Coffee in hand and I’m realizing I’m not crazy for wanting to catch Delta before the SHTF and hospitals are overrun and panicking. Maybe we go back to the trend chicken pox/ COVID parties before it gets worse so we get more folks with natural immunity?

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There are a few key drivers you have put aside, that in my opinion change drastically the perspective.

If one talks about Mareks disease, one needs to consider that chickens are by definition naive immunologically to the disease (as recent newborns) and also living in a high dose/high transmission environments. In other words, there's no buffer to contamination in the community, so the doses are crazy high and the chicken are literally petri dishes for anything being produced into this high density environment. The collective immunity being close to zero, the high viral density in the environment is most lethal element.

With Covid19, we are far from these circumstances. We don't live in feedlots (not yet!), and we had high pre-existing collective immunity. We weren't naive to SARS-COV2 as proven by tens of studies that showed high levels of cross-reactive T-cells/B-cells etc... Hence the asymptomatics.

Now, if one believe Mareks theory, as the outcome of a non-specific immunization, widely spread cross-immunity would have pushed for more immune evasion... we didn't see this at all for at least 12 months. On the contrary, SARS-COV2 swept thru Hyderabad (up to 70%) in 2020 with 9 out 10 infected not aware of being infected.

I would like to question the validity of 2 strong assumptions you are building upon. You are making the strong assumption that:

a) these intramuscular vaccine work: I personally don't see how that is possible with an intramuscular shot that will not address any of the root causes of severe Covid: obesity-induced ACE-2 density (a viral fertilizer), very delayed immune response (lacking dendritics) tied to immunosenescence (the "alarm" is off), and mucosal cell-to-cell propagation (Abs are useless then). As demonstrated in the "Recovered", only a mucosal vaccine could trigger sterilising and effective immunity by triggering protection in the entry point of the virus.

The "magic trick" of changing the vaccine cohort baseline by depleting it of the frailest individuals - who effectively succumb to AEs - has clearly biased the RCTs (very visible in the Israeli trial) stripping the vaccine cohorts of the most sensitive population and "improving" its performance, while at the same time worsening the unvaccinated cohort and the severity of the virus.

b) CFR is corrrect: You are assuming these people are dying of Covid, not with Covid, of mislabelling or worse of the vaccine. (1) we know how outrageously overcounted the cases/deaths have been in many countries (the US notably). So cases being garbage-in/Garbage-out, one cannot build a serious scientific argument on it. (2) it is quite obvious, that many have died from intravenous injection/leak of the vaccines into the bloodstream. The systematic simultaneity of Covid deaths with vaccination is simply impossible from a probability standpoint: UK, Israel, Chile, Vietnam, Seychelles, Laos, Cambodia...The autopsies, the VAERS data, the discrepancies in the UK data from January onward (in 2021, patients don't call 111 before dying...wtf?!)...

I would add that variants aren't stopping recovered from fighting it off easily...Variants are a fallacy to sell yearly vaccines. The wide epitope repertoire both for T-cells and abs are sufficient to be immune as proven by the iconic article of the La Jolla Institute in January 2021.

We have all been trying to avoid the looking at reality in the eyes...

The idea that variants explain 2 or 3 waves in the same season makes no sense. Depleted susceptibles cannot get replenished in a week or so like we 'have seen in the UK, in Sweden, in Hungary, countels countries....so what are those cases? well one very possible hypothesis, is that they are vaccine-induced Covids tied to direct injection in the blood vessels by untrained nurses and doctors, and/or that the LNPs leak back into the bloodstream. Whichever the reason, having 20-50 billion LNPs starting to transfect endothelial cells in a concentrated fashion in microvessels, followed by T-cells destroying square meters of the vessel walls is not good. I would add that, the very elderly - the very ones we are trying to save - would also have delayed response, and would thus produce enormously more spike proteins than immune valid adults.

Finally, I would like to point a different risk tied to generalized vaccination of an already immune population. As a sophisticated bio-software, the immune system has likely a feedback loop to adjust its response: if one is already immune, following vaccination, the immune system would necessary launch a very wide response (intramuscular infection is way past a mucosal attack), T-cells would rapidly destroy those transfected cells and a large number of Tcells would have to anergize pretty quickly. Done twice, it is highly probable that the vaccine would adjust down its response to avoid off-target damage and waste of ressources. Generalised to a population that could mean the vaccines could have collectively reduced our immunity level, which would mean the ambient viral density would be much higher going forward...When one acknowledges that dose and immunity are the 2 most critical factors in mortality, that could be disastrous.

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Yikes. I can see no immediate obvious counter to what you report. Hopefully strong minds than mine with either debunk or strengthen you hypothesis.

My question is: if this is true, what, specifically, can be done about it? All of society's machinery is aligned to promote vaccination -- government, politicians, the health-industrial complex, the media. So, in my mind, this is more a socio-political problem than one of science.

