascot workers of the would be despot’s imagined structures, rose up.

and this was not what the elites who claimed to stand for them wanted.

nosirree bob, it was not.

all the fairy tales were wrong.

the deplorables were supposed to be hateful and violent and vicious.

instead they were kind and friendly and fostered community.

they were peaceful but implacable.

and where it took justin years to divide canada and tear it asunder, these people united it in days.

because this is real unity, and real unity will not be denied.

and in the face of this overt instantiation of the literal liturgy of the socialist sermons and the actual realization of their purported dreams and memes, the socialists lost their minds.

“you’re doing it wrong!!!”

“i’m supposed to tell you who to be angry at!”

OUR violent protests with burning towns and businesses are proper and just but your actually peaceful protest represents intolerable aggression.

it’s a surreal set of outcomes and all the proof you will ever need that this “socialism” and neo-marxist merchants of post-modernist grievance cults were never about emancipating anyone.

it was about inflicting fear and coercion to grab and to sustain power and position.

they did not want to remove your chains, they just wanted to be sure that they held the keys and had you locked in the right form of fetters.

this stands in stunning contrast to the response to the incredibly destructive BLM protests. were any damages there ever even discussed, much less demanded?

(this has since been deleted. i suspect the feedback was less than laudatory…)


these are not honest people. this is the tactical morality of the amoral partisan.

and a real, honest, grass roots reclamation of power by the people is their kryptonite.

these people don’t want anything from the elites, no subsidy, no sinecure, no gravy train of preferencing and priviliege.

they just want to be left alone.

and that is the one idea that no socialist can bear.

they never wanted to free you.

they wanted to rule you.

they needed you to need them.

and they cannot countenance any idea that you might not.

it is on obvious display in everything they they do and every word they say.

this incandescent rage at people actually finding their own power and freedom is not the response of a would-be liberator.

it it the screechy shibboleth of the would be despot whose hopes have been dashed.

they got what they claimed they supported and they could not bear it.

and this is because it was all lies.

this was never “for the people” it was “to the people without their consent.”

after the burning and looting they applauded and the staggering damage they have done over recent decades and the last two years in particular, this opposition to and willful mischaracterization of peaceful protest in defense of basic human liberty is beyond the pale.

and so the cowards run.

for no one can miss the truth of a lie this big.

and it is time these mendacious malevolencies masquerading as saviors were sent packing.

for they are not suited for a society of free people.

and we are done with them and all those like them.

and we have the means.

and we have the memes.

and this society is ours to create, not theirs to dictate.

and the lions are awake.