It is becoming increasingly clear that our society, in general, has been duped and, as an article in Psychology Today once stated: "The worst thing in the world is to feel like a chump. Those who have been lied to castigate themselves about why they didn’t suspect what was going on. The emotions they feel, while seemingly more benign than those of the perpetrator, may in the long run be more corrosive: humiliation, embarrassment, a sense of having been naïve or blind, alienation from those who knew the truth all along and, worst of all, bitterness." So, to quote the famous Hollywood line, the majority of Americans in this story "can't handle the truth".

A big part of the solution to where we are is to find a way to give the duped permission to forgive themselves and get on the right side of this issue. Easier said than done. The conned rarely, if ever, call the cops. That's what makes this situation so diabolically elegant as far as villainy goes.

I'm at a loss as to how turning the ship can be achieved without leadership and our leaders, from the top down, seem committed to maintaining the "pandemic of the unvaccinated" lie at all costs. I'd like to add to this discussion, therefore, the socio-political dimension. If this the thesis supported by this data analysis holds, then what do we do about it besides enjoying the pyrrhic satisfaction of being right?

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Excellent read.

The viral gradient you speak of has name called Muller’s Ratchet.


Does the Z score normalize for seasonal increases in excess mortality? As the northern hemisphere moves into winter, we will see mortality rise and it will occur right as vax programs are saturating.

I think there are enough papers documenting the spike escape with Ks/Ka analysis of spike Vs non spike regions of the genome, that it’s no longer a rough hypothesis but a fact.

If it’s running uphill, then we have a big problem boosters will only worsen.


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If you're hypothesis is correct it's going to strengthen Biden's "pandemic of the unvaccinated" rhetoric. I can't stand it when he says that; gets right up my bum.

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here's a fund story. today I went to a local "retro-fitness" gym to exercise. I've been a memeber here >7 years. There is a sign on the door that says if you are unvaxxed you have to wear a mask. I am unvaxxed and covid recovered. Usually , like everyone else we just go in and noone asks. We have set up a culture in which everyone is forced to lie all the time about everything. Such is totalitarianism. So in a impulsive fit of resentment, I pulled the sign of the door. I thought noone saw me but the font desk guy saw me and we had words. I started to work out , then the manager came over...

They said it was unacceptable.

I said I an unvaxxed and covid recovered and unvaxxed people who are healthy are no a threat to anyone especially to the vaxxed, if the vaxes work. I said that sign is based on politics and a lie and you were discriminating against me by posting it and having a rule like that.

The manager said well you have to wear a mask unless you want to lie.

I said well thats what you are doing , participating in a lie because masks dont work and unvaxxed people are not a threat to anyone.

THe front desk guy and the manager then asked me to leave saying... wait for it... that they would calle th epolice. I said... really men with guns over a sign... ridiculous.

I called them cowards and looked right at them and said shame on you...

Im a 53 year old prof guy and I think I left a little impact on them a scared them alittle. Then I walked out.

I've dont this before, ripping these stupid signs down, esp the out door ones. I carry this utlility knife around with me, I have for years just for practical purposes, but lately I've been u sing it to cut up these signs.

crap, this madness had to end.

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This may be an ignorant question, but is there any chance vaccine AE deaths are driving increase in overall death rate? Basically unvaxx and up to fully vaxx <14 days are both in that unvaxx pop so there could be vaccine related deaths affecting that rate?

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Excellent assessment-all I can say is Mareks disease....I think you are spot on here. It is the perfect storm. Per this article:

"stop for a minute and absorb what this means. by turning the vaccinated into essentially perfect carriers of virus, it transformed them into a set of plague rats to infect the rest. a disease so deadly it would burn itself out rapidly becomes one capable of endemic spread so long as there are more vaccinated carriers around."

But what is the end game if purposefully designed this way? Eugenics-Newgenics- Cull the Compromised Herd-Selective Genocide?

And as heinous as this comment will be, I cannot help but think this is a demented game of survival of the fittest-lets rid the planet of those costing insurance companies the most and those draining the medicare and disability systems. Since those with advanced age and comorbidities(which puts you in an immune deficient state) and those that are immune suppressed (either by meds or disease) won't respond as well to the vax anyway bc they can't mount enough of a response, in come the vaxxed to finish you off. And, if you are a naysayer for the vax, a hold out and go against the grain, you are a problem too so we can increase your mortality rate by intermingling you with enough vaxxed people to infect you. And all the while, the medical community will turn a blind eye and blame something else. It makes sense why this vax is being pushed so hard: to make Big Pharma and its stockholders richer while thinning the herd and driving for a more compliant society. Isn't it justified so that the narrative can be brainwashed into you and therefore have better compliance in the future? Wipe out the biggest drain on society and those that actually question. Leave only the healthiest and the lemmings to move forward. Machiavellian to say the least, Hitleresque for sure. I pray I am wrong....

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Time to get our affairs in order I guess. Still won’t do the vaccine. Would rather let my immune system do it’s thing. (I think I had it early on. I was pretty sick with a low pulse ox.)

Seems like we’re seeing the four horsemen of the apocalypse riding out. Seems like the apocalypse, the unveiling of the powers of darkness may be brewing. A quote from Psalms 2: “The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and his Anointed, saying, “Let us burst their bonds apart and cast away their cords from us. He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision.” (Even if you don’t hold to the JudeoChristian faith, there is something of mythic truth here, that might offer hope.)

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"it’s the nightmare scenario both as a pandemic and as a political horror in the making as if this was an “own-goal”, what would the experts and politicians than pushed this plan not be willing to do to avoid accepting the blame?"

I speculated on what of the Ethical Skeptic's tweets several months back that the people driving this, knowing the epic catastrophe that it could be causing, would not have much hesitancy to release another pathogen from a lab at just the right time. It is hard to fathom that kind of evil could exist but so much lunacy has been pushed onto us as the "science" and when you combine that with the govt/big tech/media collusion to silence dissidents, it becomes very difficult to not conclude sinister motives are at play vs incompetence.

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I'm no expert and just conjecturing here: By all reports, natural immunity is far better than the partial and limited duration that jab gives. It's especially telling that the "official organs" don't seem to even mention the term natural immunity much, do they? The gotcha in my argument is that one must catch the actual disease. Yes, very minor for most, but you just don't know beforehand...

If it isn't said often enough here: if anyone is contemplating the jab (hopefully not as coerced "choice") remember that at best, you are gaining about six months of partial protection but at a cost of small but real risks of injury or death short-term and well as unknown and unknowable long-term risks. Oh yeah, you're likely more at risk "worry window" for two weeks after a jab. Plus, you're a bonus immune spreader while you have your vaxx "protection." What a deal!

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So, I feeling really anxious after basically living my life as I wanted to these past 18 months. I do not think I've had COVID. I'm in my early 50s and healthy. I don't get the flu vaccine and I wasn't planning to get the covid vaccine figuring my immune system should be fine especially as I've traveled; didn't isolate; have four kids who I think were exposed, etc. But with this analysis, it seems I might be really really vulnerable! Should I get the vaccine now to avoid being killed off by a vaccinated spreader? I don't want to be one of those unvaccinated chickens and I'm not anti-vaccinated, so I'll get it if I thought there was a true benefit. What is the course to take if this analysis is correct? What do we unvaccinated without natural immunity people do?

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Could different testing protocols in the vaccinated vs unvaccinated play a role in this somehow?

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Your argument is compelling. I would point out though that I expected the CFR of Delta to rise anyway as we came into Winter. Delta largely rose in the northern hemisphere countries as we came into summer where deaths are generally low. A more transmissable (if it really is) virus will always have a higher CFR in winter due to how we count Covid deaths. Since we bascially categorise anyone who has a positive test and then dies as a Covid death, the CFR of Delta would rise in Winter as more people just die as they are expected to die - it's just that more of them would die *with* a positive PCR test. This would happen even if the virus was completely harmless. In fact, if it is very transmissable we would expect Delta to have an exceptionally high CFR during winter.

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Seems this article's theory hinges on if the CFR data interpretation the author uses is accurate - author states the unvacc'd CFR is worse than vacc'd CFR and that "vacc'd are doing better". BUT in a Recent interview with Malone and Bossche, interview with Dr. Phillip McMillan on Odysse. Covid-19 The Meeting of the Giants. Bossche- they stopped doing this data..data is not shared. Malone- "I call this the ghost in the data. "There is a signal in the UK data. Seems to be an excess of death in the vacc'd but not severe disease. So it's paradoxical.". M - goes on to explain Defective Interferring Particles. Immune Complex Disease. Auto immune risk in the higher viral loads. This B and M interview ends with ...more is not better, not with vaccines. M- I think they don't know what to do. Give a child a hammer and everything is a nail. Helpful from Geert Bossche -How can we protect ourselves? Care about your susceptibility. Not if someone is vacc'd or unvacc'd. "Stop mass vaccination - there is no scientific basis whatsoever."

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Is there anything to explore within the idea that the 'vaccines' are essentially the spike proteins and ARE the illness?

Perhaps, (in these 'unique' circumstances), we are also seeing the unvaxed (less then two weeks post 2nd jab... and the truly unvaxed), also becoming unwell due to shedding or the 'catching' of the spike protein/ toxin via other routes - potentially the PCR test itself?

Knowing that they are misusing various medications in hospital could also be playing a part in death stats. Ive heard many speaking about the risks of renal failure with Remdesivir



And even ventilators CAN do more harm than good.


I'll come out and ask the question... Are hospital treatments potentially killing people? Are vaxxed receiving Ivermectin, VitD3, Zinc etc... and non vaxed receiving a less than ideal treatment protocol to further mess with numbers?


